Thoughts On Passing Of M&T CEO Bob Wilmers - Tony Masiello


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As we remember buffalo banking and business icon Robert well nurse who passed away suddenly this weekend we're joined now by former buffalo mayor Anthony messy Ella. Tony Gloria. I'm doing well and Merry Christmas happy. Yeah UT you sound great lesson you mayor until 2005. So they're gonna show issue the length of time in influence. That mr. plumbers had on this community talk about that. As. Well Bob Bob was a very giving person. Contrary to what people may think. The generosity. Are every aspect the ball forward Western New York. And can be he'd made that he not only the great corporate giant idiot boards but also you put it she would they start. You would theory supported. Best seat heavily in education are cultural institutions. Small businesses. Eat just headed gym with genuine law pro ball forward action for our community that was second to not. And up from everything we're hearing it went well beyond banking and business. Well that my quite Brian I mean. Mr. I I spent a lot of time problem both professionally and personally. Ed EE EE it's such a picture pro ball low. That he EU's hit the base. Resources is sold large jets. To make awful better. Investing and are called to making sure that they have the best leadership. You know what he did a media. In the university district. Proof read the schools there are making sure that the charter school and other institutions of higher learning. The very best in leadership and edit financial support. Absolutely yeah you bet it the big money and in a lot of businesses rob Western New York. The strip in the ability for people look to work or make a living to make a profit. So he was a very giving person he wasn't out front. It was a factual ever leper he wasn't somebody who was boisterous he he's very calm very thoughtful. And buried furrowed as well intentioned the ball or questioned New York. Tony his passion also included. Education and he was very involved with the buffalo school port wasn't. Very bobbled the ball we'll school board he wanted the very best leadership you understood the importance of what public education forum meant to the future workforce diversity that neighborhood or city. But he also invested heavily in the promise neighborhood. Neighborhood up at the university district your university of buffalo. He he. You don't read sources that are on the charter school. Cope on Doug. The selection of higher read the very best that teachers to bitch at people there. So you don't it is imprimatur his every word Western New York in I can't say enough about what a good heart he Ed for the people are mean. How would you characterize it would it be rare for somebody of that wealth to have that much of an impact in other people other businesses. You know I don't I can't speak for other people about my own personal knowledge about it that he wanted to make it differ he would let. You know play actually. You get where we're faulted to a lot of strange that other people prayer would not do. So used to is influenced by the actually is used in him coolant with a don't financial resources and that they explode they should be sources. It make it different to people liked it and that set earlier. But I wouldn't somebody who wanted to. A pat on the back in what is somebody who won the election while he quietly behind the scenes made a difference. And to him that's what he wanted most for. City that you look your best. Buffalo very lucky that Bob Willis decided to live here. And Tony thanks so much we really appreciate it. Well out so I cheered for both review and and it's been awhile since I've been WB yeah but I still watches it all that I wake up to every. Great to clear. Thanks Sony that's former buffalo mayor Anthony Massey Allen.