Trump vs the NFL - Michael Caputo


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It was a quoted suited to reform America. She's doing the wall you know you want. Who could form a coalition who competed chance there's no other choice but under America's that's already been recruited. So to speak but on the other hand of course it's not a victory because we've lost a lot of quarters. And you have to analyze it clearly wider loss is kind of walk us through lost them some deliver routes. Maybe to demand grows but also to areas do you Google right wing party. Which are market problems. Of course of course theme right wing party yesterday was Malek is the only party with the labeled this last who. Kind of we're very happy about the results of what do you reckon is it. Geithner have but what the kind of mistake if you'd done have you did not address that people's concern about immigration. Good enough. Definitely do this is hip hop through due to the refugee situation in Germany. We treated not we need to come up was proposals which our ports a slight. But on the other hand it's also a question of the economy on the group. Life. And economy. Parks we did not review show up. Too much and that's one of the reasons we also look the goes so there's those bodies. They want from us but also from yesterday's order from us because. Good to see that this could also another 5%. Of snow almost never renewed because you won't. Let us talk about coalition talks because I think international investors Emma concerned about the perspective that we won't have a government until Christmas potentially in Germany still halama. I you. Thinking I would those coalition talks take. It would be like always been remember the last time under America has been erected on December its growth this transcript so I guess it's gonna be almost same time. Which you're going to be put to commodities instances street parties and all. Open to dispute good for partners negotiated together. It doesn't make it easy at least who's three months. It's absolutely necessary but it that's not north sums he knew because it will recite this. And what have a tricky issues and gives you between those three awful pot chase. Whether Prius in news that we have CU and seat as you go to reduce the Bavarian part of all body. And CSU is not very much in love with agreements soda might be some very difficult costs on to overcome and our grow America has to. Organized a lot of compromises. Which is not too easy. But he thinks who will be. Adams at the at the Helm of the finance ministry I you confident that the CDO was keeping mad at. I do hope so because I seeing code Newser sort of it is the right person. Who run these targets conceded it breaks off from Germany is not having any new debt that you more. We have about its budget for use before using neural. And I would be very happy he connected better. And I have the feeling was that very moment in respect really coalition to discuss possible that he's going to run despite this Wednesday during. Okay that's interesting that us again talk a little bit about the alternative for Germany of what doesn't actually mean that ban now in parliament. Ten they shape the quality that the bay of Kent name really make a difference. Load social voter. There is not a big spotted the parliament and other parties. And I have the feeling that Rio I didn't rule would debates it's going to be maybe you could be more will position her to date soon. Because in the last parliament had to almost 80% of that to invest through so called crime commission. Maybe just makes it a little bit more likely.