Tricia Mangan and 'the weather' in Pyongchang 930in716 February 12, 2018

Monday, February 12th

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Her kids 930. In 716. Baby it's cold out there. In two young Chang with the wind chill at times it was negative ten negative twelve degrees but it was the fifty mile an hour winds that made it it's terrible for. Spectators and athletes but does it compare to the frigid cold we get here in buffalo from time to time. Derbies own Tricia mangan who is awaiting her competition says. You bet. I think given to win gave the go back them like the record. Cold temperature in February. And I would say one of those caucuses is pretty sporadic here and less open than there is. That means is that they really cold and actually we've got we'll get thought. Frigid wind in buffalo. Hi yes that wind it's exactly what led to the postponement of Mankins competition in the women's giant slalom racing and some problems with some other events too. Those same winds postponed men's Alpine skiing. More from Trisha shortly on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting. While the biggest winter athletes in the world are changing their tactics in just trying to stay safe and up right in the frigid temperatures and swirling winds around young Chang. Low temperatures have covered from the single digits to below zero at times. Was strong gusts of wind making it. Feel even colder I it's critical weekend each morning on WB ENN Susan and Brian checking in live from Yung Chang. With Alex Stone. It's luckily looks like it's gonna start there warming up. But now over the weekend especially yesterday. With the wind chill at times it was negative ten negative twelve degrees but it was the fifty mile an hour winds abated so terrible for. Spectators and athletes and I know you guys so called weather. But after the fifty mile an hour winds made it very difficult. For that the competitors and that's why the Alpine skiing has been delayed until later in the week and now already the International Olympic Committee is getting questions of what if what if they have to delay more events can't get the man I and then have to extend the Olympics because they can't fit them into. The time frame up ending in just under two weeks he would Vienna and in the Olympic Committee saying. We don't wanna go down that road that's not having me wanna think about they they think that they built in enough wiggle room in the schedule to be able to postpone things to move it around. I'm the that would be a very tough thing to do. Stay in the Olympics you know we've already seen some medal events in the one thing that I keep wondering is you watch some of these medals ceremonies or at least you think it's gonna be a medal ceremony and then. Instead of a metal. Their hand did like a stuffed Teddy bear or something what's the deal with that. He had a stuffed animal that is a striped tiger. And that tiger is the ad the protector of South Korea now that that's not the medals ceremony wet what normally would be the medals ceremony. I use that what you're see and at their at the at this site of where they have just one. They're given that stuffed animal is congratulations. And then every night there is a medal ceremony the one tonight was just held here. I eat there right now is almost 10 o'clock at night on on Monday night. Ion and every evening they have a big ceremony and in of park area and open area fireworks shoot off their bands playing his music. They've created kind of a party atmosphere that's where they actually get their mettle but did that the first thing they get. That little stuffed tiger and yet you see it you think. While they just want an Olympic gold medal their redhead at some looks at it came out of that you know the clobber you Chucky cheese but that that's what they get first. I don't claim diplomacy. Alex we hear that dumplings are really hot over there. They are they're they're very popular as he is at fried chicken and beer is the other big thing that it of people liked it to sit around and effort taking in but. Now on the dumplings side we went to the the dumplings restaurant today where a lot of people have been going and the older show. I he says that he's that athletes people think governor talked to about. North and South Korea and and he says it that he feels like and they'd eat this season from talking to a lot of folks there's a real openness to try to figure out. We're reduce new. Apparently growing relationship is going to ago. Is it just Hayes of the Olympics and then then their relationship to their building goes away is it something more. Nobody really knows and and what's the impact going to be with the US and north Koreans went back to North Korea yesterday. I'm and they have been on there state broadcaster talking about what a great experience it was that at their opening up dialogue that they think that the South Koreans may come and visit them in North Korea. This is something we haven't seen you know long long time many decades and any kind of diplomacy like this going on. And again nobody knows what it's gonna mean for the that the US US relations with the north US relations with the south. A lot of unknowns right now about what's unfolding others are skeptical. They think it's Kim Jung who enters playing that the US and South Korea payouts what's the big event in the next 24 hours. Whether it don't want a lot of folks are going to be paying attention to his Khloe Kim on the verge out possible Goldie in the half pipe. She had a phenomenal qualifying round earlier today. Eyes and so confident so relaxed as she was qualifying to between runs she had time to tweet out that as she had a real craving for a screen that says that she couldn't wait to get some ice cream. That she hop right back on their and and got back to it. We got all completely ready and got up this hill and then. And then we got a got good as crazy winds and that and it kind of running out there it can't all like to another date. Imagine that emotion waiting for that moment that Olympic competition and then a delay a postponement. But derbies Tricia mangan is taking it all in stride and spending time continuing to train and some much needed quality time with her family visiting to witness her Olympic moment. It was kind of like. A it was almost like gap and I took the pressure off the that. I could consider it. Because there was a lot of conflict in total book and everything go according to British and does it tell hearing is that he has yet all hyped up and everything in bad. Canceled so I'm happy to have become more rain and they'll look really looking forward to facing updates that. You mentioned training I mean it's not just a one day delay you've got a few days here are what are you gonna do when that time. Yeah and it. Aimed towards yet on the hill. Well how to recover a bit they would do it myself. Some much needed lead to rest and then the next two days ago. I'm train and then resent placed. It's Patricia are you practicing on the same hill that your racing and for the competition. Failure you're not allowed history that same hole but it sounds as loud and so you know it in the area and down. Interpreted that the exact aimed at qwest which is that cave get on something similar on. In the middle of all of this training are you able those soaking in the Olympics and all you know taken some of the other events. I'm yeah I would actually if you loved. To relive those group I guess today locked arms dealers across the with the family and form. Into the team yesterday out and and yet talked to a lot bunch the other athletes so that's it that it like kind of get his weekend should be able to take that and. What's it like to have your family over there with you. It's a lot so I'm really good. Think that they could come and I have seen some of them very until I'm tired and how this all together I think didn't understand. And for October so it really let stand on. Those so grateful that they can go making it. Yet were you thinking maybe that wouldn't happen because she got the call so late. Then. Yes. I'd is that they all wanted to be there and say I was really involved in there. Landing but I knew it. I knew that they would try to make it happen is that good possible they would make it happens so. I'm it was cooler. What a week is spent for you I mean it was just a week ago that you learn that you made the team and you're heading Auburn South Korea are right. Yeah yeah exactly we actually and. It feels like go longer but at the same time it got real quickly. As is goes so quickly but are you trying to make sure that you're able that it kind of stop enjoy the experience as much as she can. Yeah yeah I hear me. And there is this what they wanted those moments. Today was another walk and even went around Helen. The nation's. You get out of the World Cup let it sit. Yet just stop and while yeah made it as the author of Billy. Have you seen any other events at the Olympics are hasn't happened time for that. I actually haven't gone to any yet. Well look the because there hasn't been attacked. And focus on training and because it was the great. It wouldn't have made since select your country. And I think it is so watcher. You mentioned training with some of the other nations can you describe a little bit what the competition is like is it a friendly rivalry between nations and between skiers say is it theorists say do you not talk to each other you know how does that all go down. Yet so. What. Felt better here. Our the World Cup circuit then they'll know each other it at each other all year round. And that same goes I know last broke out. I know you're so I'm. Couple of them that they don't see them here and I would say. It's definitely more veteran chipping and and then the younger side of the good that I know well there. She made that used to be very front of everybody and it street from grand a year traveling all year around. So that every event and even though they competition they're all. You can probably shared respect for how much will you opening it and tell. Yeah I could go on Katrina activated thank. I'd imagine that bonds stronger when you're talking about some your team USA teammates but you're still competitors at the end of the day. Yeah. And my teammate they're all around. So don't quote friend and I am so so thankful to how it's not a routine because it be a lot less thought they were. With me are you proud and they are very competitive but there. Like if I don't do well and good for people I want to do well and there's a lot. A lot of other competitive goes out there it says not like we're just competing against each other for extra seconds they are likely though that. There is. How other girls out there to be so that's not to let you Britney I think that kind of helped bring their competitive. Edge down with what team that is there a little bit of that race and. Sure you know attrition via extreme weather that we keep hearing about in South Korea. How thick compared to a buffalo winter. Hub is in very cold. I think given to winters ago about him like the record. Cold temperature in February. And I would say one of those caucuses is pretty sporadic here and let open several areas. That means is that they really cold and actually we've got we'll get thought. Frigid wind in buffalo. Let insistent. He called deputy that he. Sure well do you feel the buffalo of where you are do you know how much support in Western New York is is here for you. Yes I do so well all. Yeah I can't believe it I do know that so we'll have some of the best looking about that so I've made preceded and our. Stay tuned more from Trisha and the mangan solve this week as her competition unfolds. Back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.