Touring With the Irish Tenors - Ronan Tynan

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Wednesday, December 6th

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Wrote and it's been a while welcome back to what kept us so long. Well all week and I aren't allowed frequently. They're going great here encouragement or really cute and well I don't. I agree clinical. I don't think so. They could use your help they they might need to missing the sentiment front there and and and before one of their games or something for a little boost they're not doing too well. Who. We know we're all. You're coming here and you've got it's kind of a dual appearance I guess right it is that technically is part of a tour you're doing with the Irish tenors but you get a chance there. To perform in not only with them but with the fabled BP you know the buffalo philharmonic. All I'm actually one thing I people really enjoy that one mutants. On the continent and technical. And now you must have seen quite a few of these venues across there across the world actually. How does it compare to those. We want people vote on. You know quote. It's extremely cold feet and 11080. And it would be you or constraints. Culpable and what he attended. Well available as a huge slopes once and it said the quality of the option route in and are there what about. This particular. Trip that you're taking now with the Irish tenors side is that any different than that times past that you've toured with them. You know where are we are going here or twenty year. You know but simply leave it crested at about you know me you know it's all as a mountaintop near 200. You know to treat low fearing they will put. You won't. As well with with the man who I thought we we all do a moderate what. And they Christmas elections are they part of this particular stop. All the on one point. I of course. I think I missed that part when I was looking through the out of the notes here. Any pick that but let me ask you this it is obviously a very very big Christmas flavor to this particular are run through. Any song or songs in particular that you really enjoyed it you're going to be performing. He went in what you know about what you would. While. I think. You won't. Want to get the. If you don't unity. And unity company to rest. It. Fair enough I kinda knew that was gonna be your answer but I think it's always fun to try to tend to find if there's one particular. Argument you know you hold more dear than the rest. And I. And how do you guys said to keep it fresh because you're doing more or less the same material and in a number of cities what what key to go. We think we're old friends we have between. We don't you know we do it before. And very appropriate management. You know. Up all. New people on. Involved role the year I agree where there. And now again now we can Eugene here Ed maybe even now before a bills game probably next season I'm guessing Mary have via. The last two singers for the last two home games a charted out but talked may I give them a little boost next year for us. It. Number. Fair enough. Ronan now looking forward to it thank you very much for the time. While. And we look forward went and I. I hope you want to know. Yes the I deadpanned I stopped growing here but. There anticipating that a maybe a foot but that down maybe just in select areas looks like the city's not gonna get anywhere near as much so should be pretty clear for that and plus. You know that people here are pretty pretty well versed in how to handle. Absolutely well road runner in my pleasure I very much appreciated no you got a busy schedule so thank you again and now look towards last year.