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Joining us live in the studio a.'s market in the square shipped him Mars in work talking. Thanksgiving here on WB EN Turkey perhaps everything you need to know and Tim I mentioned for all of you with the market square and not just your department but. It takes to busy day write this today as there is kind of business day of the week it's been a busy week all week on. I'm not a Turkey being caught is probably and that cook right around 400 pounds of Turkey this week. Along with all the improvements the stuffing mashed potatoes sweet potatoes. I mean mayors office he worked first source I think and earlier and is going to be is it cheating to buy the Turkey pre cooked from a place like you don't edit all you know. Sometimes. And you're busy work the work week on you and your lifestyle. It's easier just to pick it up does no harm in their abysmal foul. I'm sometimes it's no Molitor Turkey yet anything I can deduct sir Bob. Sometimes there's this one or two people at home we don't really need that whole Turkey we can provide that they're complete Turkey meal for two people report people. How many people mess up their own Turkey and now they're coming to the pro investigator right sometimes people are pretty and intimidated and that cook a Turkey it's it's a big. Imposing looking bird but it's really rather some simple cook locked up what. Kind of mistakes to people make I was looking at FaceBook yesterday I have a friend who. Who's going through recipe books one by one and Lola do all these really fancy recipes in the post results on FaceBook. And even she admitted that the other day doing batch of chicken soup she toss in what she thought was the knack. But it turned out to be that Bagwell. Jim books and stuff and it and it expanded and suddenly realize you look down you see oh my gosh there's a piece of plastic down there. I there's similar kind of mistakes that people need to worry about when their cooking a Turkey what what can go wrong I mean you've you've put in a roster to put in the oven your weight right. I'm true I'm a lot of people have made that mistake and left the bag of give glitz and the Turkey when they they cook it. A lot of people don't cook it long enough and it comes time put on the table and it's still rock you need to cook at approximately fifteen minutes per pound. If you want to use a meat from amber to make sure. A lot of people have been terrible it's a pretty heavy birdie got to be careful makes you got a panel with hands because many of turkeys have ended up on the kitchen floor over the years. We're talking Turkey this morning September Marsden is with us from the market in the square. Everything you need to know about that getting have prepped ready for the next day's big cooking of course if you have a question you'd like us to ask him. You can texted to us at 3930s. With us for a couple of segments spouse will get to those questions. Wanna go a little controversy here though. There's probably big debate many families where do you weigh in plain old roasted Turkey brine Turkey or put it on the friar and the and the India side here. I'm a traditionalist or panel and women go at the roast Turkey have had fried turkeys they're good they're skins nice and crispy. On the inside is very moist. It's a dangerous thing to do we gotta be careful when your Friday and in your backyard Aaliyah. Making caused a lot of difficulties. Some people are very big in the brine and the Bryan is really just from marinade. It's odd I've had it once or twice and it it does change it makes a lot moist air. But the flavors a little different side. At pioneer it's it's really just assault in the water sultan stock mixer so it does change some flavor I'd like a traditional roast Turkey. Talk a little bit about the here chef how does that work because to my mind salt would poll hold water out and then you'd have a drier Turkey. But it doesn't necessarily end up being the case I know is that the case that the assault mr. him for some reason sort of closes that this scan. And keep some moisture inside. You're Turkey ill take old less time to hook if you brine it using its frank from like 824. Hours. Now. Are you surprised. That so many people go the frying route you mention how dangerous it can be if you don't really know what you're doing. So many people don't know what they're doing cooking a Turkey in the other if they wanna stick in the deep Fryer. It's been it's been a new wave for the past and all half a dozen years or so. It's something different it changed up a holiday. On some people get bored with just a roast Turkey. All right here's a couple of questions coming in our text line and if our listeners out there that would like to I add their two cents you can do it at 3930. Stuff first question how many pounds per minute to microwave Turkey would you even do that. Don't you must have a very large Mike waiver are really small herky. I don't have any clue to be honest with the how many minutes per pound in a microwave but if you're gonna attempt that. I think you probably should come see me at the market in the square let me help you out right now what about just a regular on stuff 35 pound Turkey another question here what in temp a law. I'm a little unorthodox elect to start my Turkey out upside down at 375. Degrees for an hour. And then flip back over. And then load it temperature to three and a quarter and you're looking at roughly around fifteen minutes per pound and send technique and aired that flipping it around did is that something you recommend everybody does serve is gives us something like. Well what it would it does is like that but aggressor UC dry and it gives a chance to defect from the size and the and the lakes to drip down into the Turkey. It is for an hour. And it just makes that white meat a little bit moist now here is so one question that's probably a pretty important one that a lot of people are little unsure of where do you put it. The thermometer in the Turkey because I'm guessing placements probably pretty key in getting an accurate read. You wanna take more than one reading you wanna take reading in the but the rest deepen in the center of the press but you also really wanna put it into the the thigh. And it makes her doesn't go all the way into the cavity. Because that'll be the last part that really coax out we're talking Turkey at a tomorrow chef Tim are stem from the market in the square. Answering all your Turkey related questions and Tim I didn't know there could be so many Turkey related questions are you surprised at all you turn around so all the questions pouring in is this a typical Thanksgiving. I think is typical everybody has questions like I said that there are people get really nervous as an imposing Tom Burt to cook although it's a rather simple process that people always have a lot of. Questions and read before the outbreak before we stereotypes Karen at the White House there you said you sort of use this on orthodox way. Some people are having us wanting to have us repeat it. Butcher bird and take me through the process time on one side and the flippant tiny more to. Is how much do you average one image he rants of bird really good put it in grossing panda has Iraq so it's above the juices. Heather oven preheated 375. Degrees put it breasts down cook it for an hour. Flip it over lower temperature at three in a corner. And and that flipping does what. That's slipping does for allows that moisture that fat from the of this size in the lace it dripped down in the press and it helps keep that that burden. Moist. Now there's some questions as to stuffing the Turkey people want something maybe besides stopping to put in the Turkey making it moist it is there anything besides stuffing. That downward if that you can use a rice. SP. No it's stuffing and dressing goes on sale I'll I'll check at a still to stuffing even if it's not stuff the gravy is something you mentioned is. Being something people kind of take for granted in mess up every now a man. It can be hard to make on the gravy from there drip means to get imagery of the green so stripping sewed a visor of your gravy is going to be heavy and oily. You can make it simpler to do agrees that season a little salt and pepper though those Jews that down below that Turkey and a little Turkey stack. Stick with a little chords start. But it's always good. Have a couple jars are packets in Turkey gravy on the side because you never have been upgraded one of the questions are text line what to do with the jobless my mother in law uses them in her gravy. The gravy is great the tablets I'm not a real fan of what you do with Jim let's. If it isn't just like you or your mother in law does he can use him as base to make a stock. Enhancer gravy but it is also a season this poem out and throw them away or there's no such thing as a stupid questions somebody asks. How low. You flip the Turkey do you just grab it was a mother met some flip it over you could on this is if you take a long handle spoon put it inside the cavity. Grabbed the back into the Turkey with the parrot cons and just quickly just flip it over we're joined by market in the square shaft Tim Marsden talking all about your Thanksgiving dinner and taking your questions on the tax line this morning we want to trying gates whose many of your questions as we can so. That's him while we just start with this the best way when you're all done to refrigerate. The Turkey I mean is this person over thinking it to just put a plea stick in the fridge. You could put the plate and stick indifference for a day but that has hub bigger crowd you're having your house. You can di bona ticket separate the lakes and the wings. A separate the press meet. Put impact is that appropriate for your your family and pop right in the freezer. We've got to know a couple more questions coming in on the text line two of them are similar here. One person asking Kenny Turkey breast of Turkey. Be slow cooked overnight if so what temperature. Another person says that they've basically taken a 27 pound bird put in the oven at eleven at night and then cook it 200 degrees over the entire overnight. Slow cooking is that something that that you would even recommend. What let recommended it it would probably work good that the cook the Turkey breasts well overnight and lowered all depends how heavy that is. On that made dry out you know you have to have a lot of stock in the bottom of that pain in those ways it might dry out a whole Turkey good duet you're gonna have to come. If you want that brown Chris outer skin you're gonna have to turn up somewhere at the end of the process. Now when I made that Turkey last year my wife did something that I'd never heard of before it slammed their day in mandate somebody's texting in. That there wife is always had him rub softened butter all over the Turkey. He says I thought it was just oil. There's really a million ways to do this there there's a hundred on ways to go to FBS and never heard of the man days down I didn't either until last year I turned out great I have heard of it like with grilled cheese because the mayonnaise burns at a a different point than the oil someone your frying something in the skillet I've heard of using managed to kind of adjust that I've never heard Turkey's. I guess it it works. We depending on what your recipe calls do you trust the recipe even if it's something that you might not be used to. That it's a new recipe never tried before you gotta you gotta try it out I'll have to try the man is just that just to see what is it it looks like and how it taste. Com I used just out of oil salt and pepper on the outside the Turkey you can use butter. From it's really a more of a personal choice I think two more off the text line here one person saying other than stuffing look that put the Turkey that would enhance the flavor. Another person asking about using aromatic things like celery and onions. I used to doing we hadn't yet talked about ages he wants I've put the Turkey back over I used to put aromatic around and values salary. Carrots and onions big news and garlic cloves if you prefer and that will just enhance the flavor of the Turkey and also the trip means down below in studio with this is chef Tim Morris in the mark kick in this square take your questions on everything having to do with Turkey in the spread tomorrow Tim a lot of questions and I'm pouring into our tax line. All morning long and a couple of them having to do with. Cooking the Turkey in an oven bag now personally. He's getting weird it out anytime an oven bag has to be used there's something about putting a bag in the oven just doesn't seem right says the had any experience with Turkey in a bag before. Yes that I've caught many hold on boneless Turkey breast and bank. On it's an official way cook and I don't see any downside to food except. You have to at some point toward the end open that bag up on the keeps it Turkey nice and moist but you wanna and that brown color to the outside the Turkey for appearance sake. Talk a little bit about side dishes we haven't had a chance to touch on that what you big secret or is there a special recipe that you do that to the average home cooked. Doesn't necessarily think of there is there's a lot of different recipes out there I keep it fairly basic. I don't like the basics stopping with the celery and onion and butter you can add just about any ago agreeing to the stuffing. All right has used to work for a gentleman and always an Italian sausage and walnuts and apples and raisins. I'm so you can take that and just funny direction you like to go I just. I think you've touched on a controversy in an in our household and and I hope relatives analysts think. We like many families will go to one family one side and the in laws later and and and one side in particular there's always kind of battle. Everyone wants things to be traditional look and one personal bring something that's really out of the box. And sometimes it works for other times people look at him and say. You know just where is where's the green beans in the Campbell's soup stick with it stick with the regular stuff how do you weigh in. I I use he stick with a regular sup is that I can't do the green beans and and it must from soup. Comment like my green beans system lately glance inside Tate a little salt separate Tutsi garlic maybe. But the you've got to have the basic sweet potatoes whether their master with a lot of roast him in the oven as a different apps and gotta have mashed potatoes. Of course you gotta have cranberry in my house we've got to have the old. And can only a little drills on the plate they're absolutely ring I don't play it seems like a clip that it. The recipes might differ from family the family but around Thanksgiving time it's always the same traditional things you see on the table every year. Yes it has its user always traditional I think most people it's hindered us and holiday it's that holiday for family and friends to get together. And he is he keep it fairly basic and simple and some continuity aren't the desserts the only time people get kind of exotic that's always the mystery you know what pie is going to be on the table. If biamby almost always have to have a pumpkin pie and now hi. And it might my dad was still alive he always had to have a mincemeat pie but we use him mix it up you know for me up for a haven't dessert I need chocolate. You'll have like a chocolate fudge cake I'm more have opposed cheesecake on the table but you've got to have the pumpkin pie for. Those people that are a 100% traditional here's another one for the tax like how do you prevent the live from sticking to that by play. I am Seth not a Bakker yeah I don't I don't have that secret necessary to have to ask filled out how to market. But I think if you pay us spray that little hand release. Is to come out without no problem is that isn't the best way to do it to pick up a pint somewhere like the market in the square meaning how many times how life easy is it we're been talking Turkey but. Messing up upon I seems way easier than messing up the Turkey. It probably has once again out of baker but you know we have a great scratch bakery at the market in the square and they've got just about any kind of variety of high you'd be looking for. I wanna jump back to what appears via a controversy brewing here on the tax line Jim but CA or no one says if he throws up the gym but he's not a cook. Another says they like to give digit list of cat they deserve it people don't and third person says no eat the jobless. Well again you're gonna have your opinion or hum that we talked briefly earlier you hate to throw out food city could use again bliss to make a stock. On to use for a soup down the line or something different with them. But I don't have any desire to need to get those and say you don't actually eat and and I don't think I can't I. Doesn't sound like something that would go down nice and easy that is shot Tim Larson from the marquis in the squared joins us live in studio. We appreciate the time and everything we know it's a very busy day. Over there are where you are at the market square just about every market around Western New York so we thank you for coming out and hate Tryon I guess keep it. Sane over the Herron for the rest of the day. While everyone's busy doing their Thanksgiving shopping okay thank you very much for having me have a happy Thanksgiving and happy Thanksgiving to you to shift him from the market in the square joining us.