Street Violence in Buffalo and Beyond 930in716 August 6, 2018

Monday, August 6th

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It's 930. In 716. Gun violence street violence. In buffalo on number of the shootings that have happened in the most recent periods are basically pay back shootings were someone get shot for something that was centered on to a family members than someone else on the other side get shot in back and forth. It's horrible and elsewhere. Armed you know these big conflict that people just drive operate that in some cases walk up in just. Randomly firing into crowds of people. I'm Tim linger on 930 and 716. Both here in western new York and in other metros across America violent and often times deadly street violence. Is commanding headlines. In buffalo another violent and deadly weekend of street violence is on the books and it comes. On the heels of a rash of deadly incidents in the queen city that has law enforcers busy and looking for answers. I'm WBN's hard line program Sunday Kevin Hardwick talked it out with county officials. Well accounting certainly as a role and we are actively engaged in the investigation source central police services. Department Erie county executive mark Poland cars joined by legislator April Baskin talking crime. Earlier this week I was in touch with the council president reverend Jerry expression. Offering whatever assistance we could. And he was very appreciative but I also let him know exactly what we're doing because I was in contact with other central police service commissioner Jim chance Switzerland this week and and commissioner chance which met with the Dennis Richards of the buffalo PD. And over time we've also had additional conversations with the police commissioner. Lockwood and in this city. To offer whatever assistance we cannon and what we can do and what we are doing his were speeding up the analysis of firearms and other evidence that's identified by the police at scenes. So we have a system called the Eden Nivins system. We are part of a national action should say international network where if fire arm gone is identified. We have to test shooting range we can then put that information into a computer database and trying to. Match it with any other crime in the United States are crimes here. So we're certainly speeding up what would normally take sometimes. Days two weeks. Two trying to get things done and hours now. With regards to the crime scene analysis that is. Originally performed by the buffalo PD but then is brought to our public safety campus downtown and our central police services staff who performed the analysis. Others other information that in in in work that we are doing is accounting. With the city that I don't wanna get into because it'll talk more about what we're trying to do to prevent these crimes from occurring in the future but also arresting the perpetrators but I think as you saw one of the biggest problems are having right now in the cities. The issue of snitching. And how people don't wanna talk about the shooters because they're afraid of payback against them a number of the shootings that have happened in the most recent periods are basically pay back shootings were someone get shot for something that was centered on to a family members than someone else on the other side get shot and back and forth. It's horrible. And we just need our politics to stand up. It's okay April let me ask you I mean I'm again I read about this I'm in the city tunnel on I read about this in the newspaper CNN TV. You're you're a lot closer to what you represent. A big part of the area and it's the I'm reading about in the paper. Is it just my imagination or are things getting worse. They're just not there yet they're certainly I don't want to grandmother and a kid get killed is not a guy who buys what's going on all every day yet and I'd at a I don't. Necessarily think that there and in a place of getting better and sewed here that local leaders aren't working collectively to find some resolve. On brings me great joint something natural. Let my constituents know is you know kind of happening I wonder what we can do in terms. Com education in which children aren't communicating. When they see dines or they see but signs of violent activity in their home. Because what's most disturbing act as a mother is our children are falling victim to this is well so that one mother was killed in front of her three children. That is gonna create huge amount determine their life. The young boy who leftists like that discriminate and just yesterday. Seven year old young girl was shot in her home so I'm almost wondering what what can we do with in terms of children in and and eliminating this narrative a snitching being bad in opening up the communication patterns that we need to. So so you thinkers and partnering that needs to be done with schools that an error and no definite but mark let me let me compare this to to something else to counties hasn't had a big role in that he'll be crisis. I mean I was you know I've been on the county legislature now for it appears. And I can remember early on where you know I mean the the the problem with heroin and and other old Felix wasn't really on our. Our radar in the end we like the rest of the country were a little bit late to the table if you will. And and in doing something about but once we got involved we get involved in a big way and you know and I know that you're proud. Of the counties responsive Leo peel it epidemic I think that. You look around and our neighbors if you look around the nation I mean where we're right up there work work work work ahead of the curve and Ellis just an an outlets like. We we throw all sorts of resources and money we didn't have allocated. Is is there a parallel here is this sort thing that the county is gonna need to step up for the city's been stepped. Well it's different in the regard that the opiate epidemic was affecting all veterans shirtless. Urban suburban rural way people dying in Springfield sacred people dying in buffalo in Lancaster and Amherst. The shootings that are occurring in the city of buffalo are occurring in primarily a very small section of the city as I live in the city of buffalo live in the Delaware district the shootings aren't impacting it. So what you have to do is get buy in from everybody even higher level that we needed in the opium epidemic. Because I can talk to you and you tell me a story about summoning Grand Island and I can talk to John Mills and he tell me story about someone in spring bill. And I hear the same thing from the other legislators I don't hear this issue from other legislators because it's not something that's impacting their their districts. But the county does have overall we have overall with regards to set centric we services we have a role with regards to the programs that we provide. Through social services to ensure that people are giving opportunities to create a better life. And we as a community have to say enough is enough. I think that the leaders have. The problem is I think most of the people in the in the greater community are thinking about this issue other than when they read the newspaper here on WB and because it's not affecting them. Like the opiate epidemic media affecting your family member. Meanwhile in the midwest police say weekend shootings in Chicago has left at least eleven people dead about seventy wounded. The violence peaked early Sunday including one shooting on the city's south side that injured eight people. The Chicago Tribune reporting that by comparison at least seven people were killed and 32 were wounded. During the long Memorial Day weekend often one of the most violent weekends of the year. Reporter Ryan Gurode talking Chicago violence was Susan rose and Brian mess around ski. Chicago police when he got cute things that number one the trend has been downward actually weather comes to gun violence. And murders murders down about 43% from watching this time shooting down. About 20% steps from last year at this time that being said a these numbers are eye popping and they say that most of these shootings were gang related. In fact in one instance apparently gang related shooting involving somewhat opening fire at a group. The people are early Sunday morning eight people were shot today in that they say that people been gathering out on the streets to 2 in the morning and you know and he's gained conflict people just drive operated in some cases walk up just. Randomly firing the crowds of people out why people are out on the street to 2 in the morning you know mobile world that's a question. It hasn't been answered yet but does struggle police superintendent going to address some of the violence day at a press conference Clinton's. Morning Brian do we know that they made any arrests of all this weekend in this. You know they say that there were arrested people with weapons by itself unfortunately in these situations where there is some kind of gang activity. Even the victims don't cooperate with police. You know unfortunately got. A group of people mostly young men between the ages of fifteen and 22 who shoot at each other and are willing to say who's doing the firing. And what we see him in situations where things spiral out of control a lot of retaliatory shootings. I don't like get police and also they don't take matters into their own hands and that's probably one of the reasons we tell despite this weekend. These happening in the same areas of the city. The first 77 neighborhoods in Chicago these are happening at about seven or eight of them if you go downtown and then we walk through Wrigley bill are blocked by the river right you're not gonna notice or see any of this could really get kind of a tale of two cities right now. Where can commission on the emergency rooms this weekend. Yeah and any factor is what it considered a lock down but they get to kind of puts put limits on how many people at church because according to some. Paramedics didn't like a war so intimidated even at its enough space to bring these ambulances up there were so many people come to get it. If you don't Natalie the people but some of the victims' families as well so it police kind of kind of monitoring controlling the area outside of torture hostels because of that the bat. After about a people that were. Put it there this weekend. You mentioned that tale of two cities you know people hear hear these numbers and there are actually started floored by what they're hearing in Chicago what's the mood like today. You know this is one of the reasons that they over the huge anti violent demonstrations last week out on the first day that shut down lake shore drive is. And the people these communities want to raise awareness outside to the for the remaining seventy communities that this is going god. And you know Chicago get a break another torrent of record probably this year and who got more people coming to the city more buildings being built more headquarters relocating here. On the other hand you've got kind of this it'll all but it won't leave these these shootings that are going out specifically among young man's fifteen to 22. And it's something that if he just has not been able to solve the trying to do with jobs programs and after school things like that but. Those are slow generational changes and as you know that's not going to be a quick fix for a weekend. A comprehensive look at the crime issue Tuesday morning on a new morning on WB yen and we're back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irrigation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.