Tracking Florence - Pete Combs In Myrtle Beach, SC


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Let's join Pete Combs this morning in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Pete we just heard about the worst conditions. What about where you are. Right now it's not at all that that here's who's and to be honest with you buddy picture is moment of apprehension that you look up the close to my left. And you see what's coming this way that's a big problem right now. Here in Myrtle Beach we're looking at winds of steady winds of about 31 miles an hour gusting to forty miles an hour so definitely it's headed this way. Not a lot of rain right now in the big blessing if you could on with that right now. Is that the wind is blowing. From short to see and that means we're not dealing with these storms are all in yet now at some point as. Ford's moves closer we're expecting this or urged to reach maybe six feet here in Myrtle Beach the storm itself is expected to pass almost directly overhead. And if that happens things are going to be very different here in a matter of hours right but it. So take it might be more manageable then maybe you were expecting. You know you'd think that and certainly we can talk about how other people are thinking about that it enters its second but. But the truth is it's just a matter of ways it's not going to be more manageable it's going to be a long operation perhaps three day long. Event and it's cutting rude way and there will be. Storm surge and then that terrible inundating rains the rain that is so far left 200 people in need of rescue just up the coast in Newbury North Carolina. So it's headed this way. But there is that false sense of security. Where people who work here are saying see I told you nothing to worry about and what's even worse people who evacuated are now saying. Hey everything looks good at home why am I sitting up here in Atlanta. Or in some other part of the country when I need to be home. Tending to my business there. The folks here at the sheriff's office in Horry county you're saying that's a terrible mistake don't even think about coming yet because the worst is yet to come. All right Pete Combs reporting from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Where he's fearing that their people fall into a false sense of security because conditions are dead there yet but will be.