Ticks and Lyme Disease 930in716 May 4, 2018

Friday, May 4th

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It's 930. In 716. We are here today to mark Lyme Disease awareness month. And with that warnings about ticks. Not all takes the strains that. Carry Lyme Disease and not all it takes that could carry Lyme Disease do carry Lyme Disease I'm Jim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of Mer. C a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. It is Lyme Disease awareness month and there are some practical warnings and things you really need to know. How to protect yourself from tics no wind to seek medical help. And what to do if you suspect infection with Lyme Disease. Well it's at an infection by eight bacteria drilling effort to flurry and that usually is carried by ticks. Doctor Gail burst scene is the Erie county health commissioner and I talked with her. An awareness event at Ryan seen woods and appeal on the subject of ticks and Lyme Disease. And so I that's why we advising people if they've been outside in the warm weather wit there's act when your grass or shrubs. It if it's too hot meat we we it will get alarmed this summer that's what I'm hearing. And it might be very uncomfortable where like long shirts long pants. I mean you make sure they use some good affected except how soon the EPA has there of registered insect repellent on their website. Usually on the most common insect repellents that are available on the market contains deet. And C wanna make sure that you get aid insect repellent that it we. 20%. People in the past have been worried about absorption and tax city from that. But it's maybe you know unlikely that it's getting go through the theory year of your skin so even children as young as two months of age and I have to apply to their skin is set to make sure it doesn't it in anybody's. In the mouth in their eyes their nose or treat don't put it over it was sore Cutler's broken skin but otherwise it's it's very very safe. You also there's some other things it they can do to protect yourself. We had from from getting bitten from takes. When you you come back from playing out jurors are being outdoors. Make sure you do it ticked checked and I you know not just that your skin exposed areas but it takes a little sentences like to crop. A thinks dark warm places in your potty so check under your arms your drawing. And charity check your kids too if they were outside and also another added protection justice you know to shower beat. After being outdoors so if there is like a little ticked and especially this type this this time of year in the ticks are out Indians in the air is actually small as poppy seeds that they might be difficult to see. Hopefully he'll watch and knocked it if UB. And im sure that you know house a year and a your pets are protected top tier that about what type of collars are in town each use. And then I if you'll be aware of symptoms of Lyme Disease so. You know usually. You most people they get Lyme Disease it's in the first thirty days and it's easily treated with a course of very common antibiotics. Probably taken before aren't like them a taxi like an arm axis. And that that feat this stems usually are people presented them usually around at me after they were bitten. They can develop fevers. Aches and heat seeking to subpoena muscle keen balloon Kean it's swollen lymph nodes and acting in their crying. You know really bad headaches and is it like classic rafts that we usually see associated with Lyme Disease not everybody gets thrashed with Lyme Disease so just because. You don't have the rest as the you know him Lyme Disease. You know it starts off is that a red blacks usually the area where you didn't. And then it expands and date the central area is clear is so it looks likable side that's like really classic Lyme Disease. So I mean you know a few things you mean have had Mimi have Lyme Disease she talked your health care provider and you know about getting a course of antibiotics to get treated for Lyme Disease. And if you do find it take on your body he might make sure that you re move its allies in the safely and correctly and and Al the appendages. So you can I go to the higher Erie county Health Department website at new York state health department's website at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And there are they pamphlets and videos about how to remove it takes. And basically take tweezers and you hug and take with it tweezers you gently rocket back. Four until all the appendages are removed and washed up this tree get everything off and is it like panic mode though I mean if I had when onion. Well then you know you are at risk of getting Lyme Disease but it doesn't mean you definitely will get Lyme Disease not. Not all takes the strains that carry Lyme Disease and not all takes that could carry Lyme Disease do carry Lyme Disease. And years to really needs to be latched on to a person for a good 36 to forty hours before. At person is infected with Lyme Disease so it to the bottom line is just because you find it take nine year doesn't mean you definitely are getting get Lyme Disease and we know that with all the emerging and it attic resistance that we haven't our community it's it's really not apply ice to get as you start a course of antibiotics if you don't feel ill. You're at me medicine has side effects easily be taken for their goods at a fact that they all have bad side effects to an especially with kids down. Note like that at most Conning kind of in on medication. We pleaded problems seen emergency departments. Is it leading to an idiotic allergic reactions Stevens Johnson so. You you know these she shouldn't take him if he don't. We've you know I've kind of taken myself after being outside for runner never him out you know in you know walking here right seamless. And I you know properly get the ticker and match and get off of me. I mean. Do week to find out if I'd develop symptoms are like those he's someone mean now I would wait to see if you develop symptoms mean if you feel well and you probably don't have Lyme Disease and you know you don't need any type of treatment. And especially me if you you're pretty sure that he didn't have a take and you beat you before your run your rocking and you find it afterwards it's. It was probably only there for. You know those number of hours that you're out and so it's extremely unlikely to play to his longevity I heard you guys write stress that. Right so that that take tests to be latched on for at least 36 to 48 hours before it's evil to transmit the me bacteria that causes Lyme Disease as I mentioned you met some people afflicted with Lyme Disease and it's very tough difficult disease. To deal with and overcome them. There's some controversy in the medical community to its batteries properly. Either diagnosed or once it's treated there's some some problems in the medical examiner and. Raids so I'd chronic Lyme Disease is aids by definition out Lyme Disease that hasn't been treated or persist. For longer than thirty days and that's from EC sent you pretty serious complications from Lyme Disease so. In the east basically it's the immediately continued you know the joint pain to develop our greatest. People can get them meningitis type syndrome isn't terrible headache and stiff neck. On the can develop and l.'s policy which is we plan a year facial paralysis on one side. On people can get shooting Irv keen. On B people can have heart problems and cardiac involvement. On that causes them to develop shortness of brats are you very fast heart rate palpitations. So it you know Lyme Disease can cause a lot of serious chronic problems. So it chronic Lyme Disease is a controversy in the medical literature. The you know fire. Ability to diagnoses and re eight. And the you know they did that recommended treatment isn't always effective. And the other side there are a lot of people who believe they have chronic Lyme Disease it. Mean not really have chronic Lyme Disease and there are also. If physicians out there that abuse evidence based care and there are physicians out there that. Say tell people you can't give me thousand bucks and well pretty honest treatment that's not evidence base and and down and since then day has suffered any complications and it's it's it's it's that difficult is. Country inn and medicine extremely but I am I guess the real take away here for most people is if you are outdoors if you notice it takes the at tech I knew your children or your pat. Get rid of it quickly properly and you're probably gonna be okay and and keep mindful of your symptoms. Sure are and even headed that make sure that you take precautions before you that side to cover your your skin is as best you can. And the areas of exposed skin and make sure you cover them with a good insect repellent. And again I'm keys let's say they have all that registered insect repellents that should be effective. Angle for hike. Cher I didn't bring my hiking issues didn't cover up everyone and stay alert that Monday. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.