Trump Backtrack 930in716 July 18, 2018

Wednesday, July 18th

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It's 930. In 716. So I'll begin by stating. That. I have full faith and support for America's great changes always had. This is really good crop haters and that much of the media. Like there's anything he does they're gonna blow out of proportion. I sent the word work instead of wouldn't. This sentence should have been I don't see any reason why I wouldn't. Well why it wouldn't crash so. The most serious mistake of his presidency that's what Newt Gingrich said you got to take that seriously and I think those were the right words in the right proportions to to sum up what happened it was a serious mistake. If you don't have a dialogue with Kim Jong on the you don't have a dialogue. The Vladimir Putin and we're sitting on the edge the world is sitting on the edge. Of one new solar power in one potential regular power making it and other faith forum. I'm Tim Wenger and 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. President Donald Trump is straining to clarify his public undermining of American intelligence agencies. Saying he simply misspoke when he said he saw no reason to believe Russia had interfered in the 2016. US election. The president says quote the sentence should have been I don't see any reason why I wouldn't. Or why it wouldn't be Russia instead of why it would. Trumpet made the comment Monday while standing alongside Russian president Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. On Tuesday trump didn't reverse other statements in which he gave clear credence to prudence extremely strong and powerful denial of Russian involvement. Raised doubts about his own intelligence agency's conclusions and advanced discredited conspiracy theories about election meddling. Let's listen. So I'll begin by stating. That. I have full faith and support for America's great though things always had. And I have felt very strongly that well Russia's actions had no impact at all on the outcome of the election. Let me be totally clearance saying that. And I've said this many times I play except our intelligence. Communities. Conclusion. That rush is battling. The 2016. Election took place. Could be other people also. Lot of people out there. There was no collusion. At all. And people see that and see that's the house has already come out very strongly that. Lot of people come out. I thought that I made myself very well here by having just reviewed the transcript. I have to say I came back and I said why is what's the big deal. So I got a transcript Larry here that I actually went out and we view this clip of answer that I did. Act I realize that the errors and need for some clarification. It should have been obvious I thought it would be obvious but I would like to clarify just in case it wasn't any key sentence in my remarks. I said the word would instead of wind. This sentence should have been I don't see any reason why I wouldn't. Wear white it wouldn't be crushed so. Just to repeat day I sent the word work instead of what. That dissension at an end. And I thought that would be maybe a little bit on Mayer. Transcript the right here on the actual video. Sent Janet and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't you Russia. Sort of a double negative. So you can put their head and I think that probably clarifies things pretty good byes. I thought it was kind of awkward. I thought it was kinda weak. Our political go to guy is Carl calabrese and he was in studio with Susan rose and Brian Mazur out ski number one he was reading from prepared text. And he's not very good at that it's not his style so you could. You could see that it it was something that though a lot of people had him put in in May not have been exactly what he wanted to say so who's reading from it. And then he got off script a little bit. We've got about Russian interference and he said and there could be others could mean that they edit again that's classic trump. Going back and try to build defenses so I wish you would have just been. And off the cuff look I I misspoke. I I use this word it should he uses words my resolve has not been lessened in any way shape or form. This is this interference is unacceptable. And a lot of Russian activities are acceptable and that's what I'm looking to. The deal with with president who. That would have been much more effective statement. The optics not good with that meeting in Helsinki book Lee especially because it comes right on the heels. Of what happened over in Europe with the NATO with that meeting with Teresa may. Where you said rightfully so he was tough on them but. When you're tough on your allies and then not as tough on potent. Right back to back in the same week. They can help things. No the contrast was striking there's no question about that and as I said he he was right to call out the Europeans for not supporting NATO financially. As they have committed in for this guest deal with Russia absolutely correct and and the American people I think it. Even people who may not be strong from supporters see the logic and what he did you know it. There was a presidential candidate particularly the eighties appeared DuPont was one of the many Republicans seeking. The 88 endorsement. And he said that every politician wants to be in his own which he called the game right issues. You state your position. And that's immediately upon hearing your position the public has damn right and I think I think trump was little red zone when he called out in Germany for. You know supply and Russia with capital that they will then use for armaments and then the Germans welcome back to was looking for help. What when he said that it was so so simple to understand so clear. I heard a great big damn right that most Americans so. I wish we could've gotten that out of the potent meaning. We're in studio this morning with strategist Karl calabrese apparel that point that Michael just made the hysteria over this the reaction from the opposition. Is it over the top. It's always over the top that's the one weakness of of Trump's opposition as they have no sense of of proportional sense of balance they they immediately go over the top and then over the cliff after the go over the top there has been. There has been the modus operandi since this man took office and I don't see that ending and in doing so they weaken their own case this was a mistake. However to immediately go from a mistake. And to play good advantage which they could hit two it was treasonous it was impeachable. Is again they always overreach. In in criticizing Donald Trump and it plays against them. And makes him look more like the victim and just drives. The support of his supporters even higher because they say aha. You see this is the establishment he ran against and beat and this is why. We like him to keep on fighting so I think they make a mistake because they they are they cannot think clearly what this guy and he trolls the very well I mean he. He moved his tweets he's very effective at getting them take date all the time and doubling down and going over the top whatever whatever a group. Cool to lose and you wanna use but they always do it and usually works against them. Well they could have gone the other routes and followed maybe the criticism that he got from within his own party seemed a lot more measured view we heard Kenneth moan in his piece. They're saying trump but I didn't have the strength to correct himself in front of Vladimir Putin and somebody texted our tech sign a little bit earlier saying. He reminded. Them of Obama. In that same news conference the way he stood next approved which coming from some Euro supporters. The last thing you wanna hear. No question when. You expect to hear criticism from the left the progressive left Koppel when you have Newt Gingrich who has been one of the president's earliest and strongest supporters. Say that our quota I wrote it down. And the most serious mistake of his presidency that's what Newt Gingrich said you got to take that seriously and I think those were the right words in the right proportions to to sum up what happened it was a serious mistake. Wasn't fatal was an impeachable wasn't treasonous but it certainly wasn't mistaken so when Newt Gingrich says that as a supporter trumpet that's worth listening to your supporter of Donald Trump. He has said so many times over the last six months he accepts the intelligence. Communities. Representation that Russia certainly medal at our election we all know they battled it didn't affect the outcome of the election. We reached out to western new York Republican congressman Chris Collins for reaction. He's certainly not among the Republicans walking away from president trump on this one. And he's taken. It's severe steps again that would sanctions. Expelled sixty of their diplomat. He he has. Dunbar and certainly President Obama ever did. To hold Russia accountable. For there actions on the world stage but would that said. You promised that he did during the campaign to keep America safe to make the world safe in the do that we have to deal with the real threat to North Korea. Iran and Syria there's only one individual brick and it has been making their ever happen and that's where they're cool. Who we know is president of Russia for the rest of the light. They don't quite work the way we do. And so when trump they're opening a dialogue like he's done that Kim Jung. In North Korea. They're hidden camp like no other president to to make if they hate her world. In when that's happening you know you know put stick in the are here tonight from the back of somebody even though. You do hold them accountable in meddling in our elections and doing what they've done. Of the union ukrainians. Are involved live North Korea Iran and Syria so. You know this without trump the negotiator. Looking at the long game strategically knowing he's got to work. Was Vladimir Putin could get. Results in those three top spot. Given everything you've just said. Should the president have maybe taken advice from the Democrats and not so what said the summit because it seems like. It was a lose lose either he's sick confrontational bearing nothing gets done or. What happens happens and he takes the heat back home. Well noted that Democrats there's such hypocrites. And it it it shows they don't know you know. Frankly what part of it what to do and that was Obama if you don't have a dialogue with Kim Jong on the you don't have a dialogue. The Vladimir Putin's. And we're sitting on the edge the world is sitting on the edge. Of one particular power in one potential regular power making it and other faith forum. President trump was elected on one product. You cannot only make America safe and to do that make the World Series. You have to have a dialogue here just collect yourself and others in make believe these individuals are rare so I think you know and when you really think it's true people should be applauding. President trumps outreach. You know to these you know dangerous people. Because without that they'll know where the world stand. Congressman the president's recent trip took him to Brussels and London and Helsinki he lashed out at leaders like Teresa may and Angela Merkel. But did it seem that he melted around Putin. Well what you know he delicate everything he's now that he's got the most severe sanctions. He expelled the victim of of their diplomat. In just before he went indicted twelve more Russians in the the election meddling. So anyone who would say he's that standing cup would whip so Vladimir Putin's. This is not looking at the fact when he went to Europe he rightfully called out. Other NATO nations for not paying their fair share when you look at the depth of our nation much of that is built on our defense budget. Which is keeping the world safe and these other countries. Are are really real people voters. On the American taxpayer and our children and ultimately has paid their money back. You know you've got would go cheating on airy. Soft lumber. These other countries there are used to presidents who are not. Standing up for America. And president trump was elected to do that he is doing. And he's also working diligently to make this a safer world for all of us. Should there be more of a concentration. Or focus on optics when the president makes these trips because unlike Susan said you do have him being. Varies seemingly confrontational with allies of like Teresa make and then a little less so with Mets gonna come off great. When it is shown on camera. 01 thing about president trump he's not about their trying to wrap it up there. And you're hit eight. Extended meeting one on one Vladimir Putin you know only he and Vladimir Putin's though how that went. You know I'm confident he is he was very strong in this meeting. And that you know it this is really good crop haters and that much of the media like there's anything he does it in the blown out of proportion. You know we we had. Obama's CIA director now calling what he did he limits. I mean talked about in in the overreach and parties are at some of the station yesterday. Would one after another these Talking Heads coming. You know up to lose their sense. Oh over all that Donald Trump's accomplishing. As our president. And so we just live and very strange 120 course 7 NEWS cycle where primarily much of the news. You know as it is is still fighting the election a year and a half ago. More fallout to follow for sure and we're back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.