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Good morning everyone thank you very much for coming today. When I ran for the states and it over a year ago one of the major. Pledges I mean ways to push for term limits in your state fraud state elected officials. I'm very passionate about this issue because. I believe it goes to term limits this issue goes to the core what ails Albany. Albany. For a long long time is in control than mine mine by a permanent. Political class. Elected officials who have been in Albany. For far too long. And instead of serving. Be that citizens that elected them topped the answer that special interest which it happen in power. When night. When I went to Albany I talked about this issue immediately. It is my strong belief that we need to get back to. The legislature and the other elements of elected office and Steve and dean are to be more citizen legislators people who go for a period of time. Try to make a difference and they come back home to serve under the laws on the laws that if passed. We are well aware of the problems the epidemic level corruption in Albany. I believe again that turn moments ago to this issue. When you look at the multitude I think over when he elected officials who have been either convicted or indicted on corruption. One common. One of the few comments during and that of those when he elected officials. Is that they've been in office very for workers long time. The two leaders. The senate and the the assembly where are both. Embroiled in political problems accusations and corruption. Between those two elected to loan they were an office for over seven years. So again. I truly believe. That this needs to change. The moment I was sworn in office last January. The first thing I did do. I'll was clocked in a bill we're term limits and I have been trying to push that bill since I've been in office. I used real I was just thrilled to read in the governors of budget message that he has put in. He proposal. Four term limits. And I. And enthusiastically. Anchors from governor to really beat on this issue. I hope it's not just putting in a piece of paper. Four process but also using his. Opposition and the bully pulpit to really push for this I certainly would love to work. I think it would help immensely that happened. In the ability of this to succeed. In the legislature and really we can get this. Moving it's something that many other legislative talk about the does not happen. If this does happen it is would be constitutional amendment. So we would need to get this passed in two successive house's two successive. Legislative cycles. So hopefully could happen this year than we did it again next year and then it would be on the ballot. I was thrilled that this past. You're we did get a major reform. That similar thing that needed it yet constitutional amendment and that was stricken pensions from corrupt. Politicians. Not disallowing them to have the right. First the tax Payer funded pension. I that finally passed this time around I think this would be another major step. In my mind even more significant term limits and again I think this is very important war. Changing the culture in Albany and also. Re instilling. Citizens' trust. In Albany and their elected officials because I think this lack of trust. I believe. In their elected officials as one of the reasons we see very low on voter participation in elections. Over the last number years. So dad. Right at this point in time commend. And and very excited about the fact. That the governor. Past I put this in his proposal it's certainly a first step it's a major step ensign and I can I look forward to working with him and others to make this a reality. With that happy to answer any questions yes sir. That's a valid point night I I think I think many people who've been in the political round. Understand at this point in time that the power of incumbency in Albany. Hence it is. Over time make it more more difficult were the common voter feel like they have a say. In in that process and that somebody that challenging somebody that's a long term incumbent. Is incredibly difficult to displace that person. Use it with the special interest that support them the amount of money that they get behind them the the amount of groups that. Kind of continue to perpetuate that person is already in Spain and and then things like gerrymandering which helps which continues you know we've seen in two and instances of known. Potential opponents being carved out of a district one block. You know to to make sure that they don't have the ability to provide true competition so I. I have just grown to believe that in in a place like Albany. The power of incumbency and all the things that go with it it's made it very it is needed. Ops that scales of one even and it is so difficult and we see. The reelection rate of elected officials in Albany years and over 90% it's really. Not the sign of how the democratic process. I do I do I think that is very very challenging and I think that. It it we do not seem to have and we also had instances where a lot of these people are not even challenge people don't even try. I'm and I think that. Is not healthy for our democratic process. It valid point in time I'm war also reforming those type of things I think in the San that we have actually put term limits on the leadership now. Which I think was was a good thing. But I think that term limits go to the next step in now. We're also talking about our governor. Her attorney general or comptroller. Those would also in in the governor's proposal and that he's the legislation that it. Would also impose term limits on that. I think that we get that they've with some group and we think that you have to be in government and in the political class here your entire career that is what makes you qualified. Yeah I think that is really it undemocratic way of looking at things and also it's day. We have people that have been in government are very very long time on the whole in Albany. And Albany has been rated when the most if not the most dysfunctional governments in. In the country in its people would say well you know it's very complicated up there and my answer to that would be. I think a lot of ways we need more complicated we may keep very hard for people understand how Albany works. We make it very. Lacked transparency. So the common citizen cannot understand what is going on. Are arcane rules and regulations are keenly surpassing things. So I think that. You know there's an undervalued commodity. That we and which we I think laughter in Albany and that is common sense. And I think people that come from other areas. And bring their experience in for a period time ass sometimes simple questions like. Why do you do it that way. I think that's very healthy. We're democratic process and very very lacking up in Albany. And the governor's proposal just to comment that will. It's it is eight years. And actually actually changes. The legislators terms from two years to foreigners who what so you'd be it for your term but you would only be over run to two times. And then. The scene for the governor the attorney general and comptroller my proposal that I submitted was 12 years but I am very amenable to to changing that night and just. Went on the concept of defined period of time that you cancer and then you can need to go. Back to live under the laws which you you passed. Yeah I'm totally okay. Well I think it's going to take. Citizens. Weeks I mean I heard I ran this is one of the things that I ran. And like like was mentioned it's something that's been talked about in the past. And I can't tell you of any issue I discussed. This is the one on the street the people said yes we need that we need that so. I think that if we can get the word on this is what I'm trying to do this is a big budget document. 150 pages it was mentioned it I want to highlight it and try to get. Some real citizen participation in her judgment that this should happen. Is it going to be easy no because this is a major meters. Yes. Maybe. Well I can tell you I mean. I offered term limit my proposal. On Joseph ripple my colleague up and use I have to turn on the proposal little different. So there are. People out there. But you're right. In in totality it hasn't happened when times are what I'm gonna hope when I'm minute news were my colleagues but also try to help get a groundswell. From the ground up because that that is the way it's going to happen. But I think it is a big that with the governor are talking about this I hate you know he's the governor when he when he puts something in in that that budget message. It's a significant there's a lot of things that are not in there that a lot of the one he put this is one of these reforms so I commended for doing this he's a governor and his third term. I I don't know how much longer he'll be here and knowing he's tried running water for another terms of maybe this is a good time. Because he's not jeopardizing his tenure here so I'll take it anyway I can get. To see if we can get this. A long term change. Well that I'll just talk. I'll just talk pragmatically our conference. I don't know what the average ages but it's it's not there so you know if you pass the term limit and had eight years more. Here's a lot of people that would be well more than the envision a so you know it may be good situation where it's really not an impact. These guys and gals but it will set it to changes as they move on so. I think that in in those sort of things that need. Does that present an opportunity with the times right now. I'm not saying it's not it's not. It's not tough one but you know what we we had a significant game last year with the pension thing which. Which who there was a lot of interest against that. You know nothing is better than an idea whose time has come maybe maybe this might be the time.