Transgenders In Sports,6/13 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, June 13th

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News radio 930 WB ENOK. So save a gusty in Florida and arrest is made. Douglas Michael Nickerson his girlfriend. Crystal June methane. It's Tom Bauerle who just would have did more quality yes I'm going with crystal the it up Bartley is great at this stage in David Bellamy aperture is greater crystal meth was arrested for possession of crystal meth what was it's the hourly and Olivia I believe that a president from. Moments when I'm unique and well on news radio 930 WB. Involvement. We got a tremendous show in store for you today it is early and all of it in effect we have so many incredibly awesome. Are awesome topics that I think that we've almost guaranteed that that storm the 2% to rural Ontario right now I think we can guarantee that because we have so many great topics today that the minute we get to them and the minute the show gets momentum that big storm is gonna hit and everything is gonna go to hell and and basket. Thank you Sean Murphy for dealing with yours and I'll post. We have an inside joke your radio stations sometimes I forget to bring my headphones on your usually kept it out you know and now it is not a secret joke at all it's it's just blows. Which might not know it you don't do this for a living there is four day. And it is in fact is something that requires arduous preparation and David and we do a whole you know. We could probably. Broadcast. Our prep our. On FaceBook and probably get more listeners than rush it would be totally un filtered it and it's funny as hell and the artist. There may be some F bombs that are used in our preparation before the show. And I know our bombs in the many texts and conversations we have before we actually get that is the face but David. And I'm trying to cut that you know things have Bob's I was thinking about. Our conversation and all that. Conversation. I think that should be we told New Year's resolutions. More accepting to be whatever were bad. Sheen is not something that we should and it's okay. Went week house we do it for comedic effect I am an 80% of the time we're doing it for comedic effect on the seat of bad example. But I was gonna say I think we are trying to convert the bass player think it happens too often it's. It's never a good thing. Well. I don't out of respect for you I won't try it super for me if I'm trying to cut down on the number of times I dropped the F bomb in our repertory our house that at least on the air. And the year after that if this is my friends this is a minor miracle and an of them can understaffed and how I've gone 37 years and I've never ever ever cross that line. And before we get too far in The Today Show David I think. We need to take some time to acknowledge what is a remarkable achievement in this absolutely insane business. It is. It's not that is unprecedented but it is so. On commonly rare that it really deserve special acclamation. And sandy beach. Fifty years in broadcasting will be celebrated. Nine to noon here on news radio 930. WB yeah and the business of being Friday now if I know the place and the is and I think I duke as I've listened to him for years. Friday's nine to noon show is going to be one for the ages so I mean. But for all age is but it'll be it'll be an epic show. Sydney beach neither noon every day but Friday is gonna be huge because it will mark. Half a century. Of his being on the radio and you know the funny thing is said he's older and I am but I think he's a junker that I do. And I think he's more depth in a lot of ways that I am so sandy beach night the noon this Friday fifty year anniversary we are very excited about it here at the repair station. And you know many of you are aware of this but I I just wanna mention it there were a lot of days. When sandy was going through chemo and this was this was recently. Where he was working during chemo and I want to tell you so confident if you have ever known anybody on chemo and all of the other. Treatment modalities. That can really play a number on your head it can play at number on your body. And for sandy beach to have the cut that kind of dedication when he could've just been sitting on his half moons and milking it for all the work like I tried to do with my heart surgery. It just it piece speaks the level of professionalism. That sandy beach pads. The man lives for showbiz and he is a great exemplar. But everything that is good read and write about this particular crappy business you know they don't take them likes Andy anymore. And I'm glad that the radio station is going to be giving sandy. Basically a nine a three hour tribute but I know that we're going to be talking about all Barry. For fifty years on the radio and I personally think that what I congratulate. I'm sandy beach and we. I don't yet know why I do I have a a deep respect not only for fifty years by. Dick it's the quality of the work and it's also how. Different it was there a lot of entire career this is not a guy who just has been doing talk shows when he started. This was one of the nation's not I mean. That signal fifteen to. Went all the way to Texas. I mean when sandy beach and Jay and never in these guys were on the air they were talking to more than Buffalo, New York. They were dominating in Buffalo, New York but they are reaching people all across the country. And scoring interviews. Literally you can put that on the whole thing like The Beatles the pay and literally John Lennon on the follow on with. At a time he needed sandy beach The Beatles needed to do an interview with CBP this is absent cellular records these this is thinking Beatles. So it went so when you're at that low and then you are able to Angola and judgment and do other stuff like that. If your cat like Mickey who knows aptly enough. Forty years with properly pretty much you know teach you how to to talk radio formats are on it but again. I am in a spot that I don't think anyone in the United States could say. That they have a galaxy any beach in the morning. With fifty years and all that he's done. Pick the top are going to basically teach you how did this. Stupid stupid worthless job well and whatnot it's really it's really an honor for me because you guys have gotten. Using the bats that an event that's weird I think and habits every. Ever talked to him about this by parliament to talk as well we actually I've met a few times over the course. Up and yeah you know we've had our problems but that's ancient history it's ancient history market totally in history don't worry about forget about it. Wish him sincerely nothing but the best and be ball and health issues the same time and there's nothing like that. To just put everything into perspective so. As far as I'm concerned we're totally at peace and everything you're hearing is 100%. Since. But said he doesn't know this but what else yet. I would listen can be radio religious. And that would include steady beach include guys like Jim Quinn a percent Jim again. Up and I were talking about way back in the day and those KB disc jockeys were music eyes and one of the things that said he does not get enough credit. I went from being a news guy to talk show host that is a much or natural transition and then sandy beach being able to go from being a disc jockey. Okay ought to being an opinion it did talk show host every bit as talented as Don Imus. And and kind of followed in in many respects the same kind of trajectory. So an indication just joining us senate is still alive and well the at the end. Yours is a long time to do anything and when you have a funeral business that's been around for fifty years and yeah that's an institution. Yeah in America where our buildings are eighty years old and we're thinking we should put historical landmark here. You know and our front yard because our house was built before 1950. Get a guy who's been around for fifty years is. And at the levels of rape you you mentioned before but it. Yeah I remember went to it was I want a 2.5. That was like how. Hybrid of music and talk yes but it wasn't this it wasn't three hours of doing you know and so is one thing to be like. It's been some records and eat the bad talker but to literally be going in and and clean out and being number one and what to do everything you do it's yeah credible. While we we just want them at more talk about this in and shows that were going to be dual enemy and on Friday I'm sure we're gonna mention it a lot out but you definitely want to be listening to sandy beach everyday accord between night and noon. But this Friday in particular the fiftieth anniversary of his career in radio. It is extraordinary. It is remarkable it is absolutely. Amazing. And you know his jingle says awful I said he's on the year make in buffalo for proud. He's bigger than life and twice as loud like muffed up the lyrics there but long story short you'd definitely wanna hear that show and one of my attire. My favorite moment was sandy beach which illustrates his dedication to this profession and his radio station news. Long time ago we have area a talk show host on a night named rob Dobson Iran Dobson. And what happened was I was listening and it was the night for whatever reason this radio station went down to like 100 watts of power. We've yet we became like a glorified RadioShack now the option is here by himself all right. Sandy comes back to the building to help rock and out. I'm listening and I'm like all right I'm on my way so what happened was two two and a half hours of essentially battle of the talk show hosts. Two and a half hours with 100 watts of power worker with Dobson say and the and yours truly actually gets TDs that at all but he just finished a three hour shift. But there was no way he was gonna just leave on the to flail you don't basically by himself which is Albuquerque difficult thing to do so again. Many many years to come but sandy beach the tribute show. Fifty years that's were celebrating on Friday from nine until noon and you know what. David every one of those days sandy has identified with being a man. I remember when this whole transgender issue came out people are saying point it was a weird transaction. But I remember when this whole transgender issue came out and sure enough exactly what we talked about is actually happening and it's happening in a lot of different places fit into the mistake that is as liberal as New York State that adjoins New York State in fact the state. Were a lot of a lot of the top towns and villages are basically bedroom communities of New York City here's a letter here it's starts with a C. And it ends with a TD in Connecticut. Connect OK yes connector kit. There's a joke in their bit it would be very imprudent to make it at this particular point in our nation's history. So long story short it's a very blue left leaning state okay. But there's a little problem David when you've got a daughter. Who lives. Breathes and eats track and she has been training as a girl for as long as she has been a competitive at the and along comes a boy saying while I identified with being a war. And the boys it's clean up the girls track. Do you think that this isn't any way shape or fear. Any way shape or form. Failure to young girls or or or high school girls college girls because I will tell you I do not because science tells us believe it or not folks this might not a politically correct but men and women the last I checked are different. That seems to be that what the problem is you know especially when it comes to we've had this debate before this is the first time it's actually happening at high school level. Maybe. Is in the news where we've heard the the Olympic Committee has already ruled that this is unacceptable they won't tolerate this and police are not the first time this happened was like. Was in the turn of the century where there was a man who who was dressed as a woman who competed in some sort of Olympic event. Very you know and at some place they've dealt with this in the past where people are two to pass as one sexson the other. But I just think when it when it comes to the differences between men and women it's it's it should be celebrated. I mean there are things that men do really well. And there are things that men do horribly. And there are things that women do really well and there are things that women do horribly. I'm not saying that some women can defy the odds and you can get a couple middle linebackers that can be female or goaltenders the National Hockey League Alter what you're not going to find the aggregate of women. To be able to compete at the same level. As the the medium that the average woman. Would not be able to compete in a physical contest with the average me. This is correct and one of the issues David is upper body strength now. As egalitarian. As we like to believe our military is David in terms of PE physical training basic training. Are the requirements the same for females as they are our four males same age same rank same level of service or. Have the requirements been changed and if they've been changed David why were they changed. Well. First of all. We have a a much bigger problems and women in what were formerly male jobs having females do those jobs. Were finding people that just aren't in shape to join the military and this obesity. Thing that we've been hearing about for very long time is affected the military. To where they've changed their standards. Just to bring fat but that's number one. And the second issue of course is how do you tell. Someone who has you know you're taking off the street. And you're saying OK I need you to do 35 sit ups in two minutes. Duffy PL standard has always been adjusted. For the female body. So it's a totally different standard and it's reduced now that doesn't mean that a 25 year old female. We'll have a lower standard than a 55 year old male. Because it it is kind of like occur in Iraq older you get they give you a little bit more of a a bit of a break if you're 45. And you're running two miles the military gave Kutcher break. But now the standard female standard mail are different requirement. Okay and there are reasons for this but ladies and gentlemen. If you know if if the issue is being fair can somebody please explain how what is Payer. Bat girls who have always been girls who were born that way with. With the parts and who identified that way with the parts they are being basically. They are being denied that sports championships. And it's not just with Connecticut track and field it's elsewhere. Because trans genders are coming out of the woodwork. They are so they might be men. Yeah and it is in everything but the way they allegedly identified. And their coming in and they're getting all of the gold medals and and and the silver medals and as you might imagine. There are parents who actually want their daughters to give him do school college and a free ride athletic scholarship. So how can they possibly compete on and on. Even these infield first ball did that through our Gerri Miller and Andre a year would and they were bolts. May Els who competed in track and field. So you just happened to get to individuals who identified. And are now transgender. Cornell competing with the girls in the hundred in the 200 meter dash and winning the championship because I think we're competing it would if they were always so this isn't. It's not as if a random person just joined the track team and sad day. I've never done this before but now that I'm a woman. Let me show you what I can do on the track and field this really track and field athlete who just decide to change bathroom. David if I'm you big issue we have a woman's basketball team okay sports figures are right. Followed by the tournament and okay and they were the sweet sixteen yeah they're Gergen I'll ask don't not a big sports guy but here's what I would do I would recruit. Every guy who is a great basketball player and say you now identify with being a woman. We are going to win the championship. Why not. In every sport. Where you've got a woman's version of the sport just recruit a bunch of dudes get it decide to participate person. I identify with being a woman and you're gonna win the trophy every single time. And as well. And yet and here's here's my concern David. Women are going to be an. Edged out of competitive the ability and the right to compete in sports because of the transgender situation. Here. Like if you took one of a member of the MBA and you put them against five NCAA. Women's basketball players. I'll put my money on those females all day because it's fun. So I don't think that this is like you know a male basketball player is ten times better than their. These are people pay if you can drain a forty foot jump shot it doesn't matter. What level your plane at how I thought baseball to baseball want to be all you know progressive with their politics. You could very easily allow women to pitch in play baseball. Without any sort of issue we have contact with the other person. Would you rather the what why don't why don't they ever do that why can't it why can't a woman kick a football. You're telling me and kick footballs I'm just telling you with the NFL was just you know everyone Wear pink. If they truly wanted to be open why not have women kick footballs well. But the way I look at this David is because no one wants to see well why did the way I look at this the unintended consequence is. There will no longer be any real opportunity for girls and women to compete against each other and have any shot of winning. Or actually getting the recognition they deserve for all the training they put into it I think that this situation I mean if I were about to women and if you respect women and you respect female athletics. My daughter played hockey for five years at a girls' hockey team and it was a lot of fun. We have a reason bubble. And it's Philly and day's stories like this make it heal faster but once that reason bubble pops we all go back to normal and forget the nonsense that last eight years. It's kind of delicious really one of the most liberal states in the country Connecticut at forgot whether Texas Stater commonwealth. And its state of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania commonwealth of project wherever but anyway long story short the parents are very very upset. Because they're little girls are now bigger girls in high school and they're competing in statewide competitions. And here's a problem. For as good as they are as female track and field athletes. They just got smoked by a couple of trends genders sorry how rare is that. And isn't it fascinating that in a meat to world where we want to be more respectful of women. That the best of intentions. And end up having a detrimental effect. The very people who have been so oppressed. And full reward and over the decades they're not even gonna get a fair shot anymore to win track and field. And who knows what else. And you know David there's just. He if you had a school and you were trying to get national recognition. As long as you could find enough guys to say oh yes yes we identify with being women you can win every national title. To which you put your heart to and then the other schools are gonna catch on. And before you know it. Ultimately David. This whole transgender movement because now all you have to do is say you identify. Could have the result of screwing the girls. And the young women of America out of any athletic aspirations. They have and I think that the tragedy. But I don't think he's gonna get that far because again am I mentioning that reason bubble were going to hit critical mass very soon where. You're starting to see trains genders in the transgender movement pushing back I mean there are people that are representing special interest that are same. We don't appreciate this representation. We weren't that nobody took beat just because as. Jenner Bruce Jenner was a famous person. It automatically Bruce Jenner became you know what what's what's her name now Caitlin Jenner. Caitlin Jenner is now the unofficial spokesperson for all of certain people and it's absurd. These aren't this is never the way it was designed to be it was never supposed to be weaponized in your sexuality. So that you can use it for your own gain you know going to a competition of course is can be cute. How to UFC fighter there was a alt a and MMA fighter five years ago. That was running around beating up women. And frail and fox was was turning. Form a man ballas box from hell on fox former man. Transgender woman gifts that you have seen match where she's kicking punching choking with another woman. And and us is yet. Horrified well let it in your bones are differing your fist is different. I'll just say and your ear in the left wing land David blown shouldn't matter and in left wing Atlanta's longest ballot box identifies. With being a woman he is a Clinton. And it. We have totally twisted the definition now of what man is what woman and really just take it dirty little secret and and I I try to mention this as much as I can't. There are a lot look first of all. Point number one I'm extremely close to the gay. Must say the gay community but a lot of gays and lesbians OK I mean if you fight that anymore gay guy friends I'd be powered by our that's how close I am to the gay community. Were it's I shouldn't say community are a whole bunch of gay people from various backgrounds men and women and here's the dirty little secret okay. Along came the letter T. It attached itself. To the gay. Lesbian and by movement and there are a lot of people in the gay lesbian bi movement who quite frankly think that the tees. Are co opting their movement. Happy about it well. And how to respond to what you are asking average rate would be one way or not here's the thing. If if we vaporized by lava and there was a historian 200 years in the future that was writing about our history. We wouldn't they would have to acknowledge that there was a period in time when sexuality became. Touch your gender became a choice. Because how would be able to trust anyone's account. When we don't even know what what the normal eyes. Depending on where you live in the United States depends on how you identify the bill of rights. How do you identify what's a man what's a woman listened your bones get buried. And you're gone for 75 years and archaeologists dig you up guess what you will be determined that. No matter what your choice was either a man or a woman and your boat don't should your DNA doesn't change with the you're not gonna show that all the sudden you. That you the frame that you were born in meant to your excellent or pronounced browse women typically. Wider hip bones pelvis does all the surgery doesn't affect your bone structure and it's never gore I mean. You your. Here's the point. This so this is the game that were all playing world you can go yeah my my cowboys and you're like okay Tamil woman and I am addressing a woman and treat it like a woman. Okay guys that's all we'll go. It's a real. No we actually think you're a woman right. So now you wanna play in the sports thing at what happens all the liberals. You have daughters to. Christian evangelicals. We have daughters we want our daughters did too to be the best they can PP. And now a boy he's running against them that it identified the woman nobody wants that fear. Was set up to be that. That the but David if it is not become what is being hurt anymore it has become a tyranny of the minority and out of tyranny of the majority but it purity of the minority. A miniscule. Percentage of the population. That is imposing itself upon. What I can only call common sense and David one thing about human nature than I though is that if you give people an inch they will take a mile and if you give people the opportunity. Two I get ahead by abusing sampling they will take it infects. We're we're going to be getting into this whole handicapped parking thing coming up in the crackdown on that you know people abuse handicap parking. And it's it's the same thing with this whole gender identification dobbs it's David again you don't Watson you don't see it. As I see it but I am sick and tired. I emphasis ads but that statement is completely true by the way there was no like David you live in a rocking you would never know. Now that's nurture I am absolutely I've had Gupta here with going out and you know what a lot of heat with men. At bats. That's my way it's always admit that's the way it should be bathroom functions are to be divided by gender you don't doesn't do that. Totalitarian countries where they wanted dehumanize people. We should have our expert Torrey functions among a people of our own gender and David I am so freaking sick and tired of every bar now with it and say well it's it's it's legal now. I haven't. And they go into the men's room I'm sorry but I don't want subject and I'm talking to the bar in there. Listening to god knows what coming out of the stall. Phil can you isolate the part where in town said I want a team with men. One to. I don't know if that's just I think women just wanna use the bathroom here where they ago. And then go through this period in the Motorola. And I don't think that's an option transgendered. All I absolutely positively though it started. It increase dramatically. That very weekend it was decided that as long as you identify. With being something you are officially that person. That's when this David I'm telling you there was a player the living you don't believe in the in the old days periodically women would say screw this and they would they would a bit into the woman's room they'd have a woman standing at the door of the boys' room and women would get in the two PE at a bar the minute. We started talking about transgender. That absolutely positively mean there is such a big difference now compared to what it used to be. I mean I've ever accounts are women. Would counseling on the men's room and and the bathroom just doesn't wanna wait in line to give back their seats whatever the case may be. I don't so I asked a woman that walked into the men's room. And here you're referring to like a bar counter referring back to marry yeah referring so if they are or restaurant and I went to that woman said our wire you hear she's yes they can identify as a as a boy. Or do you take that weighs about. She's going to say well because I can now. Because I can now all I have to do is. I identify with this I ask crafty now but but but it's entirely predictable it is absolutely positively. Entirely predictable and never experts that. Really never. Well all I know used there has been a dramatic increase in the number of adjusted people in America claiming to be transgender. Just so they can get into the men's room. Boosting you have had a daughter who's. In sports and for whatever reason. You know your daughter decides to get involved in wrestling. Or she wants to be Taekwondo. Or something that is you know. MM okay perhaps I mean there's a broader Rosie was huge huge it. As a female. Mixed martial art now she's a wrestler she it's a huge iconic name in India you could say economy Gregor and rob are almost. Equals as to what they do for that for UFC. If you're at that level and you're out there working and understanding. Your totally. Don't your craft you're gonna get these kids at that high school age really they're fighting their passion. And attractive field your passion you'll be the best we UB. It's got to be really tough to have to deal. If you could you can't win David duke can't win it's like the way our borders thing is structured we can't will singles if you took a you have to say is let's just make all sports coed you know what happened. Women would never win. I mean I'm sorry but that's exactly the reason why you have girls softball. It's because you couldn't play girls baseball. But that's why it happened. I mean if they allowed girls and boys to play to get you don't think girls would get hurt. You don't think weird things would happen in the locker what is this what are we fighting insects like space Marines went. As a movie you know we're just we're just beg him for all your answer yes Hershey anticipated. Would beg them for all kinds of unanticipated. Consequence what we want I really don't give a rat's ass if this sounds old fashioned but. I want to. Area but with such that this is this is it and this was an on coming cloud to the Turk because I tell you what. Gay people they're not too accepting of the tree in Japan movement ups over. The TP and it happened LP cute little. And out she added that there's a lot lately you're upset but that. The point here is that for the longest time and I'm Americans believe it. That person in each place as to what they were sexually attracted to. That was the common belief in the United States. And over. Whatever you wanna save its Ellen Jennifer storage will and grace or whatever happened people have seen more gay people and become more accepting. And honestly don't care I think really the American people be polled and having more apathy towards. Someone's else's sexuality the main house here at Wright told that that's an inaccurate statement but but but my point is at what point. Does the the central argument of what gay people have been arguing for years that we were born this way. Trees only comes and it says until your born the wrong way and that we want wrote. That work was done by gay people in Hollywood well. We need to break Anders radio thirty WB EA's hourly and bella via cell. This issue of transgender. There's we have boys now competing against women voice competing against girls and that's what. The girls are winning so a real simple question are transgender is going to destroy girls' sports. I mean I'm sorry what girl is gonna wanna get involved in athletics if they know that there's no way to ever gonna win the championship trophy because of transgender boy or transgendered girl added and don't miss anymore they're gonna commitment and we're gonna scarf up all the prizes and if you think this is La La land and imagination land. You might wanna consider looking up some of the articles we put up on the cowardly W FaceBook page this is happening in Connecticut there's a lot of parents who no doubt have good solid liberal left wing credentials who are very upset that the daughters got beat. My boys who decided they were girls as they should be. It's ridiculous. Here is absurd Jerry and north Ottawa and a WB and Jerry. I'd I thought foot putt. I that you guys that have a history arguing you yeah. Well I think your fall and east of some how we appreciate that affected you roll out the window words do something to get out of the wind. Well you know it's funny I'm I'm actually walking into my apartment. Barbara the nerds and it plays out you know what little wind tunnel I'll let that you do a little better. Let's go to a bad anyway so they figure by some football is that really true a lot off that arm. That we're taking you demand bet on our diversity or are now. Absolutely as long as they all you have to do right now is say I identify with being a man you go to the the men's room there has got to keep our arrest owner that is gonna risk a lawsuit by taken women out of there. All I gotta say the magic words I identify with being a man and a covered. I go into not a policy in dotcom bubble at 2 o'clock in the morning with a budget twenty year old girls. I could walk because they're girls bathroom and we'll be in trouble. As long as you say that you identify with being a woman do you think there's a bar owner author of it's gonna run the risk of being sued. Are let. Off on. So. But here's my point you know separated us for the athletic issue I think there's something fundamentally wrong with the world I'm sorry but our whole lifetime except maybe kindergarten. Expert Torrey functions have been in the divided and segregated. Male and female. I'm on the agreement and and I always take the the opt out can't pick a minute and others like to prove my point. So Michael August 20 years younger than me so she started do. And so she fault you bet. Categorically that the more stronger as the more liberal nick and he. All about it all hum. And the return better I used to work at younger girlfriend thing but I heard they don't think transgender at all patron anything that the person that she's one of the people at all. I try than he could deploy an argument. And I think that was great while I agree you are would you be 1% equal level should have the opportunity you have to do this including sports. Mixed martial arts. Are poetic art thought this is not specific call girl baseball and our boy's baseball because we call people that used to be called the ball. Jerry Jerry all and I know that the only reason you called listed publisher for Oprah was twenty years younger than you I get that meant good well done well play we have to break if you want to this coming up after the news for. On newsreel like thirty WB.