Tom Rivers On Wimbledon


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Will go to London where Toms rivers was covering Wimbledon and well throughout the tournament said Tom Roger Federer making history. Becoming the oldest man to win at Wimbledon also. At 35 years old or excuse me eight times to winning Wimbledon. Amazing feat are Roger Federer. Amazing ending you know of course it took six months off. Got a rude rejuvenated. Body got things rolling and get slot after bottoming here he jogged up the nineteenth major. And you're right he passes. Beat Sampras at numbers seven will be the French people back in the books that are funny he was a round yet evident. As well but that ain't an amazing three. Turns 36 a couple of weeks gasoline says he's coming back next year and the way he's playing and the way people look at and why not he'd be back through maybe three more years. And there's definitely something about that surface that suits him is it that too early to throw the goat term greatest of all time around for a mr. Federer. Well everybody was kicking it around yesterday at the all England club and I certainly look so we're. You look at that mountain. Eight traveled out there on the men's side. And if it's that lets what little things like who is gonna break probably nobody are likely. Maybe one day but certainly not not on the horizon. Is he taking another break before he goes and action again. He didn't get a couple weeks off just relax and a quarter of the US open coming up. And then there's forty in the year he'll reevaluate. He decided they look like a lot of play. A smattering of tournaments and the majors and see how it goes because they've aged. He got the mop that pounding on his body intercourse is being that high and elevated as. It needs to be so he's been very very good shape right now you don't need to talk about retire. It's time rivers talking to us from London. Wimbledon champion once again Roger Federer.