TSA's Lisa Farbstein- New screening methods

Electronics smaller than your lap top now will have to go through a bin for screening, outside of your carry-ons,just like your lap top does


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We're joined on the line now by Lisa Favre Steen of the T ass eight talking about some new screening methods that are going to be showed off today at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport Lisa thanks for joining us so one or some of the changes being made by the TSA. Yes good morning though. Basically in July we announced that we were going to be implementing these stronger screening procedure for carry on items. As airports across the country. And they're now are starting to either get phased in at airports nationwide including. At buffalo and they're the big change is that people will be asked to play some personal electronic devices election himself. In the bins are actually screening at the checkpoint and that we weekend. Really get a better look at those electronics to make sure that they are what they they appear to be but also it allows us to get a better look. Into people's carry on bags people put so many things in their carry on bags. In an attempt to avoid having to pay a checked baggage be that they're pretty cluttered and so this helps declare them as well. Okay so up until now all of they've been able to bring them through that. Along with all their other carry on staff. You can still bring all these items the whole the whole I did you just. Take glad he put a little bit look at screen you can put them backing carry on bags it's no different than what people have been doing with laptops for years. Now it was this brought on by a certain at the rats as certain awareness that the TSA now France. We're looking to raise the baseline of aviation security. Domestically. And we rode that intelligence tells us that the terrorists are looking at new creative ways to cause harm. And that there are pretty skilled two describe the explosives and electronic items. It shouldn't take any longer I'm thinking rain. To go through. I as talking to people are prepared that it takes a lot of to relive their laptops from their camp bags but think that now you know that they are. The higher earlier this year we're also asking them to live other electronic I looked larger than yourself as such as tablets ES and cameras. That should go pretty quickly as well. Perry Lisa before we let you go I have Tesco always all the time on Twitter from the TSA for yourself from seeing. Some of the strange things that people trampling on planes and you ask yourself what were these people thinking. I mean can you give us an idea of what you've seen just in the past month or so. Well the last two weeks so rarely seen people try to bring 165. Fire arms guns. And the vast majority of those are loaded and he can actually travel with a firearm. But there's a right way to do and a wrong way to do it the wrong way to do it is to bring it to a checkpoint the right way to do it is. To make sure it is unloaded. That it is in a how hard sided case. That that case is blocked you take it to the checking counter he declared airline knew and silent firearm look at little paperwork. About two minutes. And it will make sure because in the belly of the plane never in the cabin in the plane. Can do to these people at dis admit that they just didn't know. Well there are two major pieces that you believed. The first excuses that they forgot that they had they're done with them. And the second look I'm an excuse is that my husband packed my bag or my wife pat have act. But I can assure you that hear those excuses fly. What are doing with all this stuff that you collect. So firearms are confiscated by the local police and they deal with it. Some kind people get arrested sometimes they get cited it all depends on the local jurisdictional law. Well it's pretty interesting stuff and yet those excuses. Probably just won't fly. Lisa parts being there with the TSA.