Still At Odds With Ride Sharing Services - Liberty Cab President Bill Yuhnke


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Taxi companies still have a beef over right cheering despite the fact that Cooper in left have been operating around here for the past six months now. Billy young Q the president of liberty camp is joining us life. Bill most of the the beef pitching every now has to do with surge pricing is that right. I think who hasn't. We would all contribute to the industry today clear. You know they share the there are concerned and obviously yet or an order. Of what they're going to point out okay. One of the peace are ethically as a bird pricing would consider calling out pricing during the time. And that it can be done to Kris simple words level playing field. Bill do you wanna see a change that would keep them from having the surge pricing. Or is it something where you'd like C regulations allow you to use it to. They're exactly the point that that other hit company's expressed in the City Council. People want the same thing that they if there's going to be a are right they want the right thing. And you know there are other issues on the table but at least the common council quote I'm that there are witnessing. Their amazement on what they didn't know what was going out. It doesn't make sense bill to say then they're gouging but we'd like to gouge to I I see some inconsistency there. The only economic figure out. Well actually it says the industry is rule regulation to believe that regulation could be late all people all kinds of transportation all occurred at three years ago. Is that you can get somebody hurt incompetent you know when it came down count and are a lot larger more technology. And so we partner than great at that indeed it knowing. Whatever the conditions are out there we can cover and break. So you wanna see them stop you don't wanna join yourself. Correct are we also hear bill that the taxi companies are threatening to. Avoid downtown buffalo and New Year's Eve probably may be the busiest night of the year for transportation vehicles. What's the point of that. They're seek you out on the council that is totally true. Under no protests going on is the good prepares to deliver the opening up in downtown buffalo. It is now realize they notable vote for the proper. Or to another location and make more money and that's exactly what's being done you don't Weickel account. I'm a busy day. When we have customers that I could aggregate. Creek out of the trip that day point five opens on trips a week we wanna pick here the people who are loyal. What sort of timeframe is there on all of this as the council said they'd be willing to look at it. My within a certain period. Noble Rick came out in the council a couple that wants. You know we have. He has in the city all flow into a serious look at the end of I'm gonna street. That was a real main issue. That proprietary only now. When the council was told about that they were even unaware that this game was very good. So being in a city street believe that the bigger awful council approval but somebody when they're put that sign up there at the inconsistency. But because ministry feel they're being treated like second second rate citizens. Are getting a lot of comments bill an or text line on FaceBook as well this morning to Simon Says. You know deregulated all and let the market decide who wins or loses isn't that the way America works. Are you don't something's who is and I think that's exactly what's gonna happen. I think we are heading toward debt and I think that's going to be the end result. I think it's gonna be regulate. In this small market buffalo concur or the city's. You know I've been operating here for forty years continue to operate I actually might quarrel over the last three years I would break. Is there room for both. Right cheering and taxis. I do I do believe there and I always said that you know people and delicate dance right here and you know it seems that. I I don't understand why model X are actually better than right here we think about all the technologies and putting you know my company I got this three year ago. Bill we're glad you could join us banks that's bill yucky. He is the president of liberty camp one of the local taxi companies in buffalo.