Trade War Thoughts - Steve Richardson; GM of Niagara Duty Free


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We talked about the trade spat between the US and Canada and joining us live this morning is Steve Richardson the general manager of Niagara duty free state good morning. Good morning at the impact is this having on your business. Well it's a little early to tell sometimes the have planned to travel change. A little bit later than the news. It'll take little time to digest and Russia the existing plants vs the future plans. So right now we're not seeing anything in the sense of tangible changes. Our belief is that the future will hold you know more of a question mark than the present. Is it just strange to hear of trade war or even war of words when you're talking USA and Canada you know given. What you deal with every day seeing people from both countries pass through our shared border. Well no doubt. This is estranged times from a Canadian point of view where we left. And how we view things there's there's no question that. You know the average to me especially at the border where where of course I was in you know most of the people in this region left. We have interaction back and forth with Americans and Canadians and Brothers and sisters there's no doubt we've. You know what Canadians we stood beside the US in many times for many years and. And that we don't. View any any type of negative I towards our Brothers and sisters across the border but. Right now unfortunately. You know from the Canadian point of view the the face of but the United States is Donald Trump and that has changed. You know the viewpoint of a lot of Canadians on what they see in the future what concerns they have. Well with these new tariffs what do you think that would mean for all the cross border shopping has done not just at duty free but you know back and forth. Along the border. Yellow are concerned you know rate now we have kind of one terrify on the artists steal but there's going to be some repercussions that coming from Canada and you know I think which or they're gonna calculate acquittal Lee what the differences. And now between the. The terrorists that are being imposed on the deal and and they'll be it we don't we will be implementing something as well so. You don't need you know knowing how things have happened over the last year and that reaction. Airy politics. The idea I worry about that being the start of something greater than it is existent. So Canadians where you know they're quiet patriotic people that's supposed to you know kind of loud and for boast about it but. There's there's every Canadians aware of what's happening Ray Allen and they will change their habits. There's a lot of cross border shopping and and there's the migration of Canadians down to the US in the winter. And I think that's gonna have they you know if this continues its and I have a quite a deep impact. Only on you know the United States and on us as well. And that's interesting to hear you say that because in my mind when you hear kind of the back and forth. I don't really see it impacting that many people who live near the border route traveled back and forth for leisure. But you're saying for a Canadians it might have an impact for those who spend a quite a bit of time them whether it's of the buffalo area or just the US in general. It will absolutely be there. What's happening now is resonating with the average Canadian I I think you know what no one of the things that I didn't. Kind of saying it is in the last kind of year and a half was that. We always have had difficulty explaining you know what makes Canadians unique compared to Americans like we're we're so close and how we look at things and how we. Reacted. You know some people might say the senior eskimos there. You know it glues or whatever but. You know wonder what are the things that struck me you know before the election even took place was the percentage of Canadians to. Who viewed you know Ole your current president says that the right choice was. Very well compared to what it is not. In our country that is almost united Canadians. We're in agreement with a lot of the policies in the behavior and and so. That really resonates with our core values and now. These dual core values are being challenged. Somewhat in the direct. You know confrontation whether it's verbally or by Arab sense. The average Canadian will react to and in in their old ways and and what did they have power over how they conceal my. You know hearing you just say that I'm wondering what bothers Canadians more is that the terrorists themselves or sit the words. Well it it. There's an awareness of the terrorists not certainly bothers us senate and the words that are associated with that as far as that being a security rat which. Hey you know just. Yeah it's certainly the average age extra head over that. We understand that back you know your presence doesn't necessarily speak for every. Citizens and we know that there's controversy. In your home country Matt. But he you know some degree is the face of the united State Street now when those comments coming from the person is that the very top of the political change noting that say it's concerning. Are you hearing any talk of the boycott. I wouldn't say I've had conversations where I see that but there's there's certainly a lot of. There's a lot of size information going around on social media on how to boycott whether its products that they back. You know if you kind of going to FaceBook you're seeing. There's tremendous amount of posts that are. Identifying prospects that are from the United States that you know we should switch from ketchup to not catch up analysts that. You know they're all small things that. If you're sitting there and year frustrated at year you know you're up north and he can't feel like he can't do anything in your reaching on the shelf between that. French is ketchup and I then. You know he might reach her reference as the host sites based on you know that post. A strong social media. Well see we appreciate the time that Steve Richardson the general manager of Niagara duty free talking a little bit about Al. Canadians are viewing this war of words and maybe even trade war you could call between the US and Canada.