Sportsnet's Sam Cosentino on Rasmus Dahlin

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Thursday, June 21st
Consentino's thoughts on projected Sabres number one pick Rasmus Dahlin.

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Joining us now from sports net. Sam cousin Tina who was down and Al sale send a morning it's Jeremy enough brings there as well aria. Got a break guys really look forward to it. What about two months already see a little activity today and so should be a fun couple days. You think we'll see activity today and if so I mean like how close are we to a Ryan O'Reilly thing if you think it's an inevitability. Around here I think. The way the buzz has started to build sabres fans are more expecting it then wondering if it's gonna happen. Yeah I would you know I believe that the case of need. All current and working to come in here the number one goal here is to kind of turn the page on on losing him. I don't know he's going into the sea with some of the comments that were made in and Ryan O'Reilly examples they would put that kind of losing mentality still hovering. So I do think it's been in the inevitability and often times you all the general managers want place that's when deals. Seem to come together little quicker because of discussion might lead to another might need to and other teens. You don't need any thrill than being added needed here that are not only representing their players for the drop but also trying to. You know put the feelers out but what about being created and so forth so. We can see that agents not haven't got it up. For me I think O'Reilly Gibson is an inevitability. You know what he's not marketable guy. Especially in cities in all Clement they've been able to bring to the table is not public and produced a bit. In the past but I think certain third line of honor really get into all the good clothes for little. Sam doesn't you know joining us here on O'Reilly and the comments he made at the end of the year. I would guess that if you're another general manager you'd know about those comments you hear about the meaning you might even be willing to say. Erica monies plenum buffalo they lose all the time I would feel that way too that the team had struggled to turn it around for so long so. You know and the comments here how did they go over I wanna say there was a little bit about upper orbit not as big as many might think. When it comes other GMs you think that they would be scared off by that or it's just the kind of thing that they could easily write off as. He lost a lot. Why I think the track record speaks speaks warns you when you look at intruder cannot internationally. When you look at what he's done through the rest of his career here yeah a couple of all met bonehead mistake here or there and I and I do believe I I do believe that there is some people understand well. He's not necessarily law and US speak your mind you just don't wanna have that law commode publicly axle. I think you get a bit of all out there for mothers you know and I don't think that would be a red light enough you know on the straight down any deal. Onto Rasmus Colleen and what the sabres are getting at the top of the draft. How high are you on d'alene how much of a slam dunk is is he as the number one pick in. I is that a function of the position that he plays in the way the league is going gorgeous the the all out telling you see your comment obviously combination. Our our ticket the better than I do think you slam dunk it he's gonna come in and build a play eighteen to twenty minutes straight away. And all but saying that that you heard it in bulk or there's been a lot of talk briefly saw that the the Randy should be really really excited about this young man you know. A little bit ahead Google for the Carlson. You know all a little bit of Lidstrom all kind of packaged in one piece. A guy now who fit what the and he chose to turn the that that puck rushing puck moving department who is essentially the fourth or what he does that what we're used to seeing a little lobster or years. Smaller players in the world well this guy doesn't with side. And you know I was lucky enough Bill Clinton on the called born in buffalo went. What are and on believe or just good always respectful. Well ought. When you think that feels that and then you add nickel creating a character and I think you have star in the making and I truly feel about it. In your conversations with Colleen eat eat you say you seem to come away pretty impressed you think that. Hype won't really. Beat too much of a thing for him he's coming in with high expectations I wonder if if buffalo is a nice place to land what I as a guy with those kind of expectations may be. Easier softer landing than. Toronto Montreal that again we do care an awful lot and people will be thing that's yeah I mean I'm not saying we're not out. We're not an intense market sometimes but there might not be the overwhelming. The kind of attention paid to him this it the way that you would with Toronto. I think there's a couple of things that when the player I think you know obviously. You know they're looking at of the culture change and looking at getting into winning more critically think the pressure to win. You can be there are viewed at eight now you're buckled under the we can have an idea that they have clearly want to plan that what we wanted to do and being able to get this player I winning winning lottery. I'm not a pretty awesome. Start going out if your new regime I think the other part of it is when you look at a guy like will help me in the league would very similar height. Can you guys that I it will have you know the awareness to the protective insert situation given good matchup on bowl might. Let him run once in awhile and let them what they bloated all we want the law yet also keep him way that you know that's what we could have. We're putting in our awkward so. In terms of being the perfect place and building. Franchise on this particular player when Eric are well I colon medals that. Feet to the back and and you look at your core group but the middle. Got to be really excited that they're awful. One thing about pressure. I think if if you are Phil Housley if rest ms. Dolly doesn't come in and produce right away it's my belief that people blame everybody but knowing it'll make. It'll be a little bit of how come the sabres can get this kid to play welcome Phil Housley has never and in the right situations of anybody has some pressure here. Might be the sabres to make sure that you know player development that he looks the part that he's ready to roll. Yeah and I think the thing is when you're when you're judging me younger and I think. Point total in the political aisle and ethnic ya go look in his game. Look at how many minutes he's an ugly about that but here. So he's getting into that you're not according to the range in the beating up op or and maybe even top five minutes. Be pretty happy doing that at the department in the league at that age so that is more howling. I guess that then what he has been doing what would be the point oh right you think. You know given the opportunity and then you know how much you McLaughlin go to Purdue and I would expect from me years via. It'll Ortiz at this point I write off the hawks. I would expect that more coerced here. I take things in players that are not to let me know pretty good and you can create ID where your millions either returned on the young man. It probably would three years from now when it came round that would come more in the big picture when he learned the league wayward. What equate that into Latin schedule and all those sort of thing that's what it I truly think you'll see that the bastard for the most part two to three years. San cousins you know sports and but the rest of the draft and some of the other story lines number two is is Andres mentioned golf we write that in the same ink that we can right now Alina number one. Yeah no question about local either. He's a pretty often I. Categories and in North America here for a couple years really grounded. Young man who dedicated units soundly and part of the reason why. He played with Egan I'm years ago what the deal would be equal to revenues and with the nineteenth overall pick by Detroit a couple of years back so. There is that. Consider and I just think if this guy is humble and it already player in the strap period and historically couldn't really well with what Carolina including in her young core. At three is when it gets interesting who goes three to Montreal. My goodness there's so many different permutations that I think it quickly earned the one thing I would did look at mark perjury and they've. You're you're are there particular. That would suggest me that they would need a player that would come in right away. A couple of guys that caught me reading it struck the politically for your right away because he doesn't necessarily wait a minute. I think so that the unit's goal scoring will translate to the next level. Our and then I look at a couple of other law clerks who would be bought off and you guys probably years away or planning we are up what does that do what went through all week yep indeed sir yes they need better. And of course that the other it's that we are well. It's very cart community being guide me the last shots. Better not be side coach's son and around the game but he too is not likely ready to play until two years from now. So I guess would be winning out be immediate. I'd need remark where and how to act when playwright way war still at best player available you know might reject the place where it two years down the road. It won't be personally in north also would probably be my guy that I see him pop or are centered around the world. But again. Senators got really difficult to find it you give up you marched out betrayed or we give up and what you are or where you'll ever dollar. If you have to get along with free agent market all the best way to get that that position created a new grab the ball. About what what are you on it but quite honestly I think the talk or you don't look that up. And all that is what I think people would be was. Would be a Montreal took a move there at all. One or two of their second round pick and get into an area where you're a lot of the law. Philadelphia's fourteen and 98 and at that point the deal with the rest and yelled it at the center position filled with the poker player mentality. In the background and also still be able to get a really good defense and although I look compliment so in here. So that would be always have more desirable. I think for Montreal the dude there. What tying those two together and have been some suggestions that the sabres are targeting that number three pick from Montreal I don't think. They would trade that for Ryan O'Reilly but. Continue pieced together a framework where maybe three team trade where Montreal does move the third pick where they would get O'Reilly and there be other pieces. Involved about I think about mark perjured and you're talking about how he needs to get a senator that that's the only way I can start to get to how this could happen one he tends to get fleeced in trades my opinion. Tool he he might need results sooner than later and maybe the third pick maybe the eleventh in the fourteenth pick maybe he doesn't think those will help them soon enough. Yeah and then at that point very well it is so in your weighing a couple of things your immediate need our best player available. And of course they can about your dropping in developing nuclear thirteen net concomitant mic you know I don't know that you have to consider. And that know about how how. I think that's always an apartment because when I look at it redeemed until. It all it even won the close. And and struck last year with. Alvarado not we are looking ghostly feel shrieking being involved there. There's always some sort of element of being involved so that that there would like to be. It does have to pick my dog once. Corey one. Islanders the Rangers believe there are millions fourteen in nineteen. So there were there aren't likely to have partnered there we have treatment rather odd. That the you know they can be they're ordered an apartment on that technically be willing to move up in the view in that spot and war. When did you puppet of the offenders and the seventh pick and treatment there and all the so I do think that that definitely a possibility you know I would vote played a big part of. And cousins you know sports that about Carlson are we gonna see him move this weekend Ottawa. Is in rebuild retool revamp in Carlson seems to be on his way out does that happen in the next couple days. And that it's a good gotten on an open question though. Irrefutable ought to law all the bad PR that among the vote. You know the senators over the last. Couple of weeks here and you think can you trade call and you do something easily in the in the short amount on the ground. Again yet all the people here albeit at all the players are here in one place that he didn't put something. I happened to handle what comes to call her wonder. It ought to want not better serve to go back. Week or whenever that point in its offer him a deal what they call the curtain down that deal. A little bit the decrease the volume that so many moving parts of the day here. No their no trade issues and all that really wanna think and all. I don't know you couldn't make it feel of that magnitude. In a short time frame and again and ordered me already been working on a good like get. You know all the Clinton indicated pretty quickly so that is a little different than. And doesn't you know one final question how about Tavares what happens Verron do we get a little bit more juice added to this this week. There. Now all you'll remember all being here and being you know picking eleven and law. And seemingly having the way of really calming. In the middle. One oval situation now. I think there are days I'd be viewed in a palpable squad. That vision with that. With the new arena being built that we want to be. Part of the solution for the people that. Now that drafted him originally. And I execute the islanders. You want one of the whatever art and best players in the world go to Q when you move into the new bill that would an opportunity to win. I think that would grounding out of that what you Libya so. I I feel more moral and an uncle. Two nights and doesn't he know enjoy the drafts and thinks the time this morning. Center.