Trump/Putin Summit Analysis - Carl Calabrese


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Well that's the perfect segue to bring in apparel calabrese the political strategist who joins us live on the line now ahead of this trump who in meeting. Carla was called the summit now it's just a meeting is there any different so what do you expect to happen today. Well. Yet there there at the difference I think their biggest summit involved a lot more up replanting. By by steps on both sides. Our brother is this going to be interest in good to see exactly how all approaches. Potent on a number of very important issues that face our two countries. First and foremost I think is going to be this Russian meddling in elections which. By the way if you read history. The Russians and in the old days the Soviets began interfering with the American and all western elections as soon as Cold War started. It's the third circle is not in a certain elect a person but to undermine the democratic process due to soaked out among voters. That the processes there are legitimate and they've been doing that. For decades. Now that because of of computers in the cyber issue it's taken a whole new realm and I think fault. Has to be very very who. You know last last week drop was very forum without our allies in calling them out for not meeting their commitment to fund NATO. For calling out Germany. For this deal with Russia abide natural gas from Russia giving them eleven billion dollars a year which ends up. Funding the military. And commodore up and say you have to protect us from the the biggest Russian bear in the absolutely right there calling him out I'd like to see him is we'll pool. As we look without realizing this say this nonsense is this about but it doesn't there's going to be retaliation. You know Russia is it is. Is that cold and to send in protest and unless amongst racial minorities religious minorities. They're they're people are living in the Third World country. We can form into a lot of problems for. For Putin in Russia if we did the same thing in his country that he's doing here. I think he would recognize that threat and his morals police whether that would make faces a threat they picked out. That's where I'd like to see this president do with this this meeting. Karl with a twelve Russian nationals indicted just days ago. Does trump asked Putin to extradite them. Wish he could and should now understand we do not hit eight. Treaty with Russia to do that and the Russian constitution specifically. Pro prohibit the government from extraditing. People from other countries so you can ask but the chances of of the Russians complying with that request first woman on. So what does come out of this meeting besides you know maybe some tough talk on our parts is are any actions. Going to happen after these two meet face to face or will it Albie. Talk. Well look at you you have to start with talk that before you get their actions on the international level there are some very very important issues. That have to be dealt with and the actions first and foremost I think is is the civil war with Syria you have got Iranian troops backed by Russia. Getting very very close Israeli border and that is a bit hesitant about diffuse ready do you live. And could expand they'll war with its into Israel and throughout the Middle East debt. There has dealt with quickly so like I think that such a major issue. On the president's agenda one that has been dealt with before just spiraled out of control. You know that the summit curl cut off to a later start than was expected a potent was was late in arriving push back the meeting by almost an hour. DC that is just being late or kind of a power play. I don't know whatever the details yet it could be ball that. Let the people legitimate or something something logistically epic you know I read a great article yesterday Susan by a gentleman who worked out all five. Summit for Ronald Reagan summit with Mikhail Gorbachev and the same watch the initial greeting. The body language is crucial. He says note from cannot afford to look like he's green and old body. He said I'm I hope he doesn't do any Beck led theory critical of anything other than eight or (%expletive) without even a smile. He says that he is very very important event message said that in his opening statement that I hope he simply says we don't we're very concerned about what. What Russia has been doing elections and we've got many important issues talk about thank you let's go talk. And I haven't seen any anything yet about how that green that initial greeting went but that was an opinion of somebody who. Who understood that there's the opening optics is very important he admitted that in a couple of those. This summit meetings between Reagan and Gorbachev said. Gorbachev won the the the opening optics in the body weight which. Issue they were very concerned about it took watch that was trumped meet and greet. He you know it's funny you said that because we were just watching beats the beast to meet sand almost exactly what you said as far as body language. Not only trump a potent kind of a bolt who went along those same lines where they didn't. A lot of their way to shake hands or anything both look very serious there is no. Slapping on the back or anything like that. That vibe though Mike that you know carry over into the meeting where. Even after the fact when we hear from these two will just get kind of a stone faced you know maybe not too much detail on what exactly happened because. Nobody wants to seem or give and give away any details or seem like they're though weaker of the two parties. Yeah it may very well a mile that way I think it would it would look portrait is that they're very serious issues you've got two very powerful country remember. Russia although it it. It has fallen in terms it will load of economics and and and health of their their. The population with a lot of social problems still is. The second largest nuclear arsenal in the world. So I wouldn't be that surprised that you didn't sound like they've bought at the same advisors from which you observed in the and they agree. And in terms of going in that meetings and saying here's the here's an impression you wanna leave to the world. Football we'll figure it EP. There could be Russia has some common interest for America America has become an actress Portia. There are problems both want to avoid and we could get some significant. Movement on some issues I mentioned. You've you've got this it's a serious civil war you've got arms control you've got. Russian annexation of Crimea. And this election medley so. We'll see you never know what's gonna come out of these things oftentimes. It's just the efforts and sometimes it's it's serious substantial progress. Our will be following it Carl thank you for the insight that strategist Karl calabrese with messy Albert Tucci caliper is an associates.