Toronto Reacts To Another Attack - Simon Bennett


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Let's go line to Toronto now we're joined by Simon Bennett. Of six AD news sue where. One person dead a young girls fighting for her life foretold after being shot in Toronto. Early in Derek she's relates. Last night says Simon who what do we know now as far as the number of people shot we're told the fourteen was the last number we heard. Foresee was the number as of last night and you mentioned the one that's how they and then the nine year old girl at the hospital on it around 10 o'clock last night in the and it's strange thing about the and probably here in Toronto where there have been random act of violence and riots and shootings. Is the location on the damp or at those who don't know that the trial but Danforth is. Down for the average ticket large chunk of the mid town it is well. Hi elite Denver area is and a big torrent area and a big gathering place this week so that part that happened there is what's shocking everybody right now. Simon was it random do they know targeted and was it possibly terror. There's a lot of things that they don't know and the message from police chief mark on his name mayor John Torre last night in the morning is. They're not make assumptions. It was a white male that was. Aid in Pigram post posted last night where you saw I believe those of white gentleman turning and shooting through west restaurant window. But that's all that they have to go right now so that the big thing right now is. Absolutely know it comes to the big right now mean made right now is do anything about it. Yet and people being urged not to rush to judgment but how tough is that for people in Toronto who. Have been through this sort of thing before these are terror attacks it wasn't that long ago we were talking about via the car attack on a Toronto city street. Are people on edge right now in May be quick to rush to judgment on these things. All I'm sure there are people that are rushing to judgment in the inner city but I mean. Don't always used to kind of operate on the vacuum that these kind of things don't happen here but I think. You know put up again without knowing much affiliate ecosystem while shooting happened. You know I think the reality is that these are going to happen in any dignity now old fourth largest city in North America. And it's just a matter of making sure that. The back. Apple's don't win and I think that's going to be a message from those in important positions here in the city. Is it much of that area still closed down this morning. Yes no the airport is closed that. While sort of a large area of the airport avenue was closed and I believe it look like it's gonna be closed until about noon today the investigation still on going to yes. Don't expect much activity on the damp or at least until the afternoon. And police in Toronto. Of what's being said about their response to this so we've learned to dumbing killed in the shootout with police. I'm guessing police after recent events in that city. Have had may be increased training on events like this that are carried out in the public. Well aided in dripping this week and he just increased police activity. In the area. Well populated areas are where are our people around I just started this week. Arm and a game after they are gonna lose Brett a couple of weeks ago against. The area whether Roger setter and Scotiabank arena formally Air Canada Centre. Our armed police. I think security here before a car and you wouldn't boot fighters were here a few days ago but they got a tip that something might be up but nothing happened in the end but it. I don't all on edge is the right word but they're definitely taking extra precautions to make sure police out there and present. And of course gone back to the April incident with the band running over the people up there. What do. Is probably could very well phrased how they handled it and Howell the perpetrators knew it was not shot so. I think probably been handling it well. And they're doing what they have to do what I mean I'm sure they'll be questioned again after all night. That we played a clip from the mayor they're talking a little bit about guns you know our guns a problem. In the Toronto area curious if that's been a big topic of discussion. In Toronto I I'd probably don't need to tell you what it's been like over here in the US it has been a big topic of discussion. Is it the same in Toronto across Canada. And it's starting to be paid to. You know. The high and mighty way of putting it as a Canadian is that it I think we see what's happening in the US than in a we're thankful it doesn't get to that level. I in all it but it also means that when there is an incident like what happened last night that the reaction is. Hubble because it's more shocking lack. A week immediate compared to what we see in the US news mean. You know. I I think it'll. People are aware of it people are. Deftly on edge about it now and I'm sure the local news in the national media will be all over this but it also today yet. Adding creeping guns is I don't pale late February reporting but I think it also. You know it's be EUP route to goal I think you have to look into. Why these people are doing these things and YE a small very small amount of the population. In this city are going to this dark plays and I think. Once they figure that good luck that sort of where they need to look. Art Simon thanks so much appreciate the update Simon Bennett with 680 news. One victim dead the gunman is dead and thirteen injured in a mass shooting in Toronto last night.