Transgenders In Sports,6/13 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, June 13th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. First we are going to honor the fact that we 63. I think popular pet. But you know I will never get a proclamation would marriage drama that's a no one cares or will we hear. It's Tom Bauer Leahy 150. Go into it but I will say that yes. Volley ability 63. I'm heavy hitters just came out you know says they're proud to be sixty they're really. Good golfer. You don't like the PGA tour golfers like humanity is 63 in the masters like well. Look you know this your golf and got into the hourly and they'll be. How are dull but on news radio 930. Yes so what does that transgender movement you know something funny happened on the way to the forum. In the very liberal state of Connecticut guess what. A couple of kids decided. Well what we were born his boys don't identify with being women's so we're transgender. And they competed in the girls' field and track and low ball the trends genders swept the official. Who what I guess that would happen. Delightful that happened and can advocate by the way keep an eye out for the weather. We get to the mentally whether bearing down on us and if you see traffic and weather going to Helena hand basket you can text us at 3093030930. Is the calm before the storm and hammers you end up. They're about it's leading edge now looks a good start across into the Niagara Frontieres or parties or keep this up to date on that and that. I don't know if anything outside tonight is going to be affected by the weather. But you know try to look you know as best as we find out so. There is actually it petition going around now in Connecticut which is getting wide support. At least for Nadal are. Until of course the shame in campaign a social media starts against people were signing the petition that athletes should have to compete. By birth gender no words though this trans gender. I sense you compete by birth gender if you're born a boy you compete as a boy if you're born a girl you compete as a girl. Now there is going to be all kinds David I'm sorry but you know I'll be social universe world operates. You know all that the that you know that anybody who dare stand up for women in this meet two era over the transgender interloper is is gonna be called all kinds of things. It's a ridiculous that we have to like those are ground these are the people they give us terms and conditions that are fifteen pages long. There's always a problem we afterward every would you buy a product now. Everything has to be explained. In the terms and conditions what is going to happen this product you what you're gonna do with the steamer. Christina sure with it not to be mate would details. Don't don't try to make dinner with the streamer that you know will not open envelopes and reduce them like talking about it steamer what it would do would. 85 pages you now have to explain that we're gonna plea gain based on the gender you were born. But David you in the play you know what's coming anybody who gets behind this movement is gonna make people compete according to the gender to which they were Boren is gonna be called. Yeah taller and big it. Hate filled blah blah blah. Yeah it does point out the great contradiction would change genders though. Is that it if you're going to save the utopia. Is that nobody cares about gender. Then why did you have to change yours. If you're if it's shocking that a man wants to be a woman. Then it's got shocking that a man can be a man who just acts like a woman. Why do you have to look like a one. That to me is the most ridiculous thing the ball but if it's truly from the inside and and gender doesn't matter than just be that guy that thinks he's a sorrow if your kid is born as a boy should your kid have to compete against other boys if you're kid is born as a girl what do you and your kid have to compete only with other girls would you piece you're competitive guy you get competitive with your kids to like every other proud father does who wouldn't. Want their kids to do the pastor the first place and I try to undermine them and every terror if you'll went to a track and field means at your daughter got not just be. By transgender talk in these kids got smoked by these kids. I mean it was it was even though it was very hot they dominated the female field. Dominated. What do you should I be your daughter at that obviously you know why you still the fastest. Each year original identified gender. You know how do you even compete with that well. See if it's very difficult because said the message see what my fear is is that the message in the media and the message at school will be. If you speak up against this as being unfair. Are narrow minded bigot. You've got no place in our school or New York State. I mean honestly though that's. How much of this does it take before. You know. Again and I did you don't even see harmony inside the movement. There's harmony that movement for democratic coalition built and you know African Americans and lesser after the party the go to church. And Eric you know they identified with the defeat you god and they believe that marriage between a man or woman under god. Do evangelical. African Americans disagree with the white evangelicals. View on marriage are you trying to sell me that just because black people register and vote Democrat. That they see gay marriage the same way that those Democrats see it because they don't know polling showing you that. A Bible they're going to church in their odd marriage between a man and a woman. Hear that message is not changing little save Barack Obama. The British is instantly changed 2000 years worth the page advocate what was Barack Obama what it would help. Happening though is rather than to be acting you know to be taken seriously as a movement. You you. You're you're turning the entire country. And I am sorry but where we're going to hit a bubble with this reason. Than ever it would just completely. I'm not doing that anymore we did in the early thoughts we pretended that you or girl but now we're just like get out of. The way of my car I don't care how you do it what you Wear bright a personal level I want women out of men's rooms. I'm sick of it I'm sick of CNN and a lot of stop and I wanna stop now. I just don't I'd rather I'd rather have the most follow all Porta potty in the world. That I have shifts in the measurable all the why do women and why why do you think women are playing Major League Baseball team that a woman cannot throw a baseball. Is that how you tell me that female softball fast pitchers are not doing incredible things of that ball. I mean fast pitch Koppel is no joke they do you know. What you're telling me at an eight year old girl throwing a baseball at by the time she's 22. Could not compete as a Major League female pitcher. Well. I think that's ridiculous that the bigger portion of the bigger question is is when do men start getting into what is now women's softball. And because of having more upper body strength when they went they rob that sport from from women like they've robbed track and field in Connecticut how what's what's happening David the underlying issue here is. Women's athletics will be destroyed. There will be no place for your dollar to compete anymore bitterly because they're gonna be going up against boys who think the girl. You reverend John McEnroe got in trouble selling his book he's on the book tour and he said that Serena Williams the best player at the time in the world. Would could may be beat the number 400 man in the world. Just because. I'm male tennis player serves at a 125. And a female does not get you know it's a totally different game at that level. They vilified him they took off the booked for John how dare you say that what is going on here. I mean that the movie came out where Billie Jean King the anniversary of Billie Jean King playing. Bobby Bobby. He rig Robbie I think they they basically say they aren't thought Bobby Riggs after it was well past his prime put put operatives Billie Jean King in her prime the media dubbed the battle of the sexes predictably Billie Jean King one. Newbie like putting George Carlin up against Bob Hope and a stand that contests well the well neither would win now let's get the point where I. Again though it's it's we have definitely gotten to that spot though and were very close. I mean look at what how is this nonsense being received California they're like we don't wanna be associated with the use. Cities in the craziness that's around Al play in New York pork and everything else. They're voting to separate. I mean the more you push and the more. These sort of by the Petri dish of social experiment continues the more people are going to say. I don't pay for that now not funny anymore and a pool you're in Erie county holding center and you want transgender surgery. To our what do we don't hear Aaron back to jail in dark tunnel Wanda he's got a girlfriend twenty years younger than himself. All right Gerri so anyway it doesn't sound like you guys have a lot in common but it's great to call the show and tell us how much older you are. What is important is he about the millennial let me exploit it how to figure that night and I thought that was and immediately show you guys were kind of I don't do them at fifty year old old guy on the lake City Hall he can get these days. What you've accurately pretty. Or two word more corporate open and of all you know. But we can learn a lot how millennial and I think bullet bills can learn a lot from us I think if you blended the best of colonials and the best of older people you'd ever pretty kickass think how old is your girlfriend. She's in third to particulate so it was kind of cool and then go from what you're probably. A year but now she does it early what are your company and there and into its old world. Because I've achieved in this group work that you hope. He's he should do but I think. You like I'm decidedly yeah. I don't know I'm questioning. What I would give you it's a huge difference between 39 in nineteen. And fifty and thirty you know that that's a totally. You know societal differences get a big difference like an eighteen in five. Society frowns on men robbed us and we've we've definitely on the no that's why why should be proud of the fact that he found love how did you meet first. We haven't that they would I mean your topic and an end Dave you've got to stop that. Arm what's it gonna take you know what unfortunately I think everything was water find a more level actually a big collection felt that the market is a lot. Let thirteen foot fault not man Obama Girl all let it happen and then it what you want to wish for because you. I'm sure gonna have a fatality. Someone's gonna die and seriously there's no way that earth you can do that. Please I. 30930. Something very interest. And I mean you can see this one company in Connecticut little liberal left wing Connecticut. Good body basically goodbye girls feel track because you know along came a couple of trends genders saying. Well we were born boys. We're gonna compete against the girls and the girls get squeezed out of any hope of winning the track and field event the two transgender is basically swept the field and now there's a petition in all places in Connecticut. Her urging him. The cut a competitive sports to be played. According to your birth gender not according to what you think you are or identify as but according to your birth gender. And that is one of the most absurd. Act. It's absurd it's ridiculous and that's where we're at. And honestly I think we're gonna get this will correct itself. Because this gets to the point where the outrage and there it's going to cost money and that's what we get serious when you start investing money. Into people's. You know. Whatever their delusion is. Debit I'm sorry but the games are over. Well that's it looked to me it's just intrinsically unfair. 22 females is intrinsically unfair to girls in a lot of sports and this is gonna have the effect it has little if this is allowed unfettered. It will essentially do away with the chance that girls have to compete in an environment where you can actually be competitive. Let's go to. Scott in Williams real IWBM Scott. Time mr. Columbia undergo one I would talk your greener and my question is what does the IOC. I would be being the international Olympic they're gonna start allowing. Now the army boys and see. Now they've they've they've actually been very outspoken about it much too. They've been unpopular to be honest with the with their decision which is very similar to this one you. You are unfortunately what you're born jazz is what you UPS. Then shouldn't we be filing suit with what the International. Olympic Committee designated as a I don't know form of competition that. Just following comments out of your favorite about what the IOC says of these kids are fifteen years although it's gone the Olympics and just try to run around the track and migrate. I agree on what you're saying I mean that the IOC. They don't hate transgender people they just have different girls. Transgender people can compete in the Olympics they just had to do it. In this acts that they were born in fact but you know what he's got through saying that they they took a lot of flak for that in the fact that they've got to take flak for that and spent any time at all defending this position is indicative that we are in some very sick and some very wet though I've. It is violently and all of via a news radio 930 WB year. She battled colon. It's. Great if I had thirty WBE. This. Is out of this is a story I say from the entirely foreseeable unpredictable department. But nobody wanted to listen back when we're talking about it. The amount of all places the very liberal state of Connecticut. The problem happened they had girls. And they had track and field. But. To trend genders. Born boys but now identifying those girls there kind of swept up all the competition. And they walked away as the big winners and the girls of the state of Connecticut. They walk away the big losers David. I I don't see how alive again. How long visa's gonna take for change to occur I guarantee is going to be rules about this is they're never gonna go through. This experience again it's Bruins the entire intent it's always gonna have. A disadvantage why not let 32 April people participate in JV track and field. While because you're not in high school you're not in junior high school you can't compete in and turn them and analysts are all in school okay. So why are boys and girls separated to begin. Because there's a difference. With this just societal construct it well again there's no point. If you wanna have a separate transgender. Olympics when you do that you don't that might be fun. Are there it is fun but I'm just stated I wanna had to have transgender is played soccer we can do that but you'll have to betray his genders were born. Girls but that her boys and then another one for the boys that report boys but think they're girls or east Germany who we just take steroids all the women. Jimmer how huge like the east and with the Communist before they were tested for steroids. The female athletes from the eastern bloc were unbelievable. I mean there were just muscular. And it was two member that would await your name. I remember I was gripped it in English and and they were all women of course but they were just on race amounts of steroids Communist blob that. But again I'm sorry about. We live in an Arab David where. If the International Olympic Committee takes grief because they are saying that athletes must compete according to the gender to which they were born. If they're taking grief over this won't be tied the people of Connecticut who signed this petition because you know and I know that they are going to be absolutely it act by the far left and transgender movement and social media bureau we should aiming they'll be boycotts or early next thing you know chick always gonna get dragged into it. Asia. You have to apologize for where you eat look shame is really the pot that's why you're not supposed to do things society doesn't want you to do is normally Shane went along way. You know par and handicap spot the shame of being photographed at the shame of so when CU. You know get out of a car when there's nothing wrong. Well that's that's got edited tricky area there which were gonna get into momentarily but let's get huge alone in buffalo on WBE. Adam Jones severe thunderstorm warning until 11 o'clock for the entire Western New York region Iran. I yes I wanted to comment on this current nonsense. Over the transgender issue that male and female and women and men and boys and girls. Men and women were made to complement each other and it's complement within he. It's not compete with each other. And if it goes against the laws of nature. And it's I think it's just all part. But this current political correctness that we are living through as nonsense. We seem to create problems and trouble where they sit. But it's getting worse it's not getting better and we are becoming more insane as the country now more saying as a country that were even talking about this week were able. Legitimately. Have to think to myself OK how much am I gonna drink tonight because god forbid I have the PE because there's about a twenty to 50% chance to be standing there and a budget chicks are gonna come in the men's room. Well why did that start to become reality. At some point I think it's safe for going through like a lot of bassist. And biggest frankly I think that got too much time on our hands whereas very very fortunate society. And rather than enjoying as we take advantage out. And I think that eventually. Is gonna forget my raspy voice packet of cold. Eventually I think it's going to be a terrible terrible backlash and it isn't going to be pretty. Figured you start to see that. I mean honestly it's not like you're if you're some cosmic order that's been upset here. It's it's what you're saying is. No community no culture ever likes it. When one person says hey. I want to be treated better. Nobody likes that. I wanna be treated equal we should be treated equal but what we have to make waves and everyone has to accommodate the needs. Of the few you think can win and that's equality you want something in a deep dish. They want parity want equity you don't. Think it's because they're asking for a special bathroom. They want special privileges nobody else has that. There are there's we treat people they came here we give them a sign language person at a counter. And say you know we don't we don't give them special ear protection or the you know the written down requirements of what's going to be on the cops we think of yourself. And all of this started with the bathroom issue with transgender it could have been lifted about very easily in the school. Both and says being sensible. That maybe they should do about it there is eighty but what a teacher's lounge. I'm sure they have a facility in the teacher's lounge. The white Jewish students who might have been. Transgender. That it uses teachers of the facilities in the cages while and that would have been the end of it. But instead we have a great big brouhaha over. As we do every. All right. John I mean look I obviously I agree with you and you know it's I don't know again Mahony people have the it's the same experience but ever since his bathroom issue came up. The men's room is no longer the men's room and a lot of places and I find it absolutely disgusting. Well they did they get I have kept a note Senegalese to a men's room. And I don't watch in the men's room collection Venus likewise genome. It would also achieved both I I like that felt the whale. Don't know penis for Joan but don't hit. But here's here's what I'm saying though went when it went it wouldn't be would occur when you have to explain the rules. And it's like eight in the game no cleats and a metal cleats that can hurt kids and use a lot of leisure. Yeah we we don't want to when I can use wooden bats because they can break in resplendent in her acute. Owen and make sure everyone playing is the same sex they were born just seems like a real waste of time the have to put that. In rules and terms and conditions. Of every league across America do not some personal water this product was not designed for submarine use a lot to ever. Of that culture that we're living it and frankly. I hope we put a lid very very soon. This is getting tired so it's getting is that. I'm the way. A little bit irritated at some of mine who were Whitman who will pull this crap a few weeks ago at a place the place design and facilities for females and they pull the same crap is that up we identified as well and they took over the measurement system that their presence. Well I yeah. Now you're word my friend. Had a I don't know how Jones take is on a bathroom issue but what when you talk about transgender. Folks. It really is it's just not the way. I don't understand how this is even if you get in them eager to William thoughts you most honest moment. You are not. I've added equals my most. Just moments David just did every time from now on this woman in the bathrooms oh I feel like a man I'm gonna go to the men's room next. To go into the woman is your article all over the seat. But you cannot save that a man and a woman. In eight athletic event are equals though if there are no well why are there no women in the NFL. Don't know women blade. Male basketball we have separately because they've set different attributes and by the way that's coming they can't play basketball and they can't entertain that got. They can't. Right men and women can do this they could all play basketball competitively and bull entertain you and take your money. But to say that I'm an average female professional and an average male professionals are you kidding me are we explaining this well. Stupid it but the thing is David that society has gotten stupid we've we've lost common sense. We we've lost any kind of intelligence we had a mean what we actually have to have serious debates about what is a boy and one as a girl. I'm sorry we're we've got way too much time on her hands were really we have come a long long way there was a time when a white person didn't want to be treated by a black doctor. There was a time 18 mailed to about wanna be treated in hospital by female. Dinner but there has been evolution. In society. There have been some dark times and times were fair there was times of without equality. But what we're hearing from our our people that are being lectured that. Are you telling me that transgender people are asking for civil rights. Is that is that the next movement that we're gonna march on Washington and try to get its. You're gonna compare that to the way African American to retreat in America. Up. People so what are we know we're transgender. Is pre 1960 through. Your NASA to. As we think that there's a copycat effect when there's a school shooting. Per I think that's I think that the the the hope Bruce Jenner thing. I think it is. It. I honestly believe that the whole Bruce Jenner Caitlin gender thing. Made a lot of very confused kids a lot more confused and you know we heard very little about. Transgender. Children. Prior to Bruce Jenner Caitlin Jenner and I think it's a case of monkey see monkey do. And it's an old expression I'm not referring to Bruce Jenner as Easton. The rain start to come into the area and I've not yet heard anything about the canal side concert there tonight. Don't know if it's are gonna come offer enough. This looks like it could be that heavy rain you know long periods that you wind in there it's never fun but. How sometimes this is what makes summertime fun. Well. I would make it different because people who. Have been at work all day people want to recreate themselves and you know we have a finite number of evenings in May June July August and September when you can spend about sideshow if we must have rain doesn't have to hit right in the middle of everything public just sent to me it's such a fruitless exercise to complain about whether. You know with what what can I possibly do about whether. Do I mean it's a bad every gag out of work of others that balance to continue our dance you know what are we gonna go though got to pray for clouds and others sign it well let's put it this way there's rain and then there's damaging storms you know complete with the winds of any claims a tree is down and a Virginia and prospect in buffalo nobody hurt. But it cars efforts of Bruce's. That it more than bruises Albert you know thank god everyone's OK what am amazed at. We don't. These are the trees that probably took damage to storms ago that we covered. Or maybe it was the flooding that makes that the root systems super you know and and then the next storm or or just them. Maybe at 25 mile an hour breeze knocks over a tree because that knockout blow was done two years ago when the root system died. And now it's just drift would hang out. Yeah. We say a few dragging or you're a fine place to park some places is going to be more and more difficult than other places. He got to use your common sense. When deciding where you're gonna put your car. Daylight today if you gotta drive way if you bought a house you or did you fall by how she loved this beautiful old three. And you just never think you know pets. Loved ones who think that three or anywhere near home. I want frosts what does it Norwegian people and do it 2006. I looked at tree and I knew you know what. We are so overdue for some really heavy snow or ice storm I am taking this tree down circuit drifter with a roof on. And a lower hole that. That was the year of the October surprise storm. And I will carry that had not taken that tree down I am 90%. Sure would have ended up in my bedroom. So actually pretty good move or saved from your. There's that.