Thailand Rescues 930in716 July 10, 2018

Tuesday, July 10th

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It's 930. In 716. Nobody thought it was possible for the first ten days of this search. Every thought there would even find that they had lost hope it is truly a remarkable ending in Thailand. Mean that little bit and collected in the national effort had been. Remarkable. Thailand's Navy SEALs say all twelve boys and their coach have been rescued from a cave ending an ordeal that lasted more than two weeks. Three ambulances their lights flashing all seen leaving the side of the flooded cave where rescuers have been involved. In an all out effort to rescue the members of the youth soccer team. And their coach trapped deep within. ABC's George Stephanopoulos with a special report as the news became known. He should be endlessly in the scene right there wanna go straight to Matt Gutman. On the scene that. A good morning George incredible piece of news that I bet. Never in the history of medicine have people in this country and around the world been so happy to see boys brought out in ambulances. But that's the way it is here you can see the enormous relief. Among these troops in the soldiers behind me we're still waiting to see. That twelve ambulance and thirteenth ambulance carrying the last boy and the coach but the fact is from the Navy SEALs the Thai Navy SEALs they report. They are out of the cave and out of harm's way now nobody thought it was possible for the first ten days of this search. Nobody thought it would even find that they had lost hope so many did. And then they found them but they couldn't figure out a way to get them out because it had twelve boys in there who were weak emaciated. And didn't know how to swim mini only way out of that mile and a half long elaborate and being came. Was through underground passages in which you had to scuba dive so they taught them how to swim that taught them how to dive. And today finally success for the hundreds actually thousands of support staff. In that mountain right behind me at the mouth of the cave who've been camping out there for so long. It is a tremendous. Moment here in Thailand park to understate the whole country coming behind that right now from doing what we know Matt. The boys and pretty good shape. Yet they seem to be pretty good shape about what we hear from health officials here the first eight that have been brought out of already arrived at the hospital. Are doing fine two of them are suffering from pneumonia but that's pretty pretty even easily treatable and then we have to see the state of the last four boys who came out plus the coach George. But for now some very good news all twelve boys plus they're coach have been rescued from a cave in Thailand. Oh cool. Nine diet rich went into that game today. WBN's Susan Rosen Brian has aroused he were alive with Joseph he Cho minutes. After the final rescues were completed. That was nineteen divers. Went bad at 10 AM local. And they came out earlier than expected and we now have all wild boy but the thought that codes. Let me and they're safe and sound. Yet the the pace today was that expected did that catch people off guard at how quickly they were able to. Get those boys out of the cave when so much precaution. Have been taken place over the last week. In the third day of their rent you the real rescue operation and the authority did say that they think and then. Expected. You don't think that it be faster because they have area. So the second they beat back in the earth and the third they were contracted the second they'll meet Dick like that. But Coldplay fan right now at the press center and with the hope of joy everyone hearing on. People glued to their mobile outbound update. Mean the double play and collective international effort has been remarkable. Yeah it's it captivated the entire world. This race against time were conditions worsening inside that cave. It went actually getting better because. If the Hebrew name and they are doing well with the water level they were trying to put in more of pump lines and they're trying to put it more and I didn't how much they could come out as much water and they can't despite the rain. And also the weather has cooperated we initially had. Look at bird really heavy rain bird you know they've narrowed but yesterday and today we had our on an op but it didn't rain. It meant that at us. And going forward we understand parents not able to be reunited with the children just yet so how long might that process take and do what is happening now it's the boys who were just rescued this morning. You didn't. Now when the matter of the date they are blindfolded. And then they aren't that accurate they could get an amber and go to the helicopter and then their chant put into the young. I tell my Hotmail. Though. And let me why they are being Michael it because they'd been in the early week Soviet how quickly still wanna make sure that. They get killed they get how they get time to adjust to daylight and they also they need to go to check out. Make sure that they don't have any action. When they meet other people the parent are meeting there boy threw a glass window I can't window and talking to them by the sound. They'll be able to meet them in third and went. Doctor has a that it medical result. And we'll just leave it at that some very very good news back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.