Tour Boat Safety: Miss Buffalo II Owner Ryan Hayhurst


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Ryan Ayers is joining us he's the owner of in this buffalo to Ryan and we want talk about some of those safety protocols after this incident that happened over in Missouri and you know. Obviously it's it's different. Patent you're you guys misspoke flowed to and the odd duck boat that happened in Missouri for people that are unaware of what the miss buffalo too is what is. I'll Wear a larger. About all the old. Or are honored on. Not long India that exceed the waters were pretty stable when it comes to your keys. Compared to know which holds 130 and forty people at the most rate. Editor most that suggest yeah I mean I would think it votes left and port. Allow. For an. Electric two point. What does the miss buffalo. To do regarding. The water and safety protocols can you can you give us a little bit of an overview of everything that you guys taken in consideration and you take a bow out on the order. I'm terms of whether they were all well aware. Or more of what's coming our way yeah. It's no law about cooker about it notification mariners. And the next captain there oh you're meaner. So we don't want rough weather we reported. What people can handle and the weak. Dollar harbor off slow its setup it's. Very common water we don't on the stick and brick wall outer harbor cherry county and it is. So unlike its exit number one. What would you guys define as rough on the lake and that's always a subjective meaning that people. At what would you define as rough waters on the lake it's a subjective thing to people you know. There are true. Yeah I mean the court garbled but are now all of a small craft what. That statement I'm wings and wait electrical Shelly and I whipped up pretty quick excellent and for a district seat that's little comparable to most are okay Angela and her. A little joke it's spoken and look at the people though so we don't walk Weathers are those waters to restate. I'm Greg called like it's at worst it's come. Rocky excuse for a protective of people like it would be. Others cannot handle that. Let's. Like it and we don't want lake when it's a ball to treat well. Now let's say ETA to water how on the late Ken you know whether you're on one try to break fault or the other in something catastrophic were to happen. Do you guys have light jackets on the vessel and is that just that costs some are a mandatory thing that's all across all boats around the nation. Out that it required by Coastr yet to more than enough. For the passengers we don't required to Wear them and if something. Quickly emerge and we you'd get out of court she was never far Harper's do we get our dialogue equipped to harper and within minutes. So again we monitor the radio we monitor the radar weather. And if there's an it and remain at becoming the Coast Guard is always announcing. What's gonna happen at crunch time. What's the biggest concern anytime you all go out on the water you talked a little bit earlier about safety and you know is there ever at a point where you you can say you OK even if the water isn't moving at two feet. More than number that you gave earlier is there another concern that you all have to worry about. Not massacre records but are pretty partner who or travel and com and well at twin engines. They are all very well Pollard. There's not too much a concern when it comes to weather and primarily because we monitor all. Now with the wind the wind obviously has a direct effect on the water by what the wind itself had any impact on the Pope. Not our. Even a sixty mile an hour wind something like that Arab. And I just round button on the considerably 100 times. Succeed crumble all the water that about a draft so while we're pretty sluggish in terms about the windy and of course surround global electric duck vote. Very pro in connection can be so light and it's just need water all confront unfortunate what their experience that I became a quick to that they elect saw. And they really had nothing to do I mean it's awful thing happen. Yes and king are you able to speak on duck boats at all I mean what do you know about their ability to do both. Land and water in what they're regulations are can you speak to any event who. No I I'm not I've not experienced but no they look like seeing them I can't that be are all having to deal under water. And I think that was a major issue. So when you hear the news this morning about what happened in Missouri I mean as somebody who's on the water all the time. That's got to be just heartbreaking to see in you gotta wonder what's the situation going on what was your reaction when. My reaction mode and so her what incurred a person at a very. Displeased when I heard that and I just wonder what's going on with. The owner the company in. Why I didn't have more international plate and not try to put them. Now but it's much and I'm pretty bad pretty quick step what. What happened. So what questions do you add is it just about what. There's safety protocols were what are the questions you have for them. I just don't know what network or whether it was coming because my what the way it worked appear about whether we keep coming out in the end it all from the left. All the time and now. They had known was coming but negative navigate and it was just a one ovals street perfect storm that just came out of nowhere and makes that it wasn't going to be a squall well. Neighbor out there and they couldn't get away from the net of eccentric art about being late. Smaller less probable doubtful. It's stuck up your stock up there and you've got to you've got to get back in it apportion it into the couldn't. Right rookie tell us up in this buffalo to gain nine general and gave them the dimensions that forced the history of the spoken what you guys do here in Western New York. It was what my whole lot and get beat and it's served it. Out incorporate in Texas for eleven years. And then in nineteen and one. Yeah who brought it up and preceded it too rhetorical one of your. Department to. And we do pair. Pat Russell cruising for any type of event. And it rhetoric. Now. And Ryan is there anything else they want people to know about this incident that happened in Missouri or the miss buffalo to. Got beat those folks Michael people can learn from these. Catastrophic event speakers and anything can happen you gotta. Really at a Beijing a quorum.