Standoff in University District Ends Without Incident

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Tuesday, August 14th
A second standoff in 24 hours ends peacefully in Buffalo.

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And this is Tim Wenger I'm at the intersection of tree even hardly Wear a fairly dramatic. Standoff has just concluded within the past 1015 minutes or so with both of those swat team members that standard home. On tree haven and buffalo police. Captain Jeffrey Ronaldo and let us know what has happened here. Yeah depression 6 o'clock this morning couple police received a call for. And we dispute. Upon arrival they were told by a couple that they're 22 year old son has come home. Insert causing a problem tearing things up inside the house and use also brandishing a couple of butcher knives when patrol arrived they attempted to speak to the young man who served producing. Nice became very irate and threaten her on the officers they came inside the house. The house was evacuated. And these systems correspondent Chris management team was requested. To bring this to a peaceful conclusion. And it's approximately. 1015. Swat officers did under the house and retrieve the suspect who is currently in custody on. You're communicating with him with for the loudspeaker means that fairly standard practice for you guys. Yeah we were areas and a loudspeaker on the side of the house and part of that we weren't in any response from so we brought in are already device which is a much wilder. While speaking to voice and we position from the house to ensure that no matter where you would be inside of the house that he would be hearing arguments give any indication of what may have. Ultimately let him make that decision to come out. Wahid and we went in and in retreat to. There are only weapons that the officers some have been there was some reports of firearms inside the house but at this point he did back in Texas to. And act in the house. Here if he lives Syria apparently came home late in the morning. Still under investigation at this point. So less than 24 hours your slide unit here you. You know the department has been pressed into service in a standoff situation and it's got a tip you guys emotionally and physically. Yeah it's the sense of a drain my disease emotionally physically and resources going in that's why we train so we have enough. Officers assigned to both the seem Keisel swaps of those people are fatigued are in instances like this from there's multiple calls. We have people we can rotate in those positions. Was there anybody ever in danger. We'll. While initially when the family called the police yes this was brandishing weapons threaten firmness. Stepfather and mother so that's what. Generate the 91 call for our assistance but again when we write we see house sells subject armed with a knife we we. We're able to safely back out of that situation and call in the assistance response team team that's what we do so that as you saw. Times on our side and brings these things we'll peaceful conclusion nobody can. What charges he. I'm at this point it probably menacing. It's criminal mischief and for starters. He was branch in a couple butcher knives announcers first. He thought the that's not really I mean you know it. In these situations you do everything can trying to person to come outside and surrender peacefully. It works a lot times sometimes it doesn't in this situation you just had no intention coming out. He wasn't effective guys in Tearrius that was sent inside the house and ultimately that's when the decision has been made for our officers to go on site and they're actually trying to find them and extract them. Images that you're against it raising his speaker it's some things. How to surface. But their struggle for answers made inside now. That is captain Jeffrey rim although the buffalo police depart. And giving us the final details of what transpired here but stay in the end the important thing is a safe conclusion for the buffalo police swat team members. And the assay pending as well for the individual. Who was. Physically being dated went into the house and retrieve them so that is it from tree haven had Huntley I'm Tim Wenger will send back to you.