SUNY Erie President Dan Hocoy announces new partnership with Facebook


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Wow it's. So. With basement through a say it is the part this partnership where the ninth community college in the nation. To be in partnership with FaceBook. The idea is to provide. Digital marketing its certificate through our work first development. To provide people with skills in terms of social media advertising. This will help businesses recruit. Talent. As well as our ties their services or products. It's really a win win win this to win for the college because we provide a way to. You see that's a skill set that they otherwise would not have its opportunity for businesses. To to get. These skills to promote their businesses and attract talented. And that it's great courses here. You know in a world where everybody is using social media nowadays FaceBook Twitter in Scranton you name it. This idea of having kind of a certificate. Does that kind of reinforce the need net painless even though everybody is enough this I can do it for us. Exactly so this is FaceBook certificate with which will allow especially. Individuals to provide marketing on FaceBook and it's a Graham but many of these hills a chance problem that. So this would we get from these rookie cards for. So in terms of the bigger picture in terms of this Renaissance we're seeing in buffalo. This helps connect the dots between. That's the skills gap that is currently Western New York in terms of social media. So people looking for work. People us the college providing the skill set in the businesses benefiting from that skills that. And so this will help the economic development of the region generally what we're getting from FaceBook is curriculum. And the instruction.