Syria Latest - Tom Rivers


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Next to Syria let's get the latest there with correspondent Tom river's at the foreign desk. In London time we heard this morning about a false alarm the Syrian air defense system was set off early this morning. He had never been watching this unfold certainly on Twitter it's certainly looked like another strike on 94 which is the military airfield near palm. But after doing some checking we did some checking as well turn that all the false alarm. The air defenses there. Certainly aware we're ready dude could go but again. Nothing happened in the end so a little bit of fault jumping if you will on on the part of some certainly in the in the media in Syria turns out though nothing happened. Now down on the ground in Syria there's investigators trying to get a look at that area where the chemical weapons attack reportedly happened but. They're having a real hard time getting to that scene. Exactly it's surreal real bureaucratic. Possible now the OP CW your organization for the prohibition chemical weapons. That the team that's the forensic expert they wanna get in there. They pay their executive in The Hague says the problem is with the Russian and the Syrian forces in Damascus blocking their way. Now the Russian forces say no it got to do with the UN department of safety and security aren't giving guarantees. Given the import of this you know pull all the stops give him in the air obviously there's who now control the Syrian deal with controlled by yeah. Syrian forces there and Russia in the military say they won't guard. So exposed to happen tomorrow. So we'll see what shakes out interesting though a veteran correspondent Robert Fiske the independent here in UK got in the air yesterday. And I checking out the scene and he said he talked to the fifty year old head of the clinic there. Andy said they confirmed that yes in fact that this the film that you and I've seen of the people being poured. Well on the water poured water on them certainly was legitimate it happened in the clinic. But he also lab that in his view there was no chemical attack a white helmet showed up his words. Shouted death and the people that were in there suffering from hypoxia breathing problems already. Started screaming and yelling and you saw the the panic in the pictures of that is from the head of the clinic. So that's more grist for the mill. But until that team gets in there and says yay or nay and Libya up up spurred debate whether there was an attack or there wasn't. Now still a lot of questions and that's. Correspondent Tom rivers joining us live from London.