Spring Has Sprung - Meteorologist Bob Hamilton


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Bobby Hamilton is with us as we say good bye to winter this morning I got. Good morning you know what what can you tell us about the change in seasons. Don't temperatures next couple days we have pretty close to normal high temperatures mid forties some overnight loose. Upper twenties to near thirty silk. We're starting off this season exactly where we should be. The big question in my mind is why this spring began at 628. And not 630. Just remember were the sun crosses in this case you're looking at. The tropic of cancer with a 23 degrees latitude and the equator in the spring and pushes north that he equator it's that moment of this sort crosses the equator. Going to work yourself isolated did changes to. You know every year changes sometimes the deed is on the 21 some seats is on the twenty and so it doesn't always fall on the same date a little promising times will. Okay all right so. You kind of mentioned may be an up and down week here but T can you look beyond that what kind of a spring do you think we're in for a. It's kind of it's kind of tough to say it looks like it's it's a trend continues it would be you know little warmer than normal but that doesn't always hold true. You know we had a fairly mild winner not nearly as mild last year but at the trend will continue. Then we see you know a warmer spring and than normal but. You can't always cattlemen. Is that all we had last year to. Warmer milder spring. Well last year was just so phenomenally. Mild. Winter followed by a fairly mild spring. So last year was you know really unusual this year it's just been over typically you don't mile winner altering growing earth shattering Michael was last year. Gets to say how would you remember this past winter. Well it depends where you are you're down in the ski areas south of the year or east Lake Ontario you would remember it is a very snowy winter. Home ending a little on the mild side literature in the buffalo metro area you know you're looking at. Snowfall that's probably afford or more below normal with temperatures above normal you wouldn't expect it to to a bit in march of a winter at all the areas south and here they they got a pretty good amount as well. And just because were in spring doesn't mean that. The chance for snow is out the window to rank. Are absolutely not we've had 678 inch storms you know right through the first half of April so. We've got at least another month ago before were really haven't would. You know march can be cruel like I always remember that. He bowed to have a good day thanks you don't that's Bobby Hamilton over at the National Weather Service in buffalo.