Steve Cichon Concedes Clerk's Race

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Wednesday, November 8th

Steve Cichon concedes Erie County Clerk's race to Mickey Kearns.


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What a great night prairie county tonight how we can't. Legislature back. We're gonna get some good things that Harry Connick. I just pulled the sheet that nobody wants to a lot of pocket. The other streets the were gunnery so we spent the last eight months walking uphill. The hallway feeling we were just about to hit the rest and we came really close everybody hitting refresh on the phone tonight right. We are very close we came close. But despite the work so many people we didn't quite make it to the top of that mountain. Does so many supporters. Not more passionate than tear itself weren. County executive Colin Aaronson. Level and I am so many other folks to so many people support their lives. Into this campaign. Eric reliant him when bush and then. Jake Wagner Brendan O'Connor all the old city CDC Tom readout. Here that we'll pick back Greenburg. Angela couple like treasure and so many more folks. Especially I was. Who not only put up what being with my campaign smile but also limit campaign smile and a wage you have to deal with me than to. I think months about a crash course in politics for me I'm eternally grateful. To you. My teachers the folks showed me how to do it and I look forward to putting all these lessons to work. And getting good Democrats elected in Erie county from here on out. So thank you very much everybody plenty to celebrate and I'm looking forward to doing that with you as the night wears on thank you very much everybody. But. Thank you very much Steve a great candidate Murray county clerk are. Our other races Erie county sheriff. And comptroller remained tight neither Bernie nor Vanessa is conceding and we'll keep and I. On those races as they don't want but that's it for tonight your opponent. But thank you so much for joining us for victory 2070. Way to go. Henry county Democrats.