Toronto Police on van striking pedestrians, killing 9

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Monday, April 23rd

9 killed, 16 injured after a driver plowed his van into pedestrians in Toronto


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We hope they don't happen anywhere in the world but especially don't expect them to happen in Toronto. But things are as they are and beyond supporting our first responders as they continue to do their work. You'll hear more about the task that lies in front of them investigating. This terrible tragedy. I hope that we will as a city remind ourselves of the fact that we are admired around the world for being inclusive agreement for being accepting and understanding and considerate. And that we are a united in standing in a solidarity especially those who have fallen victim to this terrible tragedy today. I have some very practical matters as well look at my notes to make sure that I don't forget any of these but I want to convey a number of things to the people of the city throw especially people in this area. First of all we're asking people who live here or who work here please do not come to this area if you're not Lowry here. The police and the other first responders have a lot of work to do our very complicated. Investigation it just helps with the task ahead in front of them if people are not. In this area. Secondly and we've asked and we are asking that all of the businesses and buildings that our office buildings where people work it during the day that those people would in an orderly fashion. Close those businesses for the remainder of the day and I asked people to go home. It is close to the end of the business day for many people in any event but we're asking people will close their businesses and we're asking for those businesses that are on the east side against street that they used Norris avenue for those who are trying to lead by Carl on foot. And for those on the west side that they use the profits in other words were trying to keep people off Jim street here at the scene of this tragedy so that the police can. Continue their investigation and so that. There's there's little chance of any kind of disturbance of the I've seen of this thing incidents as possible so we're asking that to be the case east side against feet that they used Doris avenue for this say incidents as possible so we're asking that to be the case. I have already asked that in other words we're trying to keep government building to an Alaska square feet in an orderly fashion. We're asking that people. Who are coming home to this area. Please do the same thing if they can use. Be croft to the west young street to get to where they're going. And if they can use Doris to the east that would be very helpful we have promptly service officers. And we have as well people from our transportation services department here to help with the traffic flow. So that people can get to where they're going. But obviously people do have to come home but again if they don't have to come home for a reason then. Again it's going to be easier today. Don't come tonight or they come at a later hour so that not everybody is coming here. At one time. With respect to public transportation. As people will know we have had the subway closed at the north York center station today but the trains have been passing through passengers draft and off at shepherd. And the trains and go through on two finch. And if people are not able to get on or off that north jerks that are in the factories are empty and traveling between those who stopped going north crown. We're asking people to take that into account in their travel plans if possible to use. New York University as benign university subway line. Or to use other means because obviously it will be more complicated than normal because we can't offer. Shuttle buses on the section of industry that is closed and would be expected to remain closed. For some period of time. I would say to people that I've been advised in the briefings that I've been. Privy to this afternoon that it is likely there will be several days of disruption going on because there's at me injured issue obviously is going to be taking place here. And I hope he will be considered that and understand that there are likely will be disruptions to. Traffic into business into other things in this area of the city that is part of I'm sure pulling together. We will understand that the sacrifices people have to make in that regard. I would be a reasonable in the context of something as terrible as this that has happened and we have to get to the bottom out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Finally I would say that we have are in the process of establishing two hotlines. Two response fines for people. The first and most important is for the families of those who are worried about loved ones that are trying to acquire both the this the well being of their loved ones and and I don't have the number at this very moment but there in the process of being established as we speak and we'll have that. Information for people. Very shortly. And the second one is one will be established separately which is for people who can help the police and anyway if people have any information whatsoever about this terrible incidents. We're asking that they. Should contact at least through this number that we will make available to you at the same time as you make the one available. For the families and a loved ones those who may have been a factor those were concerned about that. And so in introducing a deputy Peter UN and I just say once again that it is a time. To be. As calm as we can be in the city to understand that are at first responders are doing their job especially are police I can tell you how incredibly impressed I was with professionalism. And the thoroughness of the people that I saw in action. In the room that we've just come from. I hope people won't forget that spirited unity in that spirit of solidarity and that says that sense of calm that we should have as people go about dealing with an awful. Tragedy but nonetheless he'll be dealing with and I'm sure very effectively and on that note I would ask that after you're through refute from his and then we will not. I'd take any questions today because is just as favorites through to start him. Do the kinds of things I'm sure you want to know what deputy. Good afternoon might it was acting chief community or a news really some information to you. As to what happened today on young street. Approximately 130 this afternoon twelve police received a number of calls. From citizens. Indicating a vehicle is driving was driving on young street. And striking number pedestrians between finch avenue. And Sheppard avenue. That this is the style what is known to assist. We're located that vehicle. Drivers in custody right now. As he's been investigated to the events that took place this afternoon. I did I also want to offer my condolences to the families and the victims. Of this tragic event that took place we confirm for you tonight right now what my people that at that. Sixteen that I injured. Softly so let's us. Pull us all available resources and I can assure the public. All are available resources have been brought in. To address this tragic situation and to investigate the situation. And also want to assure. The public the rest of the city adequately police while other resources. As the mayor said earlier we will be astonishing to hot lights one as well victims and families to call for the loved ones. The other one is sort born poorly for witnesses to call in because this could be a complex investigations. Totally service will be here for numbered days to shut down a busy stretch of throttle but this. What is required because this is going to be a long investigation what multiple witnesses. Who have a lot of so those cameras and namely at 130 this afternoon there were a lot of pedestrians all enjoyed a lot of witnesses and join the Saudia afternoon so. We're urging anyone that saw anything please. Call crime stoppers of cultural we service and let us know those Duvol large numbers will be published published very shortly. On a website. Plus social media Twitter so please stay tuned. The chief. Is obviously back to swallow. He will be addressing the media later on tonight so there will be more information to follow later on tonight. At this stage. I asked the city at all. Pray for all victims. And also to assess the totally service in bringing this matter. To assess that successful conclusion. As I stated earlier we have one person in custody and the investigation is on an ongoing. That's all are about prepared to say right now thank you.