Tackling Topics of Roy Moore; GOP Tax Plan - Trey Hardin


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We're joined on the line now by trade hard in the political analyst and of course looking at the Roy Moore allegations yet another one yesterday this breaking over the last couple days. Trey how is this impacting Republicans. Who are already in the senate and house. Well I mean it's it's putting them obviously in in the position where they each. Have to come out from jumping on this produce company and and not most of them now are are coming out and try to get out front a bit and saying you know regardless. If we will you know any type of it until proven guilty. That they just don't want any part of and they just think that need you know allegations so you know there's been too many of the maiden. And that leather it's true or not it's just it's beat the problem needs to go away so that he should step down. That now there are on the particular time we even higher level than deciding if he were to get elected that they would. Began expulsion proceedings which would be the you know certainly the historical. That's been done fourteen times it you know in the industry the senate but they were primarily open. During the time when there was you know that bit conflicts between the union in the confederacy. And certainly this is frontrunner territory for something like that now com and Brett. We're looking into the brutal Republicans blasting that they needed and you know hit it. Did they need to go away they've got to mid term elections coming up next year they're trying to push tax reform. They already have enough challenge is dealing with this president. Who doesn't seem to be on the same page with them all the time. So. You know it it's a method there's not really a pretty wait for it to and other than him just. Agreeing to step aside and and then moving forward what's you know a new Republican candidate governor. I must say what is the the the best case scenario for Republicans it is for him to step aside. Yeah I think the best case scenario is for him on his own to do it and you know I can say you know it's for the good of the president and the party yen and and even the people most importantly the Alabama it's. You might you know I think it's happening right now I don't you do that because I think that the current civil war that exist in the Republican Party. That accrue leave. You know being initiated by eight. A very. 888 segment of the Republican Party that has become very. Anti establishment. Pro pro Donald Trump pro war more pros he did and what everyone calm it. That they will look at this as as kind of the new front in that civil war and maybe the biggest frauds that they are gonna dig our heels senate fight at the depth now. ADB you know if you eat. Dependent upon what side they can move on that he has put in the end and good for the about the vehicle for the people of Alabama. Because what I get the senate I'm not going to be able to get that much done for the people of Alabama because of my credibility issues or because of this. You know this distraction that would be the best and easiest way for it to handle because let's face it if you were to get to Washington and he wasn't expelled. I don't feel being treated unfairly or Q well by the Republican leadership. He can't be removed from the ballot so might Republicans be looking at this and say you know we would be preferable to move around with a new candidate but if he's removed from the ballot board the odds of our right dinner somebody else is defeating the Democrat. Yeah there's a lot of different ways to talk under Republican state odors it's I don't think too many people are worried on the Republican side about. Defeating the Democrat I think that there. Are enough Republican voters in the states certainly worth more than Democrat voters that. That whoever is on the ballot as a Republican rule will prevail. There's a lot of a lot to lose a son and did. Different options that are being looked at two week you know. That community you know you can put either a new capital about border that can get them to a point where may be lower mortgage selected but then expelled and and the governor of Alabama appoints. And senator obviously we've wholesale heard the crazy rumor about. Donald Trump wanting to get Jeff Sessions could go back and conserve that seat. Which would certainly probably the Donald Trump happy because many have him out as attorney general which is something I think he's wanted to happen to have happened for awhile. I'm certain there's a lot of different crazy scenarios are all of them being looked at right now I can tell you that and degrees there's just many Indian Republican Party that just want this issue to go way to go away fast but the I do not personally see him stepping down on his own I think that he's still too emboldened to to fight there then and is being. Urged to do so by people like Steve dead and and the biggest one of the biggest issue will be what is our company when he gets back in a town. Are at this trade Harden always interesting and especially today trade hardened political analyst for ABC.