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Saturday, February 24th

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Senator now when you hear the stories that are coming out of Florida these school resource officer didn't react to. That shooting statins there it outside for four minutes or somebody who worked on sportsman. That's something that's here. Well it's very troubling. I am a big believers will resource officers have been advocating for them for many many years we help to provide some state. Funding option on number local schools. And I would like to programs statewide. That we in the school resource officer in every school if we can help with state funding and like that is well. Well we've seen in what we've learned down in Florida what we don't know everything. Seems pretty clear that dereliction of duty of the officer down there he retired early. The sheriff donor is very outspoken. Police officer school resource officer. Into Austria and it's it's terrible. That that took place. I certainly hope it doesn't. Clock on the war. If it doesn't take away from the job that all good school resource officers do and ideally these questions. You mentioned before correct me offices to contacts right. I said here in favor of arming teachers with weapons that correct. But we reporters I'm not opposed and we'll believe it if we have somebody that has gone through the training. They're properly licensed in permitted and they're called and they are able to carry a weapon in this thing. I don't know I think that there should be restrictions including an. School grounds. My preference in schools news at school resource officer is something that we focus in school resource officer. So to speak first line of defense humility Jerusalem anymore. How many how many more things work with. The schools the administrators particularly Clinton's plan in place. Take many pre eminent nation measures they were with the kids in much attention to community. But. If a teacher has a pistol permit. Properly trained and licensed. I'm not oppose their teacher caring and school undercurrent New York State law the air prohibit anybody prohibited from carrying a weapon on school grounds. Without the permission of the educational institution. So. Schools in New York State right now things don't choose to allow teachers who have permits in the armed and schools each individual's school district could make the decision. Permanent so I don't know what belongs in New York State but if something would be interview saying. And it teacher wanted to do concealed carry in school would you support. And. I don't think it's that theory can be introduced because current law alone is. For. Currently the way current laws written. In legalese of course between current law is written is carrying a weapon on school grounds for it unless. The educational institution gets individual permission. Shall we get rid of those double negative and we look at the law and we see it differently if score educational institution gets permission. Properly permitted teachers can carry weapons on school grounds today. So tell us I don't think law announcing a change in the lines necessary it would get to school to doubt their own house. Did you think that in the aftermath of this shooting important that with in New York State there's going to be any kind of proposed legislation whether it's proper. Republicans Democrats anybody if anything's going to be introduced. Well we always have proposed legislation. Dealing with weapons are many people. Want to take weapons away in Nazi any guns street now obviously that's something that I disagree with but no doubt whenever we seem. Something nationally we do CD this year corresponding introduction of legislation. In the state that doesn't mean that's going on we have to remember that New York State is among the toughest on lines. In the country. And who what which discouraging to me we've elected officials in New York State when things take place nationally they fit to talk about what should take place nationally. A focusing. And making our communities in New York State that are one of the ways that we can do that. And one of the ways that we can make schools safer and actually do them and stay. Is provide additional funding for school.