Supreme Court Scurry 930in716 June 28, 2018

Thursday, June 28th

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It's 930. In 716. Supreme Court scurry is a man that. I've known for a long time and a man that I respected for a long time he's been great justice. Of the Supreme Court. My hunch is that I don't problem not only appoint a conservative jurists but a young conservative jurist who could be on the court for. Point by thirty or more years. It's probably gonna happen early October. Do you mid October at the latest. I'm Tim Wenger on 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting. Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy your retirement has all sides gearing up for a momentous confirmation battle for president Donald Trump's. Next nominee to the High Court. The president says he will pick from a list of 25 name's Andy starting the selection process immediately. Democrats are arguing that decision should be delayed until after the mid term elections but senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says the senate will vote on Kennedy's replacement. This fall Terry Moran on Kennedy's retirement. Justice Anthony Kennedy who for decades shaped American law and life by the simple fact that he was so often a man in the middle left the Supreme Court he loves with a short letter what they hand delivered to the White House and addressed to my dear Mr. President. In it Justice Kennedy expressed his profound gratitude for what he called. The privilege to seek in each case how best to know interpret and defend the constitution. Is a man that. I've known for a long time and the man that I respected for a long time. He's been a great justice. Of the Supreme Court. President of also made clear he knows the stakes could not. Higher here he will now reshape the supreme court for decades with his choice of the next justice it's always been considered a tremendous and it tremendously important. Then some people think outside of obviously worn pieces the most is it. Most important. And this Supreme Court nomination is even more crucial than most because you just this is an American history have exercised more power than Anthony Kennedy he joined the court in 1988. Appointed by Ronald Reagan. No conservative firebrand he frequently agonized over the big decisions but in a landmark case after case Kennedy's crucial swing vote decided major issues defining American law and shaping American life he coauthored the key opinion upholding Roe vs. Wade. He upheld affirmative action for minorities and college admission and an a remarkable series of cases over the course of almost two decades he championed the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans in his 2015 ruling that legalized gay marriage in America. Kennedy wrote with deep feeling they ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law the constitution grants them that right. All of that now could be up for grabs the Supreme Court a huge issue in the 2016 campaign and the very first question in that final consequential debate. The next president well. Almost certainly have at least one appoint an unlikely or possibly two or three appointments which means that you. Well in effect determine the balance of the court for what could be the next quarter century. The candidates were asked where they want the court to take the country I think when we talk about the Supreme Court it really raises. The central. Issue in this election. Namely what kind of country. Are we going to be the Supreme Court it's what it's all about our country. It is so so it just so imperative that we have the right justices. As president drug is already picked one justice kneeled corsets that already paid off course it's casting a key vote this week upholding the trump travel ban and now the president will choose the replacement for Gore's just mentor. The man in the middle. On whom so much has been writing for so long now is some reaction analysis. And Kennedy's retirement. Well he's an interesting figure he doesn't. It easily within a conservative or liberal box. Peter Jaco boot Chia at SUNY buffalo state studies all things Supreme Court. Generally you that they consistent conservative on economic issues on government regulation issues. Allowing businesses this sort of freer rein in a free market system. Well McCain does civil rights issues gay rights issues women's rights issues he joined with the liberals on the court. And let much more likely to protect individuals and those cases. What issues are likely. To either resurfaced servant come up fresh for this new court with a new justice in the fall if it's if in fact this has voted. Well president trump yesterday and then yesterday evening at a rally suggested he's going to pick from his original list city created to replace Justice Scalia and I went through the list this morning and one of the things president trumps that and he wants some of the serve on the court for forty or 45 years. And about that mine that means he needed younger justice an individual it's below the age of fifty. That got my list down to eight people and act one per enough for a different reason and to that seven and I look at those seven. They are consistent with Justice Kennedy had just about all the issues except the social issues. It means that you may seem. He had a similar pattern. From any indicate that dealing with taxes or regulations but you would seem very different decision when it comes to gay rights or women's issues. In looking at some of those things because who every time there is movement on the Supreme Court you hear about. Some of those issues gay rights issues especially women's issues dealing with. Abortion but I'm wondering what you're thinking as far as cases that might actually get to the Supreme Court. On those issues will there be you know serious rulings in those areas coming up in the next ten years yourself. Well they're very much could be it is a bit of an appeal to the Supreme Court it's a strategic decision and you don't appeal to the Supreme Court if you beleaguered little. And tell but now if president trump gets the individual that I think he's going to report to the court. Armed you've got a pretty clear five justice conservative wing on the court. So those issues now will be appealed by conservative. Individuals pushing that issue. Now that that means something like Roe vs. Wade could be overturned. Maybe not but certainly they are women. Writes he controller reproductive functions could be further restricted we either going on and the conservative states right now. And I think those. State issues are going to be validated by the new Supreme Court justice. And Peter who are your top picks I know you're very familiar with this list. Well it it did you know let the president trump put together before is largely a list of judges there's only one sitting US senator Mike Lee and he simply too old. Right now it does it justice artistic president transport either 45 year career. And tell you looking at I'm out pop art from our Kentucky and the US appeals court in the sixth circuit. I'll let the wildcats doubt there is an individual called Patrick Weyrich of Oklahoma. He served under the got political and now are EPA chief that's under quite. A lightning storm accompanied only 37 years old and he's currently nominated. Thumper a lower federal court. Position but he get here is confirmation hearings. On that the wild card you can out to see someone like Amy coney Barrett of Indiana. But these are strong solid very solid very right wing conservative justices that make up and let. How soon do you expect this to have. Fast I think NM when I mean stats don't mean tomorrow but I'm we have senator Kay entry yesterday said that he would. Hope that the Judiciary Committee would be holding hearings in September. I think that might be a little rushed because there's artistry to assess of congress but I think Mitch McConnell the majority leader of the and it further Republicans of dirty suggest that he wants to have a vote on this prior to the November election which generally means that probably gonna happen early October. Two mid October it. A leader they do not control the senate to remember back in the days when. They do it under the leadership of Harry Reid. Our political guru Karl calabrese says. There are limited if any options for the Democrats to slow down the trumpet GOP senate trained to push through a Supreme Court nominee. Essentially blow the filibuster on court appointments are and so we can't use that tactic is that it is all parties that over many many generations. To stop. I'm nomination short of sixty votes a majority rules now and notebook with the rules of Democrats put him under Harry Reid and they were used for the course which nomination of the could be used against so I think I can make. A lot of noise and a lot of boss but. But they just don't control it the Republicans wanna move this before the election and it looks like they do they will have hearings and we will vote. And who knew what he will be on the court. Carl what copied McConnell rule or some college divide and rule which said no justice could be confirmed during. An election year I mean I think they were talking about presidential but. But it is it strictly presidential could be mid term. Well because the only thing that the majority party wants it could be but the Biden rule always meant beat. In a presidential year because obviously the president under the constitution. Nominate Supreme Court justices so. The Biden was met. As a presidential issue and that never to set an issue let go and get the party wanted to wait they could act how you're gonna see that they've got majority now. They've got a chance to. Effect the court for generations to change this fight for blocked its 63. In there I think they're gonna take it. In and whoever has. Donald Trump could have another appointment sometime in the future because it is this presidency could be. It just have an incredible impact on the court going forward for 2530 or more years. It Justice Kennedy not the youngest the justice but sick are you able to even without knowing who the nominee will be may be by looking at that Lister just. Knowing the president say how. The next Supreme Court justice will differ from Justice Kennedy. Oh I think the next Supreme Court justice. Will differ from Kennedy and and resemble justice corsets to a great extent. I candidate whose conservative about 80% of the time but in the high profile social issues. He sided with liberals on the court. I think there's. The list that that'll help. Put out during the campaign. When I respected jurist. Pole positions on the appellate court now. That's where his nominee is most likely come from there they are all conservative in the world young so that I I think you're gonna CA yeah. They just look look much like. Took this course it's. I'm sure they. Prompt important protein has been betting that listened to David took office so you avoid any pitfalls some evidence skeletons in the closet. Coming out unexpectedly I think you're gonna have a person of incredible integrity a great record on the bench dung and conservative. That tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.