Trump Signs Order Stopping His Policy of Separating Immigrant Families At The Border 6/20 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, June 20th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Where were among the bet that rare where in that top 100 somewhere we just matter resolved through doing very well yeah actually certainly time for big break. That after The Beatles. He samba hourly U what did at. At the Red Cross I hit. I've been charm is wary fuel battles and David Bellamy had a rest assured that history will remember you was okay. Its hourly and they'll be. That well yesterday I was I was really disappointed. On news radio 930 WD. Now let's see if they get picked flew by the station. Look in this guy. Its users of hourly and bella via Arctic ever again under his radio and 930 we. UB EM. I was up Monday with a stomach thing he was up yesterday with a throat thing and now everyone in this room on the effectiveness of Nell Nell as it should commit should all be good. Yeah we have a whole bunch of people in the room David it's it's packed. And we are gonna talk about a very special event. With crystal and wheeze from the VA. Not only well let's just can we do the full disclosure here they've just so happens that Christian. Everything everything here just died. It. That. Or. I. IE I'm sorry about that question I don't know what I have no idea what is happening here look at the engineers and it. Our Chris to just give it count it 321 count three to one is OK your your Mike here's your pocket. Kristin first of all talk about. David Sylvia and how long you've known David Bell via. Through a very important person in your life. I'm David actually went to high school it's my husband Chad. So I am at some real pleasure to meet the and I'm sure you've heard all the stories I'll go. Yes. And they're all good at all only noteworthy and and laudatory. We are with Kristen Wii's where the VA. And what exactly first of all Glynn is the eighteenth annual buffalo stand down and precisely. What is it supposed to do. Well thank you for having me on that eighteenth annual stand down will be tomorrow. Thursday June 21 from 10 AM to 3 PM at the key banks and act. I am I want everyone to know that there's free parking that it's. I'm mad wouldn't want to be a deterrent for anyone and the standout goes back tees in Vietnam air I mean it when it. When soldiers were asked to kind of its stand down take a brass who go to the back of the line and I am and get he has sent a fresh me and some camaraderie and some clothes and things like that so. For the last eighteen years all the VA's across the country. Have been doing stand out and I am traditionally for homeless veterans in this is the first year that we're actually opening it up to all veterans Muster any arc. And people. The buffalo stand down and there is free parking at the ramp which is attached to the key banks that are. Are going to be provided with a wide array of services. Yes absolutely. And it had a list of services that are not providing to be here. I know we are going to be providing it and there's a 166. Service providers between the EA and the community. So if you've never enrolled in the NBA you can do that tomorrow. I'm we're gonna have on site medical screenings you can get a hepatitis C testing HIV get your cholesterol checked. Gay you are I'm glucose levels checked in your eye exam of the dentist will be that you can get free legal advice. If you aren't home lest we can assist with immediate housing needs you can even bring your pat down tomorrow to get some preventative pat care. You know I wanted to jump is this working yes. I I do them like fonts I apologize I wanna get you some of the success stories about the way. I'd I know her husband my whole a couple of guys who via chipset oughta put you in the spot that you know. I can only go view Islam if you don't share totally do we talked about how. Different people right Erie county people Orleans county people. We can we come together. We can cross that bridge we can we can we community and I want I talk with some success stories that you pad. There are some of these stories of people in our own communities and that you know. Right here in Western New York homeless vets they you've been able to really impact this is just that opportunity to get a haircut and Iraq Zach. This is an opportunity for people that are really hurting. To be around their peers and and get help. Absolutely. I I have a few really great story is some I do wanna start up I think in 2016. Our community received the designation of being one of the first thirty cities and communities. And the country to have effectively ended better and homelessness. That does not mean that there aren't homeless veterans at that there won't be but it means that together as a community we have the resource is the infrastructure built. And we contrasts that are in homelessness immediately. So a couple of I mean some really good stories that we have is there's that Vietnam veteran Matt. I mean is Susie came back from Vietnam in addition to the trauma he had experienced there he had a very traumatic family experience. And he became homeless immediately and for the last thirty something years he's been living in the middle of the woods in a chat. I we heard about this gentleman armed about two and a half three years ago and every Thursday at 10 AM my staff would go to visit him. He wouldn't happen here and he wouldn't when Lyman said. They they would leave him staff they would leave him food they would be the clothing they would be in the sleeping bag. And after about six months he finally would start talking to my staff. And we eventually were able to get a non service connected pension get him an income of 11100 dollars a month. We were able to get him my bank account with some idea that we were able to get slammed. And he still. So much. So that we were able to you. And build a relationship with ham and unfortunately he still would not accept housing he finally happened there was happened to be a fire and has shed. About six months ago and finally at that point he accepted how things that he is an apartment. And he's doing mostly wonderfully. And how about the mental health issue because obviously the guy's been through a lot of trauma. And he's so used to living in the shack in the woods and then to go into an apartment situation. You know most of us would say wow this is great. But given that the other variables involved how long an adjustment period was there for him to acclimate himself to his new apartment surroundings made possible in part by the what you guys are doing with the via. Whereas it's Delaware can. I mean how to use a puncher how to how to use the stove. Even better than a plunger warm water and dish washing detergent. You pour about a half a bottle of dishwashing detergent in the bowl that you take a gala hot water you port and you let it sit for twenty minutes flush and it should take care of the problem well thank you I just that I just a little mentally. Good advice there from top now. Just there are a lot of people listening of course who were not veterans but who would like to do something to help those who have served. This event tomorrow is not for those people correct. Rape and that it if you have I wanna make it hit tomorrow is for every single batter and in this community. So I even know you're you're not homeless or you might not think your risk of being home last we have forty employers there tomorrow that are ready. C do you compensate job interviews right back succumbing dressed in past. If you had a better an onion like you that tea company and I'm. To this event you're absolutely welcome to do that we're gonna have a free meals Ulanova. And and they can still get to enjoy the event with with their family primal. Thanks to mr. to borrow for that one and I'm sure you got other people were helping out as well we're talking with Kristen wiese and we're talking about. What is happening tomorrow which is going to be from ten until three at keybank setter if you have a car don't worry about parking it is free in the ramp which is attached to the key bank center is the eighteenth annual buffalo stand down. And what will be available there will be medical care screenings haircuts employment services benefits resources I care. Hearing assistants legal services dental care educational services. Preventative. Pet care because how many of you who are veterans have very very close relationships with your animals and while they might be service animals per say they are emotional support animals animals are great for everybody better and were not they bring down blood pressure. There will be. Giveaways and more except mine which doesn't use the litter box and she raises the blood pressure. Christian do people who were veterans need to register online or register in any way shape reform prior to tomorrow's. That account not a Dolly just show up I'm we're going to start registering veterans heavily around nine. I'm they can start seeing service providers around 10 AM. We do you ask that you brain some tape says military ID EPA ID ADD 214. I and the reason for that is because we has I'm a teen a lot as military surplus from the Department of Defense. That we're going to be handing out tomorrow I'm and it is our duty to that Department of Defense to make sure that it's going to fatter and play. You know you could have lots of MVGs and Taurus says presents. I guess that we'll next year they've got Alou and this this stuff is really quality stuff terrorists when I just talking garbage and use this is. Right and I wanted to just point out that you know the VA. Every time we talk about the V and we talk in terms of negativity right there and they don't do this right this is all you hear that the stories of wall. But there are amazing success stories that are being done Western New York one of them. Having that cooperation with the VA having people one of the things you heard that story about the homeless get there was trust. And the one of the issues you have a homeless veterans as they no longer trust the system to get trust back. That really speaks volumes. But you know we're talking about people's lives we changed and the other thing is. If you haven't. Maybe you've you've avoided the VA for whatever reason it's a great opportunity to see people out there really care in the community and your round. You know the guys again answer any girls. As silly can register right that an I think it will be really get experience especially if you've never had experience at that he had this is. This is gonna be a really great and then it's awesome and congratulations eighteen years and how many people do you think we'll take event. I am guessing because for opening it up I am I where guessing between 800 without us and we are the third largest stand down in the entire country behind Dallas and Phoenix of course so Ritalin is always behind Dallas well. Maybe it may heat out of change after tonight. Its record there will break the streak and eighteen years but the way eighteen the first stand down. The bills were in the playoffs yes and this will be the first stand down in seventeen years that the Buffalo Bills were back in the playoffs maybe there's something there. Who knows his. What what does that. It would be well maybe serendipity. When I don't know whatever if it is one of those fancy words so anyway crystal is with the VA is there a place. A phone number or website where people can go to get additional information and feel in the blanks and now I guess that a search for buffalo stand down on a search engine and that immediately took me to the page just searching buffalo stand down. Absolutely and actually be going YouTube and I'm searched the same thing about close stand down you get to see about a six minute. Video clip that was put together and that gives you a nice overview of what to expect tomorrow. But you can also just go to their regular VA web site there's information there on and being called our office 71686. TU EE eight fives if you have any questions at all about the event. Well Christen David had an amount that we are putting a link directly on the buy hourly and bill via FaceBook page which of course after retard because I left the caps lock key on which I think going to be outlawed. So we'll put the link up on the buy hourly and bell via FaceBook page person thank you very much for joining us anything we didn't ask that you wanna get out there. Now I just want to see you I'm I'm really proud of this community and I just really want every single batter and a monster in the arc. To come tomorrow. And seek the assistance that they may not even know they eat. Comments really gonna be a great event we get to see buffalo at its best. Right Christa ways with the VA thank you very mature for joining us your news radio 930 WB. It is hourly envelop via a news radio 930 WBB. And let. David's microphone has that died in case you're wondering why hey it's time doing all the talking and we've never really heard too much of David. We're gonna see we can't get that situation fixed and very very short order. Now coming up well on the program today. We're gonna keep our eyes of what's happening at the Al White House president trump. Is. Is having a change of heart over this whole child separation issue it well. I don't know if you guys are on Twitter I'm I'm not on Twitter I don't spend any time out of David does the at hourly and Olivia and Twitter thing. But. You know it's interesting because the county executive of Erie county. You know mark Poland cars. I know you wanted to be a congressman. And you wanna adventure courier and everything. But as of right now you were the county executive. Of Erie county worker you're county executive of Erie county. So when you tweak things like. This silence from some local elected officials regarding that trump administration's policy to separate families says everything you need to know about them if you're not criticizing what you see below then you are supporting it and that is horrible. Mark Paula cars you know it's horrible. Our roads in Erie county cell. Quit lecturing people about how outraged they should be about. Illegal invaders into the United States. And watch effects are damn roads. Guess where the crap biggest roads in the world in this area. Some of the crypt is broached in the developed world now so what should stick to what you ought to be doing like fixing our roads in Erie county with. Don't you just find it just completely. Utterly fascinating. That every one knows their Cuba now. Well the outrage on the dole left the Democratic Party you'd realize this entire story now mark pulled cars because that's how it's trickle down politics. It always comes down to the county level but mark. Hole in cars is now jumping on the bandwagon that it's outrageous. That parents and children should be separated because of the the actions of of apparent. You know Internet is in his own building. What is Child Protective Services that yeah you know what David and Paul and cars is such a hypocrite and he's such a fraud because. Not tiara Horace. Is a woman was home schooling her kids she was arrested on a bench Warren. And then her two young children David were taken away not by Donald Trump. Up by ice they were taken away by Erie county CE PS because. She was arrested on a bench warrant are and you're telling me. That Erie county Child Protective Services is separating children from their mother that's exactly what I'm telling you at beat this for a bench warrant at the direction of CPS. Cheektowaga cops rushed into her room. Took her children and her eleven year old son an eight year old daughter and took her into custody he RR us says. They put me in handcuffs and arrested me began to search me they lifted my sure. Pull my pants down to check it by anything on me. She's been home schooling her children produce documents from December showing buffalo public schools acknowledgment of her intention to home school whose son. And daughter. But nonetheless. These school called Child Protective Services he are Horace Akira terrorists hard to say that meant. Basically had not seen her kids she worked as she did a news conference because they had separated. He. Go to a bills game teton one parent take. Three children will bills' game make a really stupid decision. To streak at a bit you'll find yourself arrested and separated from your children. This happens every day in the United States of America. A parent or guardian in charge of children makes a series of unfortunate decisions. Law enforcement is involved and those children go to central booking. It's sentenced to prison and the kid goes along with you this to mug shots let's talk about. Separated all the time. This entire issue started with the wind and Obama a former Obama administration official that Ben Rhodes. Like one of those security advisor to he tweeted out a photo. Of these kids sleeping in tin foil. In what looked like your concentration camp it was a horrible picture. It what he failed to mention was is at that picture was taken while Barack Obama was president the United States as well. And for our polling cars mark Paula cars you oversees CPS. There are 133. Caseworkers. You didn't think that was enough you wanted more case workers received PS now mark why would you want more caseworkers. So you're in a position to better investigate reports of abuse and then do what. Or bench warrants people being arrested for bench warrants and take hits so I mean can we please stop play in this game. Well I'd meet again this is delighted this being sold here is that this is a trump policy number one that's a true. It comes from a call I had an appeals court decision in 1997. Where you had a legal born son. And the father was being deported back to his home country Mexico. And this guy named Lopez was saying you can't deport me you're separating me from my kid. And that's where we are today. And the court ruled I'm sorry you're still going you're still getting deport. Our they have felt this good news radio 930 WB yeah and so president drop as signed an executive order. So families are going to be separated anymore and be manufactured. Outrage David what what happens now that the what does that mean you know and separate so when your sage can take kids and put them in adult. Detention facility senators I don't work well yeah that's the whole idea you don't have the choice is if you wanna keep the family together. Don't apply for status is that separate you from your kids. You have the ability to do that. I mean I don't. This is such a ridiculous and this is in the law the lancet 1997. This is what Barack Obama bill Bill Clinton George W. Bush. Donald Trump simply gave the order to enforce the law of the United States you know if you have a problem with a lot changed the law. I've David trump has been widely criticized by every media outlet for getting it wrong on the law. When he says this is the Democrats law I am simply enforcing what the Democrats codified. Is Donald Trump lying or is that statement actually based on truth. Look the it's it's the okay so we're going back this Lopez decision. This wasn't illegal immigrant in the eighties came to the United States. Brought children with him and then had a child in the United States the child in the United States because he's born in the United States is a citizen of the United States. Come to find out dads are illegal to add gets in trouble law enforcement says you have to be deported. Lopez made the argument that he had to stay the United States because it was. And a necessity to keep the family together his deportation. Would have to be canceled because would be separated the family. And the court ruled that Lopez did not describe the situation that show. That he must be in the United States as an illegal immigrant he didn't have veteran he was removed he lost that. Now that was interpreted over the years for illegal immigrants to be the same way it would before I aid in 97 in legal. Citizen of the United States why wouldn't that be the same. For an illegal immigrant so why would they will be a different standard if you brought a toddler across the border then weeks on the Lopez case so. In other words. And the law of the land under Bill Clinton George W. Bush Barack Obama and Donald. That and many of the photo is not lying Donald Trump who's telling the truth it what you're seeing here is the president telling his Department of Homeland Security to. In forced the law of the United States what was happening will probably still at separations. But what was happening what you were only deporting drug content you know people in gangs are people who were connected somehow to narcotics. Now it's extended now it's DW lives now it's petty theft now it's anything on your record whatsoever or. It also happens to be. If your story doesn't work out and they're asking for DNA tests at the border. Because believe it or not some people kidnapped children and bring them in. To get. Access way for me are you saying that some people from Honduras Guatemala and El Salvador are actually coming to the United States with children they have kidnapped two of those children can act as a shield behind which they can hide I argue actually suggesting that such in the various team actually takes place senator I'm saying that when you cross the border with Canada with children under the age of eighteen you have to prove. Where they were born and who they belong to and. And at the border agent may just ask a question of the children. Under eighteen say hey it's that your mom and dad. Because that's what they do for American citizens going to tell all know. You're telling me you can't ask that question at the border. You got a two year old let's let's just take a risk assessment scale here how many poured decisions what first of all you took a two year old. And you decide to cross the Rio Grande never a good idea. Even if you live near the Rio Grande to try to go across. You know all these crazy. Did answer. You've got waterways. You've got rugged terrain it's cold it gets hot there's animals out there. There's the constant threat of you know someone. Is not a good person that's also trying to get into the country mean we live in this world com that everyone trying to come to America. Wants to achieve the American dream as if no other thugs moved to Las Vegas winner when things started to get good in the desert right. Course it's attracting MS thirteen gang members of course is attracting. We had a statistic. 80%. Of central American women that crossed into the United States southern border have some story of of rape. Sexual. A salt and are very likely to get caught up in the human trafficking epidemic which. Horrible is that it's a horrible thing but it does the modern day slavery by the way but we don't wanna talk about you know walls with a lot talk about the border. Add in the same tweed pulled cars a slap himself on the back for. National. What is today national immigrant day or something. It's I read a few world refugee day. Got a coincidence by the way that this all coincides and world refugee day in this whole week visible by restore. Showing me an outrage it's all BS it's all nonsense you got guys who are county executive who by the way separates. The rapid build even. Durban people's separated from their children. I am I supposed to hold mark pull cars responsible. For all of the the kids that have been taken away from their moms and dads should you tell me there's been no tears when that happened mark. No no little kid has cried for their mom even though moms are crack head so mark even though the court ruled mom can't be there for the kids. And you're taken those kids away now on we'll take pictures of the children to be. Mark pull it course taking why are you separating the children from the parents mark. Why are you doing that. Should since the entire thing all we're seeing is how absolutely. Immature and childish. This entire thing has gotten Peter Fonda. Peter Fonda Tom Bauerle is threatening bearing trump that that's how it. Chaotic it's gotten welcoming back tomorrow Poland cars marked polling cars if you are against government separating. Parents from children would you please call into the show and talk about the case of color are Harris. Who was a rents are rested on the bench warrant. I had forgotten about the story yesterday when used bench war as an example of circumstances under which kids are separated from their parents. Mark caller cars if you're gonna go after Donald Trump. For separating. Criminal. Illegal. Invaders. From their children. You have some explaining to do about why cola are Harris was separated from her children. At one point did not seen them and for 45 days so mark Poland coach why is it okay for your CPS to separate children from parents. But you're gonna issue this tweet. Did Donald Trump please explain that. And David. Obama Brock Bob Dylan what why didn't anyone care about this. For eight years and by the way. Again I'm not even throw the ball under the bus for this this happens every day and a built at least one intoxicated. Any. Get ends up in a situation where there is a kid. That needs whether it's it's a festival in buffalo or it's a bills game or it's some sort of sporting event. Some parent is irresponsible. And it and ever believe they get separated from their kids because mom or dad in a poor choice. Well what what what are we what are we say here I mean. The fat kids. You took someone of your tried to illegally entered the United States of America. And then you're you're singing that I can't go back to my country because I AME refugee. Well they're in process to prove if you're telling the Rupert. And I'm sorry but what happens when you bring kids with other adults from other countries that we were we don't know anything about. You can get stories like what happens in these other refugee camps all the across the globe. What happens in refugee camps in the Middle East and in Africa US in singing amounts of rape. We're going to be crazy way they treat kids want children or adults you don't let kids an addict. Who else would you. Well we're going to be breaking and I've just a moment or so under his radio 930 WB key and but did you brought up David before we break the Peter Fonda situation. You know David I. I'm sorry but I've said this before I'll say it again I believe America is in the early stages of a civil war make no mistake about it the only thing missing is a spark in the apartment in the power cared. You've got this guy Peter Fonda one of many actors who obviously hates Donald Trump. And he's taken it to a new extreme suggesting that the first lady of the United States and little Barron trump be. Kidnapped and essentially Italy raped. They've heard so nobody worries that the cell. That we we've hit that point. Where the children not at all measurement of presidents are now the target number when you couldn't say anything about Obama's daughters you couldn't say Charles Chelsea Clinton right but with Donald Trump they are so evil they're going after his care. And and David also something that we gotta talk about coming up threats being against ice agents border agents and Earl Jones. And again if it's a civil war they want. Just like the minutemen from 1776. If an ice agents sent is distress call that his or her Holm has been surrounded by a bunch of illegals you're gonna have hundreds a year a huge on up to defend that border agent trust me. It is hourly albeit 348 at WB EM hourly and albeit by the way president drop as caved and is signed an executive order. Which sure now families are not going to be separated but as ours via a double being in the details were still waiting ID POU. Have to separate first of all if if you want those kids. Intermingled with other adults you're going to have more horror stories. That are far worse than anything that you're hearing right now it about Abu grapes that it's not it's not cool and there's a reason why these first the ball. So I got an attorney Fred just texted me. If you're pulled over on a suspended license and those kids are without an adult guests where those kids and the system. When you're telling me that I know that every kid and it's so adjusted that there are used to mama dad being in jail. And Child Protective Services this is not a stressful horrible experience for everyone involved. And they are kids that are crying. That these poor people that work a Child Protective Services. Don't feel like. Garbage for having to execute dared dared duty station calls a WBE 8030930. Start at 310616. WB and Polly into wonder what's up. Yeah I I'm that I remember several years ago I think back and try to thirteen 2014. That they're I remember reading reports where. Yeah I'm from op America what are being coaxed to and there are. Unaccompanied children across the border with the promise spat between the children were propped up. They could enjoy their children. And and turn to the United States. And I and that was right after we have offload. Out of undocumented. Children are unaccompanied I think. Only to about how to be an equipment I want because he chat about the apple aside these aren't. Hope I thank. And not you gotta wonder if from all the way to the border to grant islands Europe we get about twelve how many. You know how many of these children are not separated by. Unaccompanied and they were coaxed and and. In other words unaccompanied by choice not because of epic bad Donald Trump ripping babies from Europe apps and of course now you make the big statement. You've just increased the odds that everyone showing up in the border for the next seven months is going to have a kid. So you know and we've seen other pictures by the way of toddlers and infants dead. On the way trying to make passage across the border it's not an easy thing to do as an adult level alone a baby. Go to Alex WB. And really develop the go ahead. Big guys I'm very disappointed that. Trump capitulated. It. You know that it immediate exit and Democrat. You know the people that I like to keep putting these agents. That you talk about it agent I'd like. John chain. And a former lady president. Laura Bush. Earl article in the Washington Post about YouTube video. Well Tommy John McCain's done about six and a half years occasion England's mark cages for McCain. And Laura Bush like that the what you're seeing right now especially these Peter Fonda tweets and Hollywood. It's almost like every time a new scandal happens another person eliminate themselves from seriousness. It's okay Euro lunatic. You can't speak anymore and it happens all the time we're finding out more and more of our favorite actors growing up are really not with that town. So what do we do with people like Peter Fonda who said we should rip. Barron trump from a lot ideas are constantly put him Nikkei page with at a files. You know we have a first amendment rights in this country and they are designed to protect controversial speech. But I that's kind of thing that if you said it is gonna get to a visit from Secret Service if you're right those words on her FaceBook page and you'd written them under Barack Obama. I would got an email from Secret Service saying could you please delete anything like that because we have to investigate we don't have the personnel we don't have the resources yet. Hollywood is so filled with hatred Donald Trump even bear and trump. Is on the table I did not think the left could go any lower than it is gone. But it in its the these are all time a new lows for the left absolutely. Beyond despicable and mark Bullock are waiting for a phone call if government should not separate parents from children. Why did your CP US separate the children of Kenya are RS from her why.