State Senator Rob Ortt

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Friday, August 10th
Ortt on Buffalo Wild Wings considering getting into sports wagering

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What are your thoughts first of all we're curling up Buffalo Wild Wings. Entering the sports wagering fray where do you think you'll be able to do that in the work once the sports wagering is approved here. Well. My understanding. These Reid should that there are. The most recent version of the bill that we are considering. Initiative. We got. Copper or clue or you're so while. Restaurants. Awful lot. To do. Op it was all we try. All variation I saw we're wrapped real saw that we were. Destruction. Security and session. Were organization or at. Are doing. Light or some relationship. We. You know we're getting merged in order was a casino. Or off track betting location. Or some type of organization. There you'd be gambling or being all ready. What do we re asking remote editing recruit a couple of years ago put a bit like a restaurant like buffalo wild. We captured yet also. You knew that we cast but no we were considering. What it was being debated June arms. Which of course dependent on the floor for a vote. I do not believe monitors didn't restaurant awful while. We brought that they covered under that framework. A likely do you think that could be changed as we. Have either into a later session this year or the new session next year. It won't clearly there will be will be ongoing discussions. You know we didn't get here on this is what goes. You know a lot of issues it's your complexion. You know. The more you can do the work. More of a pop or more at Mexico and play in. People are very different people are very. Or Bermuda are. You know some people kept current real concern about. You know increasing gambling people are concerned about the integrity of the genes. Then there's also the concern about people wanna make sure that they are not carved out that they have to cheer to compete. Speakers. These are this is big business and I think that you and others staged approved it and Packers restaurants and other organizations. Are protected businesses want kindergartners. To get yours potential revenue generator that. And people there are certainly here demeanor and reach some people. You. You know to do so. From my perspective I think you know. Is trying to. Thwart just adds another layer. This discussion. Yet it yes and the roster this year worse or you can next year. What I'm sure Compaq up. For more discussion. Whether during the budget process or throughout the search. Would you personally be in favor of having a restaurant like while rings offer sports wagering. Well. Well I guess shot and he noted. I would call bull. The old. Story yeah that was being discussed at the end of last session included OTB you're equally casino. We double committed. They're water they're portability. You know. Your phone or what are you. Through those organizations through arbitration or sort Garber. Why begin commission. On this stage and it was a regulatory issues here you know adding a restaurant. There are normally covered by the commission and any type away and so I. You know I guess that would raise more questions for me so I couldn't read it rate now com again this is new. I certainly think you're machine war spread I think you're going to see more what I would call non traditional looking. It is yours. Why are you bitter Hampshire know what intended and it's kind of business. Because it is hurtful intercourse with technology. Thank you very accessible or even the most. You know average person Chu Chu wa you know the repair on. Chambers or whatever so I figured a few more years and I think it's actually I think there's a reason why I was glad we actually didn't and the doing something. We elected to connect to accomplish their mission they took a big deal it's very fluid but a lot of dynamics and I'd rather get it right. That being the first. You know be the first ones do. And so I think there's talk and I believe their obsession it was time to sort of working pretty consideration. And try to accept that works to make sense on optical Beckett and kicker with rate away so hopefully. That's acacia. In order and this year next session.