Stephen Hawley - From Livingston County Meeting

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Thursday, August 16th

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Well I don't think this is about me at all. I don't think it's about any of the individuals that are coming in here tonight talk about. The people the 27 district. They they long long road over the last number of years. For the past eight to ten years. This is about representing people. And having. A fuel for what it is they needed I think with the need Tuesday. Com study. You know firm hand. And the ability to it will listen to what their needs wants and deserves sir do you think your experience in Albany would translate. Realistically. To Washington. I'm I'm a people person my entire life -- worked hard. In my business to do that in the colonial legislator for eight years. Served on the Genesee valley bossi board of education. In the united way term and then on the YMCA board. The GCC foundation. Very active in my church and I'm a good listener and I'm a good communicators. We just finished a tour yesterday -- Some of them might but O'Donnell of the Bronx. We scheduled a couple months ago long before any of this started. And every year tapering off a member of the New York City delegation. To let them must see and hear and touch and feel and and smell. How we live in Western New York. World community in the twenties some of physics community of small businesses and families. Trying to get through and pay the property taxes and raise their family. In the hope that their kids and their grandkids. Will be able to stay here and and do the same thing they're doing so I'm hoping to bring those kind of. Groups to receive your. Financial disclosures. People say in our area here one of the best finance shall we say in terms of resources you can keep itself fun. Well I'll. You know we've had trouble with self funders. And in business a long time it worked very very hard. Or from nothing. Are a lot of money to rougher for the buildings and all the tax rules for over a decade. But some money that we do need is fun but it -- do you find out on the table. We've got a lot of -- help along the way great employees. Great clients and it used to be the American dream that if you worked hard took risks and gamble's. And put in the hours sometimes it Lewis ever entry. I'm not the American dream that consult on the -- Certainly. And contributor good portion fund was gonna take for two they have fought campaign. I -- a prolific fund raiser and the vice chairman of the Republican campaign. Committee and hopefully most of my presidency -- so from a variety of sources so we should be looking for small donations. And contributions from people who think you would be able to do the job for them when there's ten dollars 25 dollars of two books that's really what America's all about and that's where we should look to government reform. Well they hue and cry usually comes from people. Constituents and runs and certainly. Would. Would have certainly I've been asked with yours look. Yeah people will undermine. Represent the jury for one term. Lieutenant governor longer very well she did a great job when there was yours. So I've been asked by if you look at it before I have and often to this point have but to do. A ball to busily campaigning for reelection in some ways and so word we're doing two things one look at the 27. Campaigning for real. You. He. He's. Well markers also from the mine a I don't look at people was from your pose look at. As human beings. And I try to respect Everett. I have campaigned. Ordered or of this assembly district and before that Dakota legislature. Ordered or all of the time. Last time they didn't have an opponent I didn't like that I I think people deserve a choice. And even though I had no point and I still want ordered or something was what I can do and are calling and I said I'm here to as for your support in this news questions you might have so whether -- order and whether there Ro well financed with a of the well known. It's all about the people and that's what occurred with the short timing here. Would you like to see you visited Morgan in the there with a short timing would you like to visit from president front to help you perhaps if you do get the nomination dealt well I think that. President from. Certainly. Would be watching this race quite carefully I know he and congressman columns. We're good from mr. congressman endorsed him well I guess the first congressman. So that would be for the president and we'll wait and see. Other works out. OK guys thank. It. Was hallway.