Toronto Attacks 930in716 April 24, 2018

Tuesday, April 24th

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It's 930. In 716. Horror in Toronto we cannot. As Canadians choose to live in fear. Every single day as we go about our daily business. When it comes to a vehicle type of an account that this. It is there's no real red flag belt pop up. That person is. Either gonna use the vehicle they own. Or more direct vehicle and go well in match of the people I mean to be really really cynical it's somebody incidents to do that with a vehicle height and stopped a. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. A judge in Canada has ordered the 25 year old. Man suspected of plowing a van into pedestrians in north Toronto detained on ten counts of first degree murder. And thirteen of attempted murder. Suspect like miss Nancy and learned of the charges in a brief initial hearing before a judge in Toronto Tuesday. The events that took place yesterday in Toronto. Where senseless attack. And a horrific tragedy. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau with words of support to a grief stricken city. And nation Tuesday morning about how awful. All Canadians sigh I'll offer my deepest heartfelt condolences to the loved ones of all those who were killed. And we wish a full recovery. To those injured. And stand with the families and friends of the victims. They speak for every one of us in thinking that first responders that see. They handled this extremely difficult situation. With professionalism. And bravery. They faced danger with at a moment of hesitation. There is no doubt that their courage saved lives and prevented further industry he injuries. The entire community of Toronto has shown strength and determination. In the face of this tragedy. All Canadians. Stand united with Toronto today. Finally I will note the excellent collaboration between all orders of government and law enforcement. In the handling of the situation. They're continuing to monitor closely. And work with our law enforcement partners around the country to ensure the safety and security of all Canadians. Obviously all Canadians continue. And we'll continue to. Have questions about why. This happened what could possibly be motives behind it. As was I indicated last night by public security minister. At this time we have new reason to suspect that there is any national security element. To this attack and obviously investigations into. Obviously. Canadians across the country are. Shocked and saddened by this senseless. Tragedy and attack. We can be. Comforted. Even seen the extraordinary response of our first responders. Folks who stepped up with courage. Ability. And ensured that. In a minute in the face of such terrible tragedy in tact we. Are up. Pulling together and trying to find answers while keeping people safe. We have an extraordinary. Folks across the country and police services and intelligence agencies. Who work hard every day to keep Canadians say and they will continue to do just. Prime minister Julie Denton and CBC is there any way to protect Canadians who are going about their daily lives. When assailants are choosing soft targets more and more. Obviously. We need to continue to reflect on the. Changing situations in which wherein that we have and do everything we can. And to keep Canadians say but we cannot. As Canadians choose to live in fear. Every single day as we go about our daily business we need to focus on. Doing what we can we must. To keep Canadians say. While we stay true. To. The freedoms and values that we all us Canadians hold dear. Does this change your planning for and in terms of security for the EG seven and shall apply and anyway considering. It does not seem to be linked to terrorism obviously get keep world leaders say does this have. Any bearing on your plan. The the security. Four at the G-7. Will be. Comprehensive. We will of course always reflect on what we can do better what we need to do. But that as we know this hasn't changed the overall threat level in Canada. And we will continue to make sure that both. Participants. Residents. And all citizens are safe. During a during the G-7 adjourning in any event of that that that kind. I spoke last night with the premiere there. Car. Police services intelligence agencies are all working very very hard and closely coordinating. With. With the folks on the ground. I think all Canadians. Are with Toronto today in our hearts and prayers and thoughts. I will of course the coach in Toronto. For this as soon as it makes sense to do so but right now it's very much an active ongoing situation and I wouldn't want to. Distract or remove any. Any personnel. Or any focus away from the important work that's being done. Both for the victims and their families and for the investigation. Now some perspective. First from the law enforcement perspective. Former FBI man Steve Gomez with Susan bros and Brian has aroused ski. This was a just go to mass killing. And dead and as horrific event and we're in the US. We ought Qaeda leader domestic terrorism international terrorism. Or just am I just. A brutal attack. And debt and diplomat because ultimately people people die people were injured. And it's it's terrific and there are a lot of fear that is generated from a situation like this. And that's what we have to get. And brown both here in the US Canada and all of the world is that whoever's doing this is trying to create terror and fear that really matter. But they do want to know what ideology or motivated for the type of person that commitment and met with nickel. Steve you know places even here in buffalo with Arab pollard's now in front of public buildings and it would do so much to enhance security but. It on attacks like this is kind of a wake up call that if somebody's intent on doing something like that they're gonna do it. It's absolutely right way because it wouldn't when it comes to a vehicle type of an attack that that the it does there's no real red flag belt pop up that person is. Either gonna use the vehicle that they own or more direct vehicle. And go out and match and the people. What law enforcement. And public eight utensils. And anybody that's involved in the private sector where there are. Crowd that gap. Have to think about is. A as a place where crowds who gather our potential target for any kind of an. Again that matter here isn't that the matter it's them yet that day and help the issue. If they want to act out in violently sick as this situation here in Toronto. They're going to choose a place where there are large crowd. Gathering where they can have maximum carnage. This one such as other place that we've seen all over the world. I'm using vehicles Germany's finance. We here in the US federal state they could look for the crowds so when you have those crowds yet think about what you're used to secure. The areas. Of the crowd smaller are definitely one of those ideas. Under various others but they do the public seat you this'll the government official app beat think along those blocked. And it doesn't have to be something crazy either does it because we look at this attack and this person was able to triumph for over on my deal. And down this very busy broad I mean even if there was a Boller replaced every hundred feet or so it could have made all the difference. It definitely could've made the difference it would loud. Media the public. Libya was there if it would it would haven't bounced back and forth because there was a ball some type of obstacle. Been at least it gives them the opportunity to try to get out of the way and gotten and that's what you look for each is just a little extra protection. And fortunately candidate. They may not have experience as much terrorist attack. Activity as we have here in the US and Europe. So beep beep in need not that'll work today and it appeared the attack. Not something where they targeted that facility like they had that about four years ago. Where there was terse pact or some type attack here. But he was it was a targeted the silly. This random the public about the open and now they've been attacked the net I think really can create a lot of outside attention and and good debate here in Canada as to what they have to do it do. Yeah as they seem to be very numb over this as it has kind of happened air for the first time but. You offer for everyday people they really need to be very. Familiar with their surroundings right. Kind of watching out who all around. Absolutely the each year it but look if you're going to a book look built game. And day indeed you are in an area where there are out as I'm sure that that the law enforcement. There have already thought that through you know. We got to make sure that vehicle are able to get it into where these large crowd well you'll see. You know so you know certain obstacles. To prevent that knew that they yourself if the vehicle turn to come ward while Matt under the crowd little. Toronto Indians are shaken. Their city rocked with a horrific attacks. That that part of the city is it's such a beautiful attractive. Safe part of the Toronto. Peter gros Louis is a reporter with 680 news in Toronto who we turn to frequently. For all things T ago. It's really. Meant to people just to walk up and down and enjoy the environment squad shot lots of restaurants and collect kind of thing that happened. Well basically says that can happen anywhere. You know it's it's just shake people to the core have you noticed anything different since then. Anymore security where you go in and that kind of thing. Well I happen but bit they'd certainly keep that up your candidate senator last night. I don't they have several thousand people outside the arena like watching on the giant screens and it kind of blocked off all possible route so that no particular traffic. With ill intent could get it and so that that's the the main thing but. I mean to be really really critical it's somebody intends to do that would have vehicle height and stopped them. It is a rough bomb that thing to stop in one of the things that have been put in place are you know pillars are Boller and Sam we've seen them I hear in buffalo outside of our City Hall just. Recently installed then I was wondering in Toronto. Has that. Kind of proliferated over the last a few years or so since these attacks have become popular around the world have more of those then installed the city. And not put not to my knowledge no I I I've driven. All my life in Toronto and you know that's pretty pretty easy access opened on the streets and there's just nothing separating. From the sidewalks. Sir from from the tropics you know many years ago that this product that we put. Retractable defenses. In the subway you know for millions and millions of dollars because people. Throw themselves on the subway tracks from time to retirement and I think it would it was just an unreasonable plot to do that so I don't see that happen. Now young street is such a busy busy place you know day and night. You know most of the year I can't imagine it being so quiet like it is this morning. I guess they got at all close taught. Grain. A mile and a half of yellow police tape around their two with a still collecting evidence. That's and and I'll tell you that that is a really. We assume bill stop part of northern Toronto. So that's going to be very convenient a lot of people Soros it's just the turn of mine bump and that it did happen this close to home. What do you think the people in Toronto are hoping to hear from Justin Trudeau in just a half an hour from now. Have met and that's to nine minutes. That's all you can do it a bug in the that we feel terrible and thinking about the victims. I cannot think that the color of being IA in Britain. It can't stop someone if they gonna do this this. There's no amount of doubling or tripling your police force are putting barriers up but it but the problem is insane and miserable it wants to do something horrible. The party will gonna do it. You know they're using the word deliberate to attend described the attack but they haven't said terror are you hearing from people there are people. Thinking that it's terrorism. The wind story out. And he called himself but in the itself which means that he would celebrate but not playing solid choice he's angry. That he thought having sex is is apparently is motivation. Based on what. People are reading on FaceBook so it means at its peril because it's terrifying. But personal political agenda here again except that this was a very unhappy. Very possibly deranged individual who moved you know I get what you want at deployment. Toronto's strong. We're back tomorrow. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.