Tom Bauerle Update on Health Condition

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Wednesday, December 6th

WBEN host Tom Bauerle suffered a heart attack over the weekend. As he prepares for open-heart surgery, he took time out of his recovery to speak with Tim Wenger, who filled in for Tom and David Bellavia on Wednesday.


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That is perfect. Perfect because this is continuous live coverage. Of the blizzard of 2017. I can keep that up. For any longer everybody it's to my anger and here for time hourly and David Bell via. Today and this is this storm this is it over my shoulder the lake effect snow. Has duly arrived as say Andy Parker told us all morning on the afternoon drive would probably be somewhat affected and he was spot on India's. It's really manageable everybody think you're gonna be okay but. It just drove from the airport over here. And from the airport north and Amherst and it's it's a little Dicey it's a little slick out there and it'll it'll mess up the afternoon drive. For sure there's no doubt about that there's going to be some slowdowns at setter at so we'll keep track of it all afternoon long and throughout the afternoon if you've got any thing. For us he can pile means just jumping give us equality go 30930 star 930 and tax cuts at 3930. And we'll get traffic information out to you. As we get it right now no major problems Alan Harris is already in WB and traffic command just checked in with him. And we're pretty good to go right now the snow is for the most part from Niagara Falls southward. To the south side of Cheektowaga and then extending eastward into Genesee County so people want China for you all afternoon long. So again it's him Wenger and here for hourly envelop via David is making his way back from Florida right now and he'll be back here tomorrow afternoon and Tom. As you well know his is recuperating. Somewhat in getting ready. For some cardiac surgery. And lo and behold lives on the line right now we've got the the guest of the hour in this is Tom buy hourly Tom how you doing man. They attempt thanks very much for every and thanks for. Thanks for understanding the sometimes things happen most of scheduling when you're in management and you know we've got a situation where David and his Bentley situation I would use data and we've got two of them. Then there I go the most inopportune time having a heart attack I am very sort. Time timing is everything in you're you're the king of bad timing you know. We retain the timing to them I'm the king of every defective genetic that cause. But you always said that I thought that Sunday when Christine and I were going back and forth on tax. And I thought it that's exactly what you're saying to her in you're saying yourself that you know if we can go wrong it will go wrong and Google or it'll it'll happen to you. That it would happen that the worst conceivable time ago what are the chances would buy hourly and Bolivia we both got these major things going on in our lives from. For those who don't know Christina is the actual real day of mrs. merge. Oh yes I'm sorry I referred to occurred in the wrong them there with a route the wrong now open I'm sorry. But. Hey listen that I'm actually keep it to line that you don't think in first couple of segments here and there might be some people who wanna talkies so by all means give us call at 8030930. Starting thirty if you want to wish Tom well. But time if you can just for anybody that doesn't know. Even just kind of bring this up the speed of what your current situation is it all started down over the weekend. Well you know it has it taught. I wanna be information about actors I wanna make it clear right I am not somebody who wants. Separately you can to refine network between an extra mental word of the imperial word in the dictionary crematorium that. So as a relate my story and doing this because. I really think that maybe can help some people doctor. Essentially tenement I don't know if you've noticed this I had been kind of fatigue and lacking energy for. For quite some time and at and noticeable level quite some time to be three weeks to four weeks just from our urgent demand. Last week would have been today's Wednesday it would have been about nine days ago I started experiencing shortness of breath. And it started experiencing. Some chest and now. What's wrong with this picture. Immediately. Means immediately. Upon those systems and the intelligent normal person would have gone to a hospital. Have ever claim to be normal. And not only to let their symptoms go on but very. I let him Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday in fact I came back from one of the breaks clutching election past. And breathing hard my lips were side David looks and David ability of Serbs. Do get to a hospital. And I look at illicit as just this is adamantly move. Anybody listening to me right now you're going to possibly because heart diseases that are born killer mercker. That and of course such harassment allegations but. The he's. A but it's very important that were. But a lab Don Cole. Our I am the stupidest person in the world I want everybody to go and think about that if you referenced ever experience. Shortness Barbara. Pain do not pass it off it is serious it is really serious topic that. I also last week at this this feeling of impending doom which I did not know. Which are precursors. Indication that you might be having a heart attack about that protected and actually it is. And I waited till my went on Friday night I partied like commitment. I went out Saturday and I partied like commitment. Sunday I went to one of the doctor box place is very nice people over at her debt advocates call matched. And the wonderfully leader Doctor Murray whose position she's mister Bartley you'd need to go to hospital. Now here is me I'm being told this by a doctor you'd need to go to hospital. An ice. You know ugly hole. About power after I made that absolutely ought or intelligent decision I was on the phone with mrs. Byrd. And as effort to water to that WBD and buffalo. I got myself to gates and then basically has very prompt confirmation that I was in the middle heart attack. And as we stand right now. I will be having open heart surgery probably. The Friday and the actually open heart surgery. You know what you and I were growing up any but he and there are. In their forties or fifties or sixties open heart surgery. If you think the horrible that like Derek Bobby Taylor died during open heart surgery when I was growing adopters tip that we knew who died during open heart surgery. Sent them like any other major medical situation. The technology. And the outcomes have improved dramatically so. Willis and open heart surgery it sounds a lot worse than it really news. The doctors they've got this and we have them as you know you. You you've covered so these stories Ackerman has what he was in the field prime minister oust he has. We've covered so many stories about the medical court in buffalo. And I can even be in its value. That this city of awful we have worked might be first race because people can't drivers though especially the first storm of the year. And by the way folks in the traffic issues be sure there are a certain victories are victories are victories are entries are. But we are so blessed. Not just. Specialist physicians the world now in so many different disciplines of modalities of medicine. But the ancillary supports steps are all absolutely. Great. And I think the chance. To mingle and that in and book about I'm not in the best frame of health right now. A better chance to meet so many wonderful people from diverse backgrounds that all work together as a team. With a single purpose of helping western New Yorkers like me or listeners. Get back into the swing of things but the the important take a wait till it really want to stress to people. People sometimes say Smart people sometimes say I'm intelligent. And I will tell you that when it came to my old situation. Symptoms I do well precursors. I don't know whether it was some kind of DO. I don't know whether it was some kind of too busy for heart attack I don't know what it was I was too stupid to get to a hospital where I should. And I I just wanna finish that that particular. Takeaways by say the good news is although it was severe. The good news it severe in terms of the blockage that is in order arteries. The good news is because I was at least Smart enough to goblet of aspirin last week. I was able to mitigate any severe muscular. Damage so like it start to work are still be the same people typically do. So you be back Monday right. Hey listen you know even at all joking aside every CD do you know you're going to be on for awhile that you know you mentioned you know you're Smart guy Tom I always refer to you as one of the smartest people that I know. And only get into it there's some people wanna talk Q we'll get get to them in just a minute but I do wanna. Get into your head a little bit here. Because he you have always said you know if there's something wrong you know they get checked out go to see a doctor do this do that. Whether it's you know heart disease or anything else that might be going on with your body in here it happens to you and you didn't. And I'm not criticizing you because we hear this all the time especially about guys. That they don't. You know act on things I mean trying to get into that little bit about what you were thinking why you didn't do something sooner. You did it certainly with plenty of time but wide and you act as quickly as your your urging people to do so. Well if plenty of time as defined as part of that it was plenty of that's pretty much a serious I allowed the situation to get though. I you know I I've been trying to get it to my mind for the past 54 years and I just interpret what pocket like after the two time. But in terms of people out here. Everything you've ever heard is absolutely. True. Especially. I don't know it's like to be what would've never really identified with being a woman. Well maybe couple let's move along. Far as the big guys psychology I don't know what it is. Again rationally. Logically analytically and Peter I knew that I was having the symptoms of heart attack. And I can't think of the word other that moron I can go to the case you don't hear that made me again. I work. All of last week. I partied like a maniac for I partly public and media on Saturday what this special boron does. And I wish I could give you more educated answer to him. I think maybe so but again maybe it is then I feel like how could this possibly happen to me. I'm 54 years old I think pretty good care of myself how can that happen. Yeah you know I saw some people that know you at the airport today when I was covering a story and they said that this truly this in a couple of other events in their lives. You know people close to them that have had other circumstances. Is really awake up call in you know to that to that note you know win stuff like this happens it is important for all of us myself included to take note team you know and you gotta pay attention to. The signs that your body might be sending so I think it's an important. I think we've got some people on on the line when a cocky time your up to that. Eric how seven sound. I'm getting 8030930. And starting thirty if you wanna jump in here Tom buy hourly is live from his hospital bed. This is what time's always wanted to do by the way he's wanted to do the show from home from the bad so the best thing we could do is get him into a hospital. This is Dave did on the line with to know is this David Bolivia and W via. Was going well and I thought that I do believe this time is the biggest idiot western new York and that was before the architect that it that the that the I would doubt very concerned about it but yeah I I really saw this kind of move a look at slow moving train. And I wonder you know how much of it is that he's second guessed it because. It's no secret that the you know I think. Would you have heart surgery in the past and you'd think well I think this is the problem you know that the pacemaker put it this is going to be dead totally different issue. And really I think we'll find out they have nothing to do with. His diet or anything else because I want to read everyday needs like a circus animal he. These are these vegetables and whatnot eats constantly being healthy and it's like if you can get out of some blockage. Then again. You know that that's correct and David you know the first. I love you brother Leonard you're going through some tough times yourself from at least I have that sense that false sense of control it well my body but obviously you're dealing with it would somebody that you love them. And certainly in my talks are prepared. But I think that. There's a buffalo cardiologists to which whom I spoke many many years ago. Who what I asked and the secret of longevity of how do you make sure that your little long healthy life. In back in 1983 doctor David dean said choose your parents wisely. And what David is alluding to is quite correct unfortunately. Many of us are prisoners. Our genetics or talk about my dedication give up my peace defected no matter how much a picture might still have issues. That doctor Colbert fixture at the buffalo double group what averse culture 6341234. And that I'll. But it is far is Rick Davis saying you know you need to know your family history but again. This is where I can confirm David statement that I am the biggest more Western New York because. I do genealogy. I know the causes of death of my forebears cardiac disease like it is in many that was used. A big one. My eighty some degree close to me a blood relatives in his thirties had a heart attack a couple of years ago. So every single variable was there and ice. Still did not go to the hospital if somebody can tell me the psychological process through which the mind goes. Whether again actor best I can do right now is denial. If you know and here's another thing guys in both of you can relate to this because we've all had people say this when when someone goes through this and Thomas you are right now. But Tom so healthy looking Tom's not overweight Tom eats well as David just pointed out I mean it's. That really you know ate it could have something to do with it for some people but it it's really not you know you can't stereotype. You know who's gonna have some sort of a cardiac issue based on how they might appear look or act. Yeah you're quite correct them and obviously. I think we can all think of celebrities in the news Jim Dixon I think for a certain generation of us will be and they bit. Who would ever expect a guy who runs Albany miles to date who should be in the peak of cardiovascular. Health. How can he ever drop dead of an Emma and yet he didn't. And as David pointed out and for those of you who have. I CDs are gay guys CD's are if you prefer. That's only. To correct the electrical issue and something that I won and equally clear is okay. I think ahead of false sense of security because you have the automatic internal cardiac defibrillator or. And I always figured hey I have heard that no big deal if things were kept give it to all be back in the life. All will be cool well here's to flawed thinking about it. The ICD corrects the electrical issue but we're gonna restart the heart with blood can not get to that heart oxygenated. So I was stupid in you know that the couple winners. All right David you're you're down Florida you're making your way back to buffalo and be ready to give your cope with you because you're gonna be greeted by some snow I was at the airport a short time ago. Well you know here's a thing Western New York. We're Copley told about what still happens and you've got a history of heart issues don't get out there in and don't tell you a list. What you're live in don't overdo it you can have a heart attack and how many times that it happened in buffalo. I think. We have in Western New York. When it comes to weather what it comes we can do everything we put judges put snow tires about it and you could go trick as you always said that seen on the 400. I don't opt out people want. The 400 should never be closed according to people who opt out but it did you see like the four wheel drive vehicles in the ditch because what they do they are still drive the cavity. And they think guys apple western new Yorker I can do that. So I think these the clearing call for awareness that comes talking about if something that in this weather we have to be considered you know. Important to which you've got an elderly parents there and vapor. Did you care about and they've got to fill other tribes play if you can help out your neighbor like western New Yorkers do it probably be good data do we have a storm. All right guys hang on we'll get back in just a moment but as you well know we've got a clock to follow here or the big bad boss will condemn hall. It's very Ellen that you will get back in these guys in just a minute is we continue to follow a Tom's recovery from the hospital. And he'll be live on WPM for another half hour or so and we'll follow the lake effect snow for you. The latest coming up next with Mike mega man and WP yen. And good afternoon 338 at WB and I am Tim linger I'm here for hourly and bella via. Tom Bauerle is live on the line Tom is in the hospital and he is going to be undergoing cardiac surgery open heart surgery. Presumably are potentially later this week depending on some factors that may be time to talk about a little bit. And David is not here today David's. Father very sadly has passed after a long illness. And David has been within the past several days down in Florida and we hope David will be back on the line for shortly he'll be flying back up here and remarkably David will be with us. Tomorrow afternoon here on WB and by his own choice is dead was a regular in a faithful listener to the program. And David wants to be here. Not only for himself in his own mental health but he wants to be here for his dad is well solar our condolences out to David as well and Tom. I don't know if you do were you aware that his dad was such a regular. Listener via stream. Yes absolutely I'm David and I've had many conversations about the fact that it did its it was a long time listener to do show. And interestingly. David stepped on the show got. Very much better and much more lists of people after the addition of David to the show and I can't say that I disagree with those sentiments but. I am. Obviously very Greece that to hear that David's dad has passed we you know David Aaron pretty much Constant Contact but. For either of us over the past few days it's kind of been it's kind of been a marathon and if you wanna talk about the case of timing. That was hit that. As as as people are thinking about my situation with the surgery. If you could say Prueher. For the soul of a statement stat who was a Christian. I know that they will be very appreciated and something. I brought barbecue the surgery in just a second and Austria what is long visual art. I don't like being bent down. I'm bored out of my mind. I'm might have turned adjective on the FaceBook live stream I put a camera up in the window. Of my house. Little room so listeners could see the ravages. Of this Arctic like fighting Irish dorm which is descended upon a this is restore of the day it really years I think I can safely say this storm. It's home again 2017 we are you named it. I yes so in terms of the surgery. I did have one of best cardiac surgeons in the entire country and he is the very first to tell you that he's one of the best cardiac surgeons in the entire country. And you know I've said that a million times. I want a Doctor Who use people look himself I want a Doctor Who is confident in his abilities. Because I want a Doctor Who says I got this I don't want a Doctor Who says maybe just maybe I can save your life just maybe outback I'd like strong men and strong women. Who know what they want and their bravery good doing it now. In terms of the exact date of the surgery. Which together will be open heart surgery it's going to be I think quadruple bypass. Arm so Tom I just wanted to clarify that they're doing the full you know they're gonna cut down the sternum bone and do all that and strip. Actually they have a guy to meet people paying the mask and he swings medieval sword that was a hell burden directly into the sternum. Which are from the collar vote all the way to the cyclic process of them especially trained army of fire ants descent into. Yes I heard that on FaceBook I was gonna violence I do have a great circular saw at home it's in the played chart. Does it get all of them obviously an average a very antiseptic session and very few other doing the the open heart surgery and adequate to take campaigns from elsewhere in my body and it hasn't been in theory and keep in mind this is something to keep thousands hundreds of thousands of people have this done over the years. And on just about to get more to it as a. Oh let's every voters wanted to do something medical live on the air this'll be good one a morphine shot. I've got the best nurse ever. And he's going to give me at my morphine but what really frightening you'll see no difference in the quality or lack thereof of my. Just like any other day actually that that analgesic. But. The long story short is they will be doing the bypassed and frankly. It is my belief that on. There's the after the surgery. I'm going to be hot mess I will be into baited and thank god is dated because some piece of the word leaked AptarGroup. And I'm just gonna say I'm glad I'll be fully. Participated. I've always wanted to be fully dissipated because they're really electoral votes I want obesity. Smoking hash that. The defender of the things such improper for me and for you and David. It is Gifford is I will. It's the convalescence. Is law will be having. Physical they're people cardiac physical therapy at apple. I will love effect adjust at this but put it on the other side of my desk so okay. Particularly. But sorry that that was very inappropriate folks apologized a little squirrelly having been in this room for far too long but. The are convalescence is quite involved it's quite long. And the good news is think about this I'm going to be going from an energy level. Which was based upon arteries that were in some cases 100%. Claude. And the one other case 80% or to a situation moral having free flow of blood into my heart. I am going to probably be even more in the shortcut before. I was gonna say couldn't control you before it's only going to be worse now ranked. You know and then Patrick if this. Exactly. But. I'm here I'm I'm looking forward to it about I mean I I don't like not work they don't like a blessing but one of the things that I have learned over the users. Despite my best but the coached in the missile believed that Superman so I will upon my return you will be assured of 100%. You'll be assured of 78%. Performance as it was active in the past. Are right that we have some people the wanna talk to you Tom in we'll get to them and his his second if you do want to. Get on the air with time hourly wish him well at 8030938030930. And star 930 Mary is in canned more. Mary has told frank that she wants to welcome you to a club right Mary. Yes I'd. Look clubs that it is essential that perch on her. You know his zipper club I. You know what it was doing the show and so that humor is different than mine and you can just. Just imagine what I'm thinking right now but yes it is called the zipper club owing to discard it bitterly occupy your tires sternum. Addict goes vertically all the way down to and past the site put process which is that little bogey. Super available outcropping ready at the bottom of disturbance. At the thing that you put somebody in the stern of you try to pocket and deliver first open wheel that. But yeah I I have a question for you merry tattoo or note that true. That's who I was twenty years old. Whoa how'd that happen. Or the fact. The only new figure on the men. And it's. Should do you automated help people as a drug at all about to what it's like to humble us always open heart surgery. Well at 23. I did pretty well it's a three month for work but I was expecting a bar in about a month. It is so. I mean you can do it and I would tell you know actually secured the holy cow there but the checks to. I had free and that hurts our I get I mean I'm not a man but. Detectives are lecture when they come out. He not adjust to is an issue fortunately I have a relatively high pain threshold and I'll point to my partly Asian heritage if at the mail order extra small fully so they'll be of the entire Amazon sold those attacks. He'll do fine here in relatively good health. To do what they try. I've grown up to be cynical they're writing for the 1983. I was. Was pretty scary headlines I'm. Dan marry a lot has changed since 1983 and you know how they do this sending in in the recovery periods like this at time we'll be back Monday. Mary thank you for the call appreciate it let's moved from Mary two. I don't know if this is Hugh pursue in Amber's how you doing. On the Soo line you okay you how you doing until maturity. On at least I'm about to look at it. How many how many you spot it. Well okay there. And no it's true I wish people world and you know what to do. And scene there. Well you know that the biggest surprise to me I don't know if you did you actually haven't Berkshire did you architect. No I didn't I add that the Braves felt like somebody often said he felt like somebody leading all my share of the fool you. Yet these are smarter than you obviously got to the ER faster than I do but I think there and you know what the big surprises to the and as you know of got a pretty high pain tolerance of them punched in the face a lot during martial arts training and a football bones broken in the past couple years back and count. And pain doesn't usually bother me but I will tell you including a kidney stone. That the pain of a heart attack is the most severe. Pain I've ever had and you know makes it more severe. Is unlike breaking a total of breaking a finger or having your nose broken. When you feel pain in your heart that kind of a vital work. And I will confide in you and deal about the ability audience on the radio and at thirty WB network. Traffic with Alan Paris is coming right up. As to when your Simpson for us. You know what they're saying is what they what do the victim my clocks says 350 is that what time. Very good time we haven't forgotten hey Hugh thank you very much for the call we do appreciate that we're gonna let you go. And done will be pulled you have to get that with some of the phone calls in just a minute and continue with Tom's thoughts. We are watching the weather time by the way is it snowing outside of gates right now it's ET having stone downer. Well that we could be WP year Bowery bill field wide cam up in the window deterrent Florida hospital and it doesn't appear is coach doing too much at least from my vantage point which looks directly into beautiful downtown buffalo. Are you doing great view down their good life if you have not if you do if you don't if heaven like the buy hourly ability of FaceBook page you wanna do that. And watched times videos he's been updating and inched I'm sure that that. The video will go dark on Friday for surgery and a but those updates are. I think they're fun they're humorous in a strange way and they are also very informative and Tom thanks for doing nose and a. I'll stay with you as long as you want brokers this is a tough showed that there. There will be Ari will that we're gonna keep peer to 4 o'clock and then we're gonna. Will just forget about two for awhile now I'm just getting that are it's a hang on time we'll be back with you in just a few minutes. Mostly cloudy it's news radio 930 WBA and Tim linger here for hourly and Olivia at 352 time is live on the line. From his hospital bed and gates where he will undergone serie a yet gates vascular where he's going to be undergoing. Open heart surgery time do we know for sure yet that it's Friday here. No the I was gonna put a skirmish earlier is weather's going to be a priority is contingent upon the platelet count. Because they have to make sure that it is within acceptable levels it was to prevent exec would nation in other words if your platelet count is often. And you start to bleed out you're not looking to retreat transfusions you're talking about twenty or 25 transfusion so. In order to mitigate the risk of that happening the platelet count has to be within a certain range and needless to say we've got. Some of the best courteous people in the world greater buffalo new York and how much say a medal but. I'm not easy to impress but the data the numbers the statistics back up that claim now. Right now. And I would appreciate if people would just respect my privacy is for I mean I love you guys I love my fans but I actually told my family. Just stay home today because the weather. But a Briton on the buffalo general procedures going to be done just down the hall at gates. And I can't say enough about the nurses and support and ancillary people here. In this medical core adore. I did at risk here last night and disrespect to the whole issue of pain you know cardiac pain. You know and you're you're runner you've had Berkshire shatters. Shin splints and things like that. But unfortunately idea awakened last night and I could never quit understand what people till architects painful on a scale of one to ten and this is hard to do for me in my heart it was about it was a good nine. I could not catch my breath and it started to pack up blood so. If it be in a wave that back pain or need pain isn't. Codec and can become a scary start didn't. You know cardiovascular. And pulmonary stuff I don't want anybody to freak out it's it's it's it was all it was all good bit. A play it's and that will get your attention and I know that I saw this on our FaceBook live feed of hourly in Columbia on FaceBook but. You know I I. If I start thinking about this too much yet I will I will get Turkish malt seabirds. I would I did mention this before but due to prayers from every one of the major straights and and some of the think that a lot of people won't even know about have done so. Help will be conditional terms of scientific talk radio gets it briefly Bob rappers being you know anti Muslim in some cases anti Semitic. In some cases anti Christian. The prayers that I've gotten from Christians Muslims and Jews. I don't even as the words to thank you and the one thing to direct link people might be able Rick relate to accuse. I love my assembly has just functional as it is but I love my friends and blessed to have a lot of very very close friends. But what's been very very difficult is asking people not to come down because what it comes down with him. My body ritual pretty major trauma and my first priority has to be resting. And you know the way idea whether people around I feel this need to entertain them and can't do that. Sorry time hang Emery are gonna come back you after 4 o'clock a lot of people who wanna talk Q and we will be back with more of Tom hourly also David Bell mobile will join us. In your phone calls for Tom and David. As well as the weather situation here on WP ENN. Yes the dramatic music is for. The coverage. Of the blizzard of 2017. That we are enduring here. Outside of our Amber's studios where it's currently not snowing. The lake effect snow band has settled to the south it's crossing the buffalo metro area right now and I really all kidding aside. This one's pretty manageable folks but there is a lake effect snow band. It is settling across the metro area and should did dip into the south towns in the southern tier later tonight. But between now and what greater on the show and it's 7 o'clock this band of snow will be impacting. The very busy areas of the the mainline threw a between Williams will hold down political wanna and then through the buffalo metro area and if you see anything you wanna let us know what's going nine. By all means text us 3930 year gives equality 030930 move it to those calls. Coming up I'm Tim Wenger it's 409 WV EN in I've been speaking live with a Tom buy hourly he's live at. Gates he's at the hospital where on Friday. He may go under the open heart surgery. They could to delay that do some circumstances that time has been telling us about that. He's in the utmost. Best care here in buffalo and Western New York so. We're happy for that and then also on the line we've got David Bell via who is down in Florida and he's on his way back up from Florida. After said visit down there and what we're gonna do is talk with David here and then we gotta let him go cause he's gonna need to board a plane and then we'll. I'll be back with Tom and some phone calls. From people who wanna talk to him that David. A menu had a tough time here for the past several weeks. Watching your dad go through a long illness and then. I'm very sad to report to our listeners that your dad his past. Set time for you obviously in your family. Absolutely gut it out my dad was. Just. It's the perfect man today you know and I idolize him you know it it's it's crazy when you see. Them. My parents were from Jamestown battalions from Jamestown this before court Jamestown turned into a lap. There's a nice quiet day and still be Italians out there. Everyone's. Does that PS family there are two daughters and two sons. And these four siblings art just the best of friends they talk all the time. And so you know your answer your uncles. There're there party your life and and you see you they helped raise you in some way. And doubt but I'm on the debt has been together almost fifty years every single day. High school sweethearts. That I saw us and I'll be most. Perfect and storybook. Loves. And to see my mom. React to losing your best friend. It. It just aptly got you but I'll tell you the beautiful part is it'll amaze instantly and my Brothers are here. And we're gonna we're gonna take care and remember my dead. That you might as huge radio guy and I remember the out I was introduced to come by hourly. Talk about really good at sports show in the ninety's when the bills were amazing. And so I would go to school and listen to breakfast about hourly and then I would again Gil go home when my dad in here are wander. And my dad would talk to the radio and I would be like while if I want to press my dad. Comedy jam the Radio One of these days and the decision. Did decide to go to radio was really miss two to make my happy because he shot. Yeah it's the only time I get you know you're really shut out. I thought. You know and I did you know we talk a lot David but I didn't know the your debt that was such a fan of of radio in general and ended that he was paying such close attention. To the show with you and and that's awesome from afar and it's the beauty of you know all they did digital age with streaming etc. so he was plugin dollar that's. My dad would listen for hours a day. He would check in real time he would tell me a backdrop comes got a point here you're gonna look stupid you know he would he would literally give me play by play of everything mom and dad you can always tell me to stop jostling the bike which kind of annoyed me to be honest. But they'll bite my dad had died democratic critique and I loved them and Natalia is it sounds. You see it is it's so weird when would you see you're you're someone that you idolize. And you see them at their at the end of their life. And I gotta tell you this is a horrible experience. But the people hostage if there is any you know it's holiday time. That any opportunity that you could support hospice in Western New York. I gotta tell you these people are some of the most amazing human beings in the world they're strangers stick with your home. And they literally hold your hand while your loved ones you know leaves. And it I I just can't tell you how how beautiful they were and how important they are and really how they're they really should be appreciated more. Yet you know and do we've been through that I've been through that ended it is it's it's first of all as horrific as you've but you know now experience but. It is amazing. That the job with those people who you know every time you wanna complain about your job. I'll pinch myself and think about those people and I you know you have to be going through it in Florida that. Obviously you've got to amazingly talented and compassionate people and those same rules appear and it is remarkable what they do so I think it's great that you say that Tom are you still with us here. Larry I just wanted to. We're gonna let David go here before the next a break as wanna give you to the opportunity to. Go back and forth here could stymie or you're gonna be kind of fading away from hourly and all of the F for a few weeks issue I recover from your surgery on Friday. They came to you to better terms and fade away. When it's safe bet that you have to imagine these 24. Possible 24 transfusions. That everything about that status a lot and we talk about the surgeries all the time and how the technology has increased in everything. It's amazing. At the end of the day it's a really crazy to think about he'll stop in Cuba are working on the human articulate seen him putting me here there. We are blessed packet to be able you know it beyond the years ago. Something like this with a death sentence you were caught. And so they're extending life. Other doing amazing things and I look at my dad's 73 years old that just seems so young to me and it's creepy to think that because in Russia. You know 51 of the good life jobs debt. Yeah America that we're spoiled to think that. You know we're all of our relatives live to be 95. Yet time you know David brings up a really good point weird to speaking with the caller they're not too long ago who went through this in 1983 and oh my god the medical technology. For what she went through you know in 1983 to what you're about to go through. You know the end result you know you're after is the same but the way they do it now is just if it's remarkable I'm not belittling what your boss put to go through by any stretch it's a serious stuff but. The technology is amazing right. The the outcomes. What you do you can actually just if you look at the Arabs Turks on the line the outcomes were open heart surgery and bypassed. Has that improved dramatically via the mortality rate is not anywhere close to what it used to be. It'll. And advocate David's father was just far too young 73. Years old. And we live in a society now where you know eighty is it's the new AD but people are are hitting eighty more and more and more. And anytime we lose somebody in their seventies. If it's very difficult to Europe or in their sixties or you know god forbid that in the fifties especially. You know what it's. I know that this is so cliche about their cardiac heart disease is in fact. The silent killer. And good David Meyer obviously offer for the number of discussions about this and you know Dave good news is going to be going through the grieving process and he. It is you know obviously there will be good days there will be bad days because David for those who don't know was extremely close to his father and David stat was very very proud of the work they've been on the radio. My mum on the other hand are you Tom Bauerle mother. Who I I don't know whom you speak. I need an adult. But David is. David is going to be David is going to be fine you know both of us so all of us actually have. Experience. The depth of parrots or a parent and there's a special kind of a sadness the comes along with that. They had in some ways just a reminder of these to circle of life and the perpetuation. Of out of your DNA. The closing of one chapter and you realize that you take a different role in terms of the assembly totem pole this unit going for indicated to the elder statesman and so. Our guests the long story short everything is dynamic everything is changing and and I think we're all entering into different chapters in our lives and sadly sometimes entering into the new chapters that brings with a great deal of of sadness and and reflection. Yes David you know time is lost his dad I've lost my dad and I think what you'll find is. You're gonna go through obviously very difficult time but you'll remember your dad in such positive ways to you know things. Sounds like I think when you're working when you're on the radio you're gonna be thinking about him and I think that's gonna help me get through for sure. Well listen I Tom Tom was really sweet you know walked me through a lot of what to expect him. As Tom spot on and and you know I was shared would be some of the things that. That that you went through which you're dead with a BA in and and can be made to people that that helped him. Listen this is important to horrible spot and the girl the one thing that really. He had to change me when I was young might get hugs were like. I mean we were family I I told my dad I loved them I kissed him on the policy was at work Italian men weren't. I'm ashamed of I love for each other accidentally. And Stanley is is huge dust. And it's all you know billion Rand cam were all there are gathered around the bed were saying goodbye to where our father. And I have that the chance to have to move my dad the hospital bed and we were alone and he wrapped his arms around leaders kind of brace himself what to meet. It was so hard I had when I was six years old and against them by AB and I was able to just hold my dad like one last time and it was. It was a perfect ending for me and and it is what most things that you're that you're horrible but my that was a very religious guy. And I have never in my life I've seen some amazing Americans. Do some crazy stuff. For god and country and and now unfortunately with that you see a lot of tragedy and trauma and I can tell you what. A person facing cancer knowing that they are dying. Knowing that they have hours to live and they look at it hit it head on. That is equivalent of you know charge and machine gun nest that there's nothing different with fighting that fight. Then fighting terrorism and you know cancer survivors god bless you and support hospice. Sorry Dave you'll hear you on the air tomorrow and before really gonna just read a text. That just came in David's father was a great man everyone in Linden build new on he helped so many people as a dentist a friend and a Christian leader in the community. Bennett from Linda until sending men and godspeed David and have a safe trip okay. Thank you were talking peace that we love you go to the love you Lola obesity and some highly appropriate connection to commit. Of our solar. All right that is David go via joining us he's on his way back from Florida and all we can do is. Is that keep David in our prayers when we come back after a break here. Of updating traffic and weather more with Tom and some phone calls and then we'll move on to some other things it's afternoon. He's just a lot of heavy but important and amazing stuff this afternoon here on the radio for 22 at WB yen. And time to check WBE and traffic command Allen Harrison sure it is a busy one out there. Tom hourly as with us at 424 at WB ENN Tim Wenger in for buy hourly and Eliot Tom is in the hospital. In the best of care Ed gates where he'll undergoes some open heart surgery and have the long recovery period. David will be back here tomorrow on his way back from Florida after the passing of his father there's some people on the line here. A time that one a which use them. Well which well I should say and pass on from a Marxist is DJ and kind of winding you are on WBBM time hourly DJ. Yes whether it wasn't so annually is. Don't worry about the kids that are that I have. The ship for you when they go to. Skeptic can have that you're gonna whether it is still in play or. Well run over the can opener is made only go at that was stout. Authorities to immediately. Perry DJ thank you very much here's some advice for your time with the case. Well I'm not sure I only heard her legs up and it's. No I you know I can actually feel your wits and I can feel your way. If the hospital birth. This is I will be completely 100%. So dated on the implantation and the removal. Of the captor which is probably a very good for. Yeah and just before surgery when you are fully sedate and I do have some paperwork for you than him and have you signed up and theft at the fact. Eight Terry down in Texas Terry here on WBM with Tom buy hourly. Meg. Have. Any advice in that granting any advice like that and I'm Sarah court. Not Blair said the the end of spam my. Mine a lot. My grandmother so we understand it was a similar situation. And then that. Best wishes and everything on the auto you know you personally or anything like that but I though that's another show that August. And you got there like my buddies you know yeah it chose not to get sick and you know get your Bill Mueller and you know he's going to be a certain they'll come back and entertainment tomorrow man. Appreciate it thank you Terry we we do love our fans and well most of you know we we do lover France and your. Wishes and prayers are sincerely sincerely sincerely appreciated. You know that David didn't say things you have made are certain things that'll mean it and it's hard for me to be a little bit schmaltz and brought to our thank you it's. Totally appreciated. Right I know I keep doing this you want you wanna hang on for another. Absolutely. And if dress as we are in ratings if I do die on beer to. Oh boy you're gonna get out of that is going to be killer. There were recording of the off fair to just in case you who you know we wouldn't miss that can't. I just. It's the people we lost in 27 team I mean. I saw that on your video targeting and just a minute when we come back we'll have the update from a Mike Benjamin in the WBN newsroom with traffic with weather got that all covered. More with Tom hourly more with your phone calls at 8030930. It's Tim linger here on WB. Telecom power early in Tel Aviv today it's still linger in fourth hourly envelop the and a whole bunch of circumstances of led to this Tom Bauerle is live on the line he's from. He's down at the gates vascular institute Tom. If if you've been living under Iraq. Is is going to be undergoing. Open heart surgery and has been kind enough to join us for the first couple of hours on the show today from the hospital where a guy I tend to get it he's going little stir crazy so back to Tom. In just a minute David Bell via we heard from a little bit ago. Is uneasily back from Florida after a very sad it's set of circumstances that led to his his father's passing after a long illness. And our hearts bleed for David and and in our prayers out his family and I knew he'd join me in that. As well both common in the rest of our sister ship out there are so. Be thinking of David David by choice is going to be here tomorrow in this chair he's ready to get back to work so. David will be with us Tom unfortunately will not be able to be here but he's with us. On the phone from the hospital that time it's pretty cool your goodness I appreciate it. Well actually. I'd like to say that it's some great spring for really do grip I am bored out of my mind I figured you would be actually I'm actually delighted addressed it to do reduced. And you know it pivot if nothing else. You know obviously do that with the passing of David's father. It is a good reminder for people to make sure that they keep that iron out and any possible. You know an apology situations and in the one take away that no the reason you wanted me out here everything is very very important is for anybody who missed it earlier. When your body is giving you shortness of breath for no real reason when you are having chest contractions or or chest tightness. As it's sometimes it'll wet and away and then after waxes and ways it will. It will grow it'll be even more severe the next day and the one symptom that should be a dead giveaway in combination with all the pros and go about it our church is. A feeling of impending doom which I can't. And you know folks just please keep that in mind if you listen to the radio show and you think. That I have some reasonable degree of intelligence please think again I'm stupid. Don't be stupid like our words if you experience any of those symptoms. You'd need. To not pretend you're Superman. You need to not pretend it's asthma not pretend that's respiratory flu it's better to be safe than sorry teach yourself to the ER. Yeah I think a lot of us saw in in particularly as I pointed out earlier a lot of men just think you know if he could be something that will pass and a you know how often have we heard oh it's indigestion and you know it's amazing to me so. You know and it's cliche and it's true and you know mrs. nerd we went to Europe via urgent care facility that's an immigrant would whatever places debt. When the doctors said you know Tom you need to get to the hospital as a non political home. She walked out and she was not happy she's a lot smarter than I am but. Per intelligence was vindicated when it Calder about a power after a Serb. We need to get to a hospital heart attack. Lot of people on hold wanna talk few Tom hourly rate in Amherst you are on WB yen with Tom buy hourly rate. I just might want to police cheese. August when he first so a little to be some advice on non. What he experiences like. First oval take yourself. Any stressful situations. In. Including and do not view around naked people or angry people. Stressful to you. It will it will cheerio and the heart disease forty years. Circumstances Mir just that the quadrupled while it tests. I had doctor rose there. They gave you may be in the same. That I was on our rosters were the greatest art assertions in the country. They may be way. Five days my cardiologist. At of yet you were amazing. The scores are set to be months burglar in your shield. I'm here here's the experience. Actually elect pool. This year if you'll then they take should or should I go on and you go in. This yours so that they needed. That you won't remember literally weeks out. What happens you'll remember two weeks. The most comfortable for ordinary weakened so what do you go. Leaders that are inserted his most uncomfortable. Part coming up but it's not overly uncle. Yeah. You're. You know when taken now but it doesn't hurt. It doesn't really hurt that much when they take him out in its they count went to remake of my. And figure out so much. They re when was your surgery district timing. 21 book I waited on a Monday they let me go on Friday I would shop. Quadruple. They took one from my left arm. The mammary artery. From the heart. They the punctures they don't Fleischer political that in more than just punctured to a culture prize yum. But actually and micro surgery so you don't you're not that's ridiculous score at all he just several puncture. On the so for the first three to four weeks shall that the strain that they do you you'll literally. Walked and it. If you'll be sleeping in the recliner probably a reclining chair seven to ten days. That's the other singer had and other court. Open art people told me this sleep upright in a recliner. Or find video on television physiological reason for that and that is and as you will vote for the mr. eventually you're able to get more into your long in that position meant if you were supine approach are undersized. Correct so for the first ten days I I try to sleep. Regular after a couple of days and I have you know as you do. And it's literally woke yup. With the change in my chest and ethical ex sleeping in the fighter such greater thank you so much that you know what it's great advice and actually have a recliner at all so. That's gonna have been very can't be as far as the energy level you'd find that it is greater now than ever before. Yes what are you get timetables. Three to four weeks straight so that they be. Or six weeks. You'll find a dramatic. Sling shot of you starting to take your strength. Two months. You'll actually feel. Good you know to seal so the point where. You're. Here incisions are not itching so much and you'll feel your incisions pitching and are being out this stage you'll put two months. You'll feel really good now three months. In my neighbors and shops you know I was I was out more in my lord it two months. And I'm going bowling now it's three months. And the you'll see after thirty days of having restraint that the baby. You'll still slingshot my most important vices. Two things war and eliminate. Did you yourself at any stressful situation. Stressful kill you and to. Disability Rica. And saturated animal. From your diet that you can no more red meat no dairy. No no sugars the white flour rice to 400%. Or green grid. You know it but basically live on a diet of wild salmon. Turkey. Wild salmon and Turkey and organic chicken sausage where it all rate hospice. Sell it session people prefer positive outcome that. At any rate thank you very much for getting it's as some other cause I'm glad you're doing well on appreciate all of the advice for time okay. Are angry at the fifth it's amazing to have that much insight and advice from when your faithful their time. They absolutely have. And anybody who wants to add just go to Bauer the ability of FaceBook page or do put a post appear few days ago but hey what should I know botrus. Terry and as long as you're down there and give your camera up. Is this note is this no stop downtown. But it's. Did it start on time. I rates though it's. Yeah it's it's not do anything out here right now readers of the afternoon drive. I has settled in well let's move on now this is a bill out and Eden hey bill you're on WB Yemen Tom hourly. HM writes I am and I I heard the news and I'm just wanted to let you know then I'm thinking of you and I'm praying Soria. And on anybody that I can ask to pray for you I am. We got a lot entry I know it's and you would say you know Xavier period sort of like you know that the child with cancer down the hall and such like but. I'm we love each you mean I'm and I think you and they've been like my brother. I just want you all you always tell us about you guys know yourself well and we are often. Start this thing that we have to say that are important but. I love you and let David notes in her it's like Brothers and to dismiss all the best warrior and if you are I think it's something that you can do. Arm and then like you're going through this just offer it up and you've got through additional sometimes than we talk about. To stop for yourself. With Jesus because one plus infinity is suffering seniors suffering attention and mayor. So until I certainly you know I definitely appreciate. I appreciate percent of intermittent without going into my particular. Physiology. I think you're Jews is lord's prayer. There's a very important part of efforts by will be done at one of the hardest things that we crave as human beings is. If we are asking the almighty that our pit his will be done. That we have to accept the results even if we don't necessarily like them but we have to have stated that whatever the result that is what was intended to be so. I have vote. I don't have any long term troop additions about that but I'm very grateful for your prayers it's actually been proven scientifically that. People who were praised for even if they don't know after being prayed for have this statistically significant better outcome. Then those who have operated for. Which I find fascinating. Larry well you've got the prayers coming from bill bill thank you very much Martha is in Williams though he Martha you're on WBM with Tom hourly without. In Japan and I loved it and move them and you out of Seoul. January. Don't have cattle out against. Them from that certain conduct again. I'm saying. There have been certain. I would excel. The kind of sat. C a little to go if you haven't read or else. The point yes. But he stopped nineteen years ago and this and Jen broke my hand didn't. They don't like February 21 for the fans and everybody got. If you guys who have had children and our. Own Howard doctor sandy. He can't wait till he. Didn't call back the next cycle everybody has little. She said look if you have to look at that he would never kind of amnesty decree. Of the then that people older step. I tried to do Intel. I tried to let them know that I was solid acting was what they did it. I think particularly at Christmas time this kind of internal. That this bearish about deliberately. Try to get people that I eat out compared to discipline that their. But I tell you you know the governor and indifferent about and I had a chance. Betrayal and got that little. And not spend time. He actually excitement back then let compliance yeah. He didn't they just sit there and it was better stop bat. Carrie Martha thank you very much appreciate all that. Well my idea future bride is very very intent on making sure that I need to. Properly. Actually that's where we started cooking delicious healthy food together. I think remarked to a doctor roster. It's very interesting that. It would you know the past month we start eating broccoli and Brussels sprouts and then know that all that stuff went with some minor exceptions and of all the of all the time to find that you get pretty nasty. CPB for this trip he. It is ironic you have to laugh about it. Well I don't lose thirty pounds because you know I don't know it feel like we're in the field somewhere with you mean you can't lose thirty pounds that's Fisher. Oh. They Darcy up in Youngstown Darcy or WBM a time buy hourly. Eight RC hang on just a moment because they just made a bad for 53 at WB yen. We're gonna let time go in just a few minutes and then we can continue with your phone calls after 5 o'clock wishing Tom well. You're close encounters with some cardiac experiences will take those phone calls as well after the 5 o'clock hour. Wanna get a few more minutes in a few more calls with Tom let's get back to Darcy Darcy sorry about that you're back on the time hourly and WB yen. I think Tim you're gonna great outlook they're out. I am tonic it's what I wish you well and I have two things you can donate blood your name and you need so much of it. And what's. Priority why Rick since this late and I think it's happened Q what has become crystal clear mate it was. So much like what come into focus if you wanna share that pure. I think it's great that you're bringing this to the worker to them the same age issue and you think you're you're not. Well enough to have this happen essential elements somebody your age it does happen. Opens your eyes and allow yes yes. Yeah where there. And well actually just some of it look at it's always a good idea to donate blood if you'd like to directors or were just a work crystal clear. The reason for the delay in the surgery is sort of my platelet count gets to that level where we don't have to go through all of those transfusions. If they were to have done it yesterday or today before then we would have been talking that increasing their risk of extra liquidation exponentially. So. Are you tend not to be a big our Eric. Sometimes Arab leaders sometimes I'm not that term with all it would all blessings. I should be able to get through the surgery with only my own blood being used. This first things that have become crystal clear this might actually surprise people but. I actually do have a very strong faith in the in god and higher power at the almighty god the almighty so. I think if anything it's it's simply has solidified what can be worst. I know that surprises a lot of people given my language in the way I live my life prep. I have a very very strong. Trait that her peers will be done and out. Sometimes I think it's good to put that Padilla. Sometimes is good to put it to the test because anybody can say that when the times are good. I think true test of papers when. But things are so good when you do actually have a risk of realizing mortality. Do you hold on to that great or do you abandon it. So I think. That has just. Become more crystal clear then it was but it was already trying to crystal clear. Illinois have a chance to meet people liked picked gates gay vascular institute there's a guy. From Andover mass please the president of gates so he came over to see these things Christopher lane. Big fan of his radio in my thirty WBE and he offered as well wishers and the medical director and VP of buffalo general medical center doctor Colin McMahon although he is a term more rest guy. And I'm McLemore these guys. He was kind enough to what drop by and say hello. Offer words two. Of encouragement sort duke wanted to shout out to those gentlemen and really good you know and you know the other thing too crystal clear. I'm glad you brought that up front left and it gave shout out to Chris lane and are calling the man medical doctor is that. You know it it's so easy because we are searching practically divided country I've done my part to make that happen but because we are so practically divided. That when you see people of various backgrounds various persuasions various ethnicity is. And they are all working together for one common goal and that is the betterment. Of the health of the patient it is very reassuring in these periods due distant times that. People from such disparate backgrounds can focus on the common purpose and make things better for all of us. Terry Tate Tom Morgan thank you very much Darcy for the call by the way in that time nominally go get some rest and which all the best will be in touch obviously as we have been and I will keep watching for the updates on FaceBook and the buy hourly and they'll be a page. Is you choose to to that thank you so much for the time. I just what they gotta tell the American backer fire glow. 366. String a thought that was a beautiful gesture. And you're gonna love the recliner we have in the studio waiting for you I. Monday are Tom buy hourly and WB and time thank you so much we are think in him about you pray in Korea. And that you are going to be just fine and you are in the best place that you can be that is Tom Bauerle here on WB ENN. When we come back. Got some people on hold. Continue your well wishes for Tom buy hourly and also share your closer to close encounters if you can't summon your fan earlier personally. With cardiac here Tom you know went through this just over the past couple of weeks and obviously came to ahead. On Sunday any at you know we had a cardiac event he had a heart attack. And he's going to have open heart surgery. Well means I give us a call and let us know which your close encounter with cardiac care was and I you can continue to wish Tom well. And send him your warm thoughts here on news radio 930 WBN at 8030930. And star 930. The latest on the weather in the latest in news with Mike beggar in next year and WB. He then.