Talking about the LeSean McCoy allegations-Attorney Paul Cambria

Attorney Paul Cambria breaks down the allegations against LeSean McCoy

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LeSean McCoy is ex girlfriend beaten in a home invasion. Attorney Paul came Brea joining us live this morning published so much to get to. We're pretty start. Well I start with that the social media. There the and I put the racquet at all don't appreciate it but they seen any thing. They didn't. Solve all. And it certain. That they say. So I've scar. Into. Wait go. What do you make of via I guess that sequence of events that happened yesterday it seemed like information is coming in. And it's sort of a rapid pace first you have this post which was apparently done by. The friend of the former girlfriend with that stunning image and then a list of accusations. That post later removed you had a response from LeSean McCoy and then you have police saying that. Yes there was. Some sort of home invasion that took place at a home LeSean McCoy owned were looking for specific pieces of jewelry. The friend of the girlfriend claims that. It was McCoy who cents a these people to his home. All of this all being played out in the media in real time. It's kind of impossible right for people to not already had developed some sort of feelings on where this has had. So the other outlet so. Run the answer may be an error. And how this scenario where. Well this girl. That people. Friends list who runs ever read people who don't. All go home and they call it corporate rate that is. Know what. We ask for I mean there's so many scenario. There. A so. At. All. Overall. Media outlets it. We get people to you know three and they've ever ought. All. Tiger. All. IE all. Week to see there that. Well it's likely that property like the quake has in this Atlanta suburb. Has security cameras to right. Well we're not sure all our. Or. And it's all and obviously that might. It will solve all of this here but I can see this. Well this girl is she can beat. So he wrote some people who are. All the people watching. And won't ask for. The English medium someone you know to robber. Even if McCoy who was the idea. A absolved of any wrongdoing. Whatsoever regarding this specific incident the break in at the home the assaults. There were still other accusations made in that original social media post regarding his son regarding. Dog. If you were advising McCoy. How would you advise him to respond to that because. Even if he is absolved of this one specific thing those other things are still kind of lingering out there with no real. Proof behind them which means there's no real way to I guess response. Well. Yet. It's there it's there aren't true it would be. Able to run to. Social media people to also useful folks. And so you see it all. We all saw. Meaning those awful people post pictures and pictures and so on. Well their relationships. It's yes. Social media. To a sort of what analysts. Heard cement and thanks a lot of people are on the other end result filter whatsoever. People can simply make things. Malicious. It quote. Nothing you can do little. Well he has already come out and said that this is baseless that's false. Should he be doing anything else. Right now it's. Point. Obviously I'm curious it carried out. Somebody private investigator would have the sort too little salute to expose. The actual world news. All the little things. Represent. The U represented Patrick came when he who was facing it may be not similar allegations that had a allegations of and assaults and you recommended to him that he kind of go about his business when it came to. Playing the sport so Patrick came and went to a training camp with the Chicago Blackhawks while this was kind of hanging over his head face some questions by the media who would you advise solution on the court to do the same thing. And elbows you know don't all right that we. We know the real facts out they'll come to conclusions don't three. Ultimately ultimately being difficult with a person's week you know that all the stuff it's very difficult but. It is the right. Because this has exploded on social media post soon. Can this get resolved. You end cameras and other things. All things we really don't know. Who's doing this investigation. Is concerned so game that we all. I guess is a few days you know some colonel can do about sort of the. Paul we appreciate the time is always that the attorney Paul can embryo joining us. Talking about LeSean McCoy the allegations he faces Paul has extensive. From experience dealing with high profile cases so much like this.