Steps Needed to Get Chris Collins Off the Ballot for Congress - Carl Calabrese


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Carl calabrese joining us on the line now talking about everything going on. In politics and it will be a very busy week as we're expecting at least some sort of cancer when it comes to NY 27. Who will be who won't be. On the ballot says Karl as we get closer and closer. Doesn't look more and more like Chris Collins is really holding all the cards here with what happens in their race. Yet the dollars and there's seems to be a growing consensus among Republican leaders that he is going to. Beat the name on the ballot going in the election I even if Republican leaders. I'd choose someone else and designate someone else that that choice will be challenged in court and the outcome of this series so. They may very well site to go to different direction good. It does that present in this story is going to be courtship section. As in talking to Republicans at the local level colony level in at the national level I think I was kind of effect that would result said and done it. All the dust settles that continent will be on the bill. You know Karl what happens if he does hold the seat any wins in November. And then is ultimately convicted what happens to the seat them. That's a very different scenario Susan because let's say that episode that he does with the seat in a I guess there's a lot of Republican leaders think he can do that. He wins he can rightly say. Look I percent pick Washington by the people my district and innocent until proven guilty. And got to fight these charges in court I deserve my day in court and therefore are represented and all of those statements would be true. Now if you were convicted. That's a whole different matter because. Then I think that would. Definitely two resignation and if not they're probably. Expulsion from congress. By his colleagues in the house so. Oh we'll see what happens out there just in his. I'd go to solve this book yesterday it began to advertise on February VP but he has done an exclusive interview with their station that's going to be aired tonight. What he talks about his future. And addresses those questions so. I and you would hope would go look folks it shouldn't politics are watching that to see what he says about that very scenario that you just laid out. Yet given know what you just said about Sid the different scenarios that might happen and that possibility of expulsion from congress if he is reelected. Would you ever expects Republicans to put forth a name. Before. Primary day or before the November elections to say if that happens if Chris Collins is taken away if something. A word happened where we would have to name a replacement here is the guy. That that's an interesting option. It didn't work dealing with the situation it was no precedent that I can remember. What you could say yet hectic like debt would work or would be totally ineffective there has been song. Talking some consideration that if he intends to resign. Following the election. That it might make sense for the Republican Party today to designate the person they would put up when the governor. Calls a special election that would be the process if you resign. Governor would call a special election sometime next year. But to the governor total discretion what you call that. So you would say that the holders of debt of NY 27 going into this all that okay. Collins is is running essentially is a place holder to keep the district. As a Republican district. But with Nancy does open up next year in which the governor does call a special election this will be the candidate we're putting forward and think they have got some appeal. To make it easier for Republicans in this district default for columns knowing that. They'll have a chance to vote for candidate X but I mean in 2019. If you have that plan in place if you're Republicans would you make that public can make that known or which you kind of keep that's you know and to your selves until the time comes one. You actually have to put their name forward. If if I were one of the county chairs making that call I would say let's do it now let let's give the voters of the 27 district is as much. As higher copper level was possible in voting for Collins his name on the ballot this year and end and I would I would put that forward yes. Carla does this first. TV interview that we were just talking about does that suggest to you that counts is positioning himself for a comeback. Well I think his political strategy Susan is going to be driven by his legal scratchy and out the other way around these are serious charges. They're gonna take a lot of time to. To fight against them defend himself against. And however that goes out in court I think that they're from his political future so no I I don't think he's position himself for political comeback I think. Popular position so that the strongest legal defense he can do knowing that if you win that legal defense. Then. Politics is certainly an option. And then of hundreds and it goes for him to continue the local career. Early on this process we kept hearing the date of the nineteenth this kind of the last day where people on the board of elections will be able to make a switch. Put a different name on the ballot. Are are there any deadlines you see happening this week with the primary coming up. I would ethical Beck didn't read the election law regarding post primary. What would Everett says every day that passes is. Presents fewer options for the Republican Party to deal with this and remember when this started and normally at warp speed. To find a candidate. As to replace. Chris Collins on the ballot that eight shares were meeting they were interviewing candidates whose articles in the paper almost every day about what candidate was to emerge. The designee and then all of a sort of a two weeks ago it would totally dark we've heard nothing since I think that's because the more that the cheers look at the situation. More legal advice they got them where they realized that they get very few options and that they might very well be stuck we're going in the election. With Chris Collins on the ballot. All the (%expletive) does that fit implies. How we always appreciated as Karl calories with messy Alomar Tucci calabrese and associate.