Thanksgiving Travel Underway - Ryan Burrow


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For many people it's getaway day today heading out to go see family friends whoever. For the Thanksgiving holiday we go line down to Chicago we're joined by Ryan Borough Ryan. A lot of times people around here complain about the traffic complain about some of the delays especially around the holidays. But I cannot get over I know you're in Chicago it's not quite as bad there. But these images out of Los Angeles firm yesterday of all the traffic I mean there's not any space in between these cars on the freeway. Yeah I almost in the here's if it and couldn't rattle around the country yesterday. You wouldn't a black guy. That was supposed to eat eat more travel time yeah our. I'll bet you one million Americans traveling this holiday eat them according to Ole motor club. 90% of them out there. You hit by car a lot of people haven't they also later bye particularly Alpert. And that's why we saw was the political multiplier and who work he. About the spirit your call normal wire that we are traffic volume. Iron. They eat here as opposed to another case of Tom it is a competent people to not work you're doing your normal commute. Are the crap but it still is out there and it is at a holiday in court all the people now to our program without out. And if they're not driving their flying I know Atlanta is the one of the biggest ones of the nation's Chicago or here right after that. What are you seeing there. Yeah out right now I'm at O'Hare and a checkpoint over the long despite still pretty earlier I 5 o'clock in the morning so. I think he's really haven't wrapped up what are you don't or can't relate to wait wait always. And that he had EX factor on holiday travel like that aren't getting is one of the top travel days of it and you can hear it. Our goal is going to be the pick yet. As part of a bigger prepare about what it. Million travelers I will ask you security checkpoint they are. Point three million off if you are at the airport packed and a couple great delight and company. Yeah I guess gas prices aren't that big of factor because we're seeing gas prices increase and travel increases well. Yeah exactly it seems to go or. You're pretty comparable to our economy are feeling more secure about their jobs here at a higher level than the current reality when it. Let's not deterring people from traveling on what we're seeing those worries he a high volume of Kabul maybe you'll. And that YEE airline we're going to the prices down about. 13%. From last year so important. Why other than a little more or perhaps a little more I don't know a little bit more. Last. I'm very good Ryan stay safe out there have fun at the airport Ryan Borough looking at Thanksgiving travel for us this morning.