Street Violence in #Buffalo 930in716 July 30, 2018

Monday, July 30th

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It's 930. In 716. On edge in the buffalo fruit dealt neighborhood following two street violence shootings outside the same address. We've seen people come forward we are receiving tips. And people have to look at our homicide case what a jigsaw puzzle. The vast majority of the go unrelated. Shootings and homicides. I have to do with some type of game slash drug activity crash covers has been built from the beginning and being anonymous if you want to remain anonymous. We don't traced numbers. I'm Tim Wenger 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. On July 2 of that Johnson and her seventeen month old grandson Kyle reed were killed outside their home on the great street. Just this past Thursday another shooting sought to men who did not suffered life threatening injuries shot in the same location. It has a neighborhood and buffalo are an edge in law enforcement is responding with the increased patrols and in increased ask for help from the public. We haven't made in Iraq in either one of those shootings at this point. That we're disclosing. Captain Jeffrey Ronaldo was buffalo police on with Susan rose and Brian has aroused key first thing Monday morning. We have made extremely good progress in the first case as we know we're the train seats with the grandmother and the little baby died. But again you know we can't struck enough he'd need and we that we end the public come forward and these investigations that if you saw last week Friday that mayor. Our deputy police commissioner they went and walked the streets they met with neighbors were almost two hours. We've talked with people and it. We here at anchor the public needs to understand the amount of energy. In the hearts and souls of our detectives are going to solving these crack. In the hall again we are seeing that we've seen people come forward. We are receiving tips and people have to look at homicide case what could jigsaw puzzle every little piece helps put together the big picture. Did you find that you were getting more people coming forward to from the neighborhood or just from elsewhere in the city after the second shooting took place. All we get any Chinese fear a repeat amount of violence. It did people do they have enough people finally come for people see you know what I can't came by and watches it anymore. So unfortunately when you see it suck you know that. And close proximity to where huge red Hewlett did occur it doesn't makes people step up and you know and so now I can't sit by and watch us. Captain are there are security cameras in that neighborhood. There are I mean there are other partners taped him project cameras in that area as well city Cameron's. And again you know cameras are extremely helpful at all. A picture tells a thousand words and that helps those who put together. Kind of what he had an has a lot of times and a lot of crimes such as homicides but the cameras might only cash. Person walking into an area somebody walking out of an area like accuracy actual crime itself but again. It said jigsaw Apollo concept it's just another piece hopes it's the other the whole picture. There is a lot of shock when no we were reporting last Friday morning about a second shooting outside that same home. On great street can you remember may be a more brazen acts then meant to go back to that same homes so much attention. Placed on that for shooting and suit. You're commit another crime like that another shooting they can you remember anything like that happening in recent memory. You know I I can't in recent memory is at 10-Q we said before in this case. This was a very targeted of that from the person until now this one. Unfortunately. It's. Causing a lot of concern that neighborhood. But again it's it's not a random act of violence we the year very strongly commences all this was targeted violence. And it's something that you know eat you have to do as a community you have to stand up and yet to trust that we're gonna do everything we can. To help put it people in jail and make sure that people are saying we know there's a lot of concern about cooperating with the police. But there is deputies were Molly has said that's why we have a confidential tip line. If you call an information. And do not wish he can't take it. We will cap it we do next Trace that phone number is cap financial and information that we use to cope with the other big picture. You know you were talking about this targeted violence. How much of the problem is game related. Unfortunately a lot of that is gang related you know you have a lot of sections of the city. That are battling over controlling. Either drug trader just territory and unfortunately that turns into violence the violence buildup on the streets. And that being gang related is that may be one of the reasons why you're finding it difficult in some cases to get. Support from the community because they're worried about what might happen after they say something. Well I think it's twofold I think that there is a concern from the community and an underserved they're not saying. There's safety concerns they lived in neighborhoods with a secular he takes place but also look like a part of it to lose their a lot of bad activity. Doesn't necessarily have been in the public acceptance amongst gang members. And it happens and areas are only they operate and it undersea. And again there's no incentive for gay members to come forward corporate police. Usually where you've seen it there and cooperation from them is either number one where they realize that they are now target mark to be killed. And their only hope is coming and talk with the police and or you know easy people to decide to log cooperate with the police or other reasons. Captain how would you describe. Police relations with the African American community. Well again every community. Has. Some challenges with then I know your ball like he. Think we have good relations. In American community we worked tirelessly with all came to community groups in and neighborhood watch called. And you know again if people have distrusted people and issues we have community means every single mom and every single district. If if there's issues you have to come forward and bring those issues to us you have to talk about. If there's a problem if there's a lack of trust if there's a reason that you're unhappy with your own service. No we can only. Change we can only improve upon issues that we're aware you know we're not aware come. He can't hold us to this day that you're not happy with the service that you received from the place. The uptick in street violence has those who help fight crime looking for the public to help more. And organizations like crime stoppers. Our key or community organization. Been around since 1990s crime stoppers Kevin Hoffman but we work with all law enforcement agencies and our partners you know. Are all the what's New York along force and agencies we are community organization would now run many local. Police department that. And basically we are venue for the public to reach out and give tips on crimes. If they error of wanna remain anonymous or if they're not comfortable where other reason to book go directly to the police I will say that we always encourage. Public the first called the police. Within any tips that they have if they if they feel they wanna do that if they don't we are venue four that. We were just talking a few minutes ago with captain Jack for an all the buffalo police who was talking about there confidential tip line that police have in effect he says if you wanna be confidential he'll be confidential we don't Trace phone numbers. Describe Sampras work and the similar way. Decorous shoppers has been built from the beginning and being anonymous if you want to remain anonymous. We don't traced numbers we have a a new app that we've just recently started. And everything is done. In confidence comment doesn't mean that the people at some point may now want to give their information if they do this up to them. But on we work often number system if they give a tip that leads to arrests are an indictment. We there we willing no limits the number. And that number is used for them too whenever the U reward if there is one is going to be paid out. And in rural location gives a number and they get to your reward. Now how important is that I think so much attention is placed on that reward but the anonymity of it has to be the number one thing that helps you guys sound. We got helps us out in and helps it helps them out to sometimes I mean the challenges. Depending on the crimes that are involved. In the especially the ones and for more violent nature on a lot of times people just are comfortable coming forward term formation and that's why it. Confidentiality. Hello whether through. The police department or through a crime stoppers is so important. They give them that comfort level to deal to give for the information that helps with the investigations. In a lot of people wonder where do you get the money to post these rewards. Well we are probably about 90%. Public not publicly or privately funded through you know fund raisers that we've done over the years that we continue to do. He and more recently you know we've been getting some money from some of the public. You know police department to DA assures permanent. The city buffalo for the last four or five years has put up fiesta forfeiture fund to assist with the your words that we give out regarding homicides that DA has put up about 25000 dollars hopeless with an opiate initiatives that we started to march. In more recently the sheriff's department has put up. Mom over 101000 dollars to help us generated put together a new. Tipped for crimes Harper's buffalo Baltimore tips. Drawing lines in studio by Kevin Hartman of crime stoppers of buffalo. Talking about the recent violence in the city crime stoppers role. In helping to solve some of these crimes Kevin entrusted in your involvement in crime stoppers says some of your history. How did you start in crime stoppers in more re doing before that. Well I got involved in crimes suffers about 730 years ago I was a police sells for 27 yours a retired from Amherst New York police. And that it works for awhile down at the with the drug enforcement administration and then also recently. Today your crime analysis senator postal police headquarters. So long history and law enforcement it in that I'm sure you've seen the need for this crime stoppers program he you know it's it's. It's a good program it's it's the it's a private. It's a public wanting to help in some ways though law enforcement means to our board. Is probably about half retired law enforcement and about half from all different facets of of the community and everybody just wants to give back and help potter they can in some way com. Or that nobody's for an arm take away from the police or anything we wanna help the police and just if we get some information. One piece it leads to that. Piece that allows for the rest of remade its all good. Now this is a national program to listen it is there's actually Wilkes international others or 12100. Crimes Epperson while played point five countries. Boy in in the US alone is probably at least 600 of them. It's been around since 1976. You know and in the country and buffalo since 1990. You mentioned not taking away from police but helping them it's gotta be and speaking from experience for yourself as a police officer. It's got to be nice because police can't be everywhere all the time to have as many eyes as they can go wherever all across the city community. Right exactly it's a whole see something say something I mean the public is out there the police are doing their patrols are doing the work day in and day out. But they're there are numerous times in the public's gonna see something that the please don't. The may call police department Amy. Use our venue to get the information to us. What's a console us tickets or to order the police department jurisdiction is for that particular. Maybe people feel more comfortable calling crime stoppers and they went a police department sometimes annoy a I can't speak for on. Everyone obviously mean an in my case I would be more comfortable calling directly to a police to probe put in some communities they may not be that comfortable and in this just gives another venue. On to do that end. To information still gets to the right source Aaron studio guest Kevin Hoffman of crime stoppers sim we've been talking about the different ways for people to. Contact whether it's police or crime stoppers to provide information and there's a new way to contact crime stoppers through an app ranked. A yes sir is we we just recently. You know starting back in March we have who started new opiate initiative to try to help with the opiate rampant epidemic is as we could. And since that are our tip line has gone gone up dramatically. So we decided to put together a the crime stoppers. App because everybody seems to be using apps. Two more efficiently. Take the tips and to give that to people that wanna give the tips. Basically the information that. An investigator may be asking them and the information that they're willing to provide. I kind of gives them the opportunity to look at first season type of questions. And fill in what they can and then sent directly to us com. Through the you via app. How does need the app work when you wanna stay anonymous bully app works anonymous because because basically rip everybody is is given a number when they submit a tip. We don't get any names who don't get any phone numbers and just give it a number that they can follow up on to look back on the tip. And if and when. At least two arrests are an indictment. Then that tip number is going to be used for them to collect the reward that though was given out in the particular case. At the Erie county district attorney's office DA John Flynn is watching closely and is concerned it's very disturbing. But I think that no the public should understand well again I don't want to. Specifically comment on. What our investigation has revealed so far like assess its ongoing. That he all of these are not again probably like I said we thought he or not a coincidence here. And and I mean and you don't you have a situation here where her and you're seeing all through all this for all the city of buffalo. The vast majority of the dog and related. Shootings and homicides. I have to do with some type of gain slash drug activity. From the clear. I'm not saying that this one on great street doors at a law or what I beast at the end date would I be surprised to predict at Selena. But I can tell you injectable. The that goes vast majority of the crimes that and shooting crimes specifically. That our our career earnings for the buffalo. Are gaining slash to a related. And people will police department is doing a great job to try to minimize. These incidents. We are on. I got the numbers are from the state criminal justice division here. And for me right now and armed individuals killed by firearms are actually down from last year leader. Now that these numbers are often through June of 2008 team. The number shooting incidents it is ironically exactly the same as it was last year. There were 97. Shooting incidents. In the same time period last year. From January through the end of June there's 97 this year from January. Through the end of June. So it doesn't and number solemn haven't gone all that all really offer for shooting incidents. And actually the numbers have gone down for the old killed by firearms. From last year so. The buffalo police department. The I believe is doing a great job. You know get now there are trying to stem this violence. We know what we need help. Where we feel we need members of the community who see something who know something. To contact us back. Tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.