Tonawana Opioid Forum 930in716 May 22, 2018

Tuesday, May 22nd

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It's 930. In 716. Twelve voices in twelve hours open your aides. Wednesday. Eric reached its future it everywhere it's not just hear it are pretty rare brain. More discussions. Bring more awareness. Two signs. Symptoms. The end all were concerning. Other concerns behaviors that can lead to who are some of the tragedy that we cedar and oh and has experienced great and our own community. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Our twelve voices in twelve hours broadcasters Wednesday will hear from twelve voices on the OP Lloyd crisis. Over the course of twelve hours. Then we switch things live to city of tonne Wanda high school. Where I'll be and bring you alive conversation on the you'll really crisis. In our region and our communities the opiate like. Epidemic can certainly something that continues to be an area of concern. City of tonne Wanda schools superintendent Tim Oldenburg sees the crisis firsthand and is looking forward to the forum reaching families students. Anyone. In hand as a us. School districts and community partner in this city analog we believe it's important to continue to bring awareness to these issues. Earlier this year. We have had awareness seminars for. I social media and Internet use. And also mental health. I'm Ian. We are closing up the year with a session. Of these. We'll be right abuse in our region and in our community. What are your expectations for this event on Wednesday. Hope through partnering. Where. The mayor's office here in the city cataloged up. We're other agencies into Erie county. The end in our communities that were able to. Bringing. More discussions. Bring more awareness. To sign of those symptoms. The end auditor concerning. Other concerns behaviors that can lead to some of the tragedy that we see here and go and has experience rate in our own community regarding a couple puree use. What do you hope comes out of this meeting on Wednesday. We hope by. Bringing in many partners. Support agencies. The end. People local. Residents community members and family members this kind of struggled. I was abuse or have suffered the loss or tragedy that comes with a this. OK it epidemic that were able to better inform our neighbors. Better able to recognize the warning signs. And more importantly. Better understand where to go to get help and support before tragedy would strike again. The oh period epidemic regards the tunnel on a city school district in the surrounding community. How big given issue is it to how concerned are you about it creeping into the schools. Typically. Our experience instead you know the age group of 22 disparity that typically we shouldn't. You know a significant level of concern. And in danger. Are also for us as a unique students school students are it probably is more likely to obstruct. People B live with the whole board members of their family. As for the community members. Unfortunately we shared some recent tragic doubts. I that it really. Stop and our local community and this is not a way for us again do. Partner would be. The airwaves and better job. Raise awareness and our community. I would say about these actuary at this meeting where our other local school districts in the area. We are optimistic. That they each will join us in the the heat wave. We will have a child care for the residents and families that want to on the and take part in listening. Consciousness and I just we will be serving. So that kept cherry at 530. And the program's start at 6 PM which will include a bunch of giveaways from some of our some of our supporters and partners. On the program will include. Family members that have banned. Impacted by opiate use and abuse we will hear from some recovering addicts and you also are out. Numerous supporting agencies here to share what they do and how they can better inform all of us on the dangers in concerns surrounding old Buick abuse. Well we are having productions from very different background and what we're expecting and hoping for is. We old emotional connection there are. I've been part of the organizing committee for this forum and so too has Kristen job. She's been a leader in the discussion and planning. We have recovery aspects we have family members of addicts who are girl without. And that we do have some experts as well so we want to provide information. Give people resources. But really can make emotional connection to people who might be. Struggling with addiction themselves or a woman like that certainly would addiction and try to make a difference without people. And why are we doing this. Form on your addiction how home. If the colts how Hamas were challenge is this appear crisis we have here. I it's huge it's huge and it's everywhere it's not. Just here it's our pre ware. It's something like 120. People in our country alone by every day from Nokia eight overdose. An outrageous epidemic that is growing year after year apes. Bronx five times in the last. Twenty air spiked I'm tired of adultery and what you should be it's it's out of control we need to do something to try to. Reach the people because I have held out there's no specific. Group of people that are suffering it's everywhere in in. Every neighborhood in every age group an average background and we need to figure out what we can do to do analogue out. And there with this forum on Wednesday may what are you. Anticipated as far Aaron is making that emotional. Connection how important to have this'll emotional connection. To. Help for help put a stop the soaker crisis. I I think it's tremendously important and particularly where we're talking about argument you know I mean it's that. Discussion of politics and open to everybody look into the community and appearance and then just everyone but really at work and the targeting argued with Corvette and don't let the people who'll. Statistics don't mean that much to end that that might get law partner of the bat so perhaps we can. Connect with an emotionally and they can hear from people who are back in the same situation we're Contra and the horrible thing that happened to them while they went through that maybe that'll get them. Cannot start our meeting that started it may hear about someone who you know. Has lost her father lost they're brother all over dosed himself and and almost right how many times more than a lot. Needy that will be enough of a connection to that it's okay. DTL data can help me I if I can help or else. Everyone com I mean I hope everyone from. Everywhere comes into inner gate on it it's not only for the attack on our. Every age every community. You know we want we want to be reluctant to hear it. Aaron rhetoric the apple cart circuits and that MI MI out. Can't hurt Christian will be their lives and you can't be too it's free and open to the public. It'll air on WBE and 6 PM Wednesday its city a town Wanda high school. Immediately following our daylong twelve voices in twelve hours broadcast. Join us tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow would never radiation from the studios of WPA and buffalo law.