TSA Emergency Orders - Aaron Katersky


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Correspondent Erica terse he is joining us this morning the TSA issuing. An emergency order on cargo from five mostly Muslim countries Aron what's this about. It is about a recent information that TSA says what that information is they don't say that it has necessitated. A stricter review of cargo. In direct flights to the United States from five countries Egypt Jordan Cotter Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Countries where the carriers that fly are now going to have to do more thorough accounting of what's in the cargo hold up. Now aryan looking at this is it all that much different from the laptop bands that we saw on just about a year ago. Yeah its so it's a little bit different I can put their their will it. Similar in the isn't in the idea that the TSA is always evaluating. The threat picture and trying to respond accordingly. But the different here in that nothing is banned necessarily they're just trying to do more sorrow accounting. What is it is in each. Is what is an eight cities like there about 250 flights per week from these five countries. And that's where the TSA believes the greatest threat exists they have to submit. Some data what's in the cargo hold. Where it's going to ship this you know more about the contents and give that list to authorities before the planes can fly. So is it more about paperwork than it is about screening. It is because the screenings RD. You know aren't done and it didn't really it's mandatory now for these airlines to submit data that they may have or may not have already been submitting the TSA says some of these carriers have been doing this. All of their own but. Now they're going to have to do to have to do it under a mandatory basis are also not going to be a lot of fly. Our air and thanks so much it's Erica it's her ski talk you out some new regulations from the TSA.