Trump and retailers mix up gun talk 930in716 March 1, 2018

Thursday, March 1st

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It's 930. In 716. President trump and retailers making waves in the gun conversation. Because a lot of times by the time you go to court it takes so long to go to court. Together the due process. Procedures. I like taking the venture would take it got its first. Goes review process that the decisions by Dick's Sporting Goods and Wal-Mart also making way news. Well I think the knee jerk reaction. It try to prove that they know they're trying to make a difference when you really thing going through that they are not capable of handling of firearms maybe they should be prohibited. Could join in the military. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. President trump meeting with Republicans and Democrats on guns and school safety surprising his own party by saying he supports universal background checks among other things pushed by the students and families of Parkland Florida beat. The television cameras at the White House the most pro NRA president in history. Gathered together a group including some of congress is most forceful advocates of gun control Jonathan Karl was there to cover the pro. Because and he turned that into this energy. I love you. I don't care. And sitting in that room the president repeatedly took positions that put himself at odds with the NRA and Republican leaders in congress. He embraced Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy's call. For background checks on all gone purchases an idea Republicans have voted down again and again trump even seem to oppose his own vice president. On how to take guns from someone identified as a possible threat. Allow due process but no right to travel. But but the ability to go to court obtain an order and collect not only to farms put off any any weapons. In the position. We're going to make the firearms first and then go to court because that's about the system because a lot of times by the time you go to court it takes so long to go to court. To get the due process procedures. I like taking the venture would take it got its first code review process. And the president brought up an idea the NRA says it firmly opposes. Raising the age to buy assault weapons like the AR fifteen used in the Parkland shooting 221 years old. I would get very serious thought but it doesn't make sense I have to wait what I wanted to get a got I can get this weapon at eighteen. The president told the bipartisan group he wants more of the action he wants bold action. A comprehensive bill on guns and school safety. He told one Republican leader to put aside a controversial pro gun measure. And concentrate on something Democrats will support toward the end of the meeting the president predicted success has been one last question from senator Dianne Feinstein on banning assault weapons. What do we do about weapons of war. Easily accessible on our street what you gonna have to do is discuss it with everybody and any solution built a very complex and they should you do you have. You have weapons on the street that's what we're talking about with black mark on us on going to the store can buy and and they are him. You can confide protect mine and you can buy all these weapons so this is what you want to have to just. That's the action at the White House now following the decisions this week by Dick's Sporting Goods to. And sales of assault style guns in sales to individuals under the age of 21. And also by Wal-Mart to restrict sales to those over 21. Reaction has been swift we talked with two local voices on the issue. Mike Bagger event here with dean Adams ski owner of TDs ranch. Well I think the knee jerk reaction. To try to prove that they know they're trying to make a difference when really connect going to. You know that they're out there to please you know probably the soccer ma'am type paper or something like dad okayed it back and that leader got killed but you know lot. If they wanna do that it's fine it'll increase the failed other the smaller dealers around the middle you know only help other individual dealers. Yeah I'm kind of curious about that to what extent does odd Dick's Sporting Goods have off of fingerprints. Eight net the gun buying community obviously they're known for you know under armour shirt Nike shorts whatever but with guns are they a major player. I don't think so you know a big Nate seat held their. Out of box on your your Remington Mossberg you know you're cheap like under you know how that make high income and in New York they're not a big big player all the reflection if so limited New York to begin what they were never felon. Very bid now for years been telling those type rifles in New York anyway. Other states they may have a bigger conflict in New York. This double effect. Any dealers and tolerate that affect the customers at all in the market and carry anything like it. And scope of the shooters committee on political education. Has much to say locally there represented by a bug Schroeder. You have to remember in New York since night or twelve point 813. Bit assault weapons shall speak. I mean it's a misnomer but that column that they have not been able to be sold it within the borders of New York struck out 2013. Part because of the same effect well what do you expect smaller gun stores to deal. Will they be following soon. Well they cam or the Arab camp itself up to them it's a business decision. This thing about not selling to load anyone under 21 well that's again as a business decision that there are entitled to make. But also brings applied its full. They don't think that the 21 year old people. Or those under 21 should shape if they are not capable of handling of firearms may be they should be prohibited from joining the military. How what do you think about that that idea because that actually has been brought up that maybe 21 is the new age for whether it's enlisting in the military buying a firearm doing a lot of things that. For awhile eighteen has spent a year are you in support of those ideas or do you think that's maybe taking it too far. It's taking it too far into the effect of one person in Florida who was under 21. That cast a mixture because of the incompetence ugly law enforcement agencies in that area. Doesn't seem reasonable or logical. What about the president and his willingness to defy the NRA here and he's now showing some support for some other gun control measures what do you think Scott ultimately going to happen. I have absolutely no idea what the president made do with the leaders assert things and change his mind and not done that. This may be just a reaction to all the pressures that are coming out from the liberal left. That is trying to disarm America and they wanted to let one go on at a time. Or what do you think should be done what I'm gonna reform would you like to see. Well I would like to see that these nix check has an accurate information. Since he's saying that that came into effect people who have been falsely accused. Or read or considerations a poor rob metal felt like being involuntarily. Committed to. Yeah hops all those people have been put on the next decade and it's almost impossible to get off. And they don't have anything that is wrong with them what they have been reported as such there on the next check and they can't buy a player. It seems all the conversation right now is regarding big guns themselves and gun control and really not a lot on mental health at TC that too. Yup that's it I mean the person is nothing is dangerous. There's in my opinion. Unless it is yielded by a person who is not what problems the challenges. No gun as a weapon unless issues and hostile manner and the statues and pastoral manner unless somebody who is evil or mentally deranged is pulling the trigger. Would you agree though that it's near impossible. He detects everybody who would fit that description. The question it is and what would that be buddies solution be to let everybody gets take a psychiatrist and they emanate before they're allowed to do anything. I mean good grief which. It's just something that if you take one. Small incident. And I I'd say a small incident. Mathematically net that it was never understand. But if you take their warned small incidents. End. Extrapolate that to eighty million people and shape because it is crazy person. That's something that award and discovered ensure they had because there were numerous opportunities to crucial. That is just plain wrong. 99 and three quarters percent of the gun owners in the United States use him responsible. They should we have them we have a constitutional right. And it's just plain wrong to take that away from them because of well an incident. That it affects some one quarter of 1% of people in America. Do you think did all of this and we're witnessing right now it's kind of like a knee jerk reaction to it. More tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.