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He report from the prince of Pennsylvania grand jury. How about. The allegations of of sexual abuse in the church there's cores instruments a lot of stuff going on here in buffalo I know you're a big supporter of the child victims at that can really help these victims. Is this something that that really needs to be pushed I know it's it's hasn't got its way to the senate for many times what's the progress being made. A cosponsor of the child victims act I have been calling for its passage. For years. And Republican majority has failed to even bring it to the floor of the senate for a vote. And that in and of itself is unacceptable and despicable and when you see the allegations of child abuse that is taking place. By hundreds and the thousands across our community across our state across our nation. And there is the ability to prosecute. These. Child abusers. And it can't happen because the statute of limitations has run out in the child victims act will fix that. And they were allowed to come to the floor for a vote it is absolutely. Unacceptable and wrong and that's why we need to get it passed. As soon as possible. He has. Child. Sexual. Predators need to be held accountable to the highest extent of the law. In only have to pass a child victims act to allow law enforcement to do just that. To allow our district attorneys to prosecute these sex criminals to allow the attorney general to prosecute. These individuals. That have stolen. The most sacred thing from our children and our community and across the state and to think that. A bill that is so important to so many won't even be allowed to be come to the floor for a vote. It's just unconscionable. It's wrong and we have to continue to fight get the message out there and work to get it to the floor for a vote get past. Get signed into law immediately. So that we can give these victims. Of childhood sexual abuse the closure that they. Mead and that they. Finally. Ultimately will get because they deserve. Another thing is that this grand jury found a lot of an instant information I know there's been some people that the advocates here in this area that in pushing for similar grand jury. Here in New York do you think that's something. It. Here. This it would have been. They. So the grand jury do you think that's the thing that. Do you think that the minister be done in New York as well the a grand jury possibly review. I think any way that we can expose. Bees. Child predators. It is time well spent in its the right thing to do these sexual predators need to be called out that it exposes. And they need to be held accountable. To the fullest extent of the Hamas in the way you can do that immediately. Passing the child actors act.