Therapy Dogs Will Be At Lehner Visitation - Gina Browning


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Visitation for officer Craig leaner begins today in Hamburg. At three in the afternoon were joined now by Gina Browning of the SP CA and it might be wondering why Jean is joining us now to talk about the visitation. Let's because early therapy dogs at the leaner viewing Gina thanks for joining us send. Could you kind of like give us an idea of why these therapy dogs were invited to come along today and tomorrow. Market something it can't we've been doing do our part a lot program or koehlke. Weak hand trained dog and handler at that. Acting calm and capital rehab facility. Our recently around me and arrogant and am more man you bring Eric B dot Q you now currently. Horrible activists that the mom like he had the day it they're catching fire. At that point at last month and are in you don't the National Funeral Directors Association and a bit nation like our goal. And more than half of people what Eden memorial at mr. funeral arrangements with life. Therapy dog or act memorial services or funerals. Well we parted dealing and then last year you know apparently there had predicted. Particular that our court leader of the program reached out here funeral parlor at vanity. To ask am. Of the opposite of being beat at that heavy air speed off on me memorial services or act the way. It extremely interest won't feel weak sat out 46. Working hourly Schatz who will be actively engaged and that another big he called it the week out. Not so they they've provided comfort right. We do and a lack. Pakistan feel good and I want blocking an eighteen can make everything that. What and a lot can do it provided comfort it needy. I'm an evil yeah would be able to get their comfort any other way they are are talented who welcomed on him I think he is anxiety journeys and there are courts that some. Who let the dogs command because that helped the children have the act or it. Think of domestic violence that up for the camera justice and we bring that they're not well. Now our program without a sense that it's just how he can pull it elevates mood now all of this is there I mean they just people are distraught. Being paid over the next two days and we get on our random act to provide some comfort and candy and act and amateur talent here that we asked shall we ran an animal if they're trained air it balance ears with Trane air begun. Old and then hot to learn and if people are little uncomfortable and repeat after me no way. You know that we former McCain and why that is going to be showing up you know to keep airfare you can't wait for the pain I'm not. But genetic canine not meet these air at air Kirk vary differently and the current jobs. To walk up you had in Chicago that it's not like it and I thought that there yet but there he thought it. Now how much of the idea to bring therapy dogs too good deed visitation today and tomorrow came from. Cleaners involvement in the canine unit. Well I think Paul and clearly this man loved animals and that other we're hearing about it as an effective between NN dot and it's not encounter between McCain and handle on and off the back. Iriki airy and I. Yet but we're hearing so much about how hard to me he claimed that with another canine handler. Clearly heat. And how might he pick it up I'm sorry for the family who loved and what was traditional love animals and alma may a they are and we click the contour balance here and within about fifteen and it. Had one and that people I'm eating and you show that this in the community that much together. That is amazing and she can you talk about the decision we heard that they will be including shields missed the the canine dog of officer Langer. He will be used as a significant role in Wednesday's funeral YAY you think that's so important. Well I know clearly there's a similar I'm Mary something for all of us to learn from the importance of this striking his client side. I get when it comes to we'll let your second Iran Kurt and I think that there is definitely a level of understanding on the part of the dot with what's going nagging at eight. So you think the dog is creeping. It's at I think you're right and I think it is thought you know if there's and going to act and act like he is important to the Don. And give it to the camera members and friends of the officer who. World we have yet I'm in intensity gap I tell I think it's mutually beneficial if such a bad situation annually providing comfort. It's super important and dissimilar from the hip and I got there eagle actual. I also think that the power that is going to shoot somehow prelude to a level of understanding for the top. Parent that is Gina Browning of the SP CA joining us talking about the dissertation happening today and tomorrow for officer Craig cleaner. There'll be about seven V therapy dogs who working between today and tomorrow. Helping people cope with though would spend very sad a week and a half.