Sports Betting in NYS 930in716 May 15, 2018

Tuesday, May 15th

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It's 930. In 716. Place your bets. Well almost. But do you Supreme Court decision yesterday the federal government still has the power to regulate. Gambling and fairly confident that we can push this idea that's jail we could be ready by late September. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. The Supreme Court clearing the way for states coast to coast to legalized betting on sports. The high court's decision breaking a long time Danang creating a potential financial boon for states sending gambling industry. The first bats could be placed. Well within weeks. A federal law ahead barred betting on football basketball baseball and other sports in those states. March to the support of major sports leagues. States that want to take advantage of a ruling now will generally have to pass legislation to allow sports books to open. So in depth we go and there's no shortage of reaction on this sports betting issue. All the village ritual that. Before the end of session and you. Henry would classic is president of the TV down here with Susan rose and Brian mess around ski. And that they hear they have. The betting operations up and running before September this year between eighteen. Henry distaste not known for doing things quickly you know on duplicate. MMA look at right sharing. Is there any reason to be optimistic with sports betting. There is a lot of these. Organizations. Especially the commercial casinos have already been working at his feet and missing the last sixteen months. This. If she was argued for the Supreme Court back in. December the what preparation prior to that. So it also at least these purchases have to thank for this and I think that do have their. Organizations practically ready to go in time for the policies if they're allowed to buy and your state. So you mean that they they don't want to casinos haven't without the rest of the state having it is and it. Well there there was a lot at some point thirteen. Could you speak about yes you're right GR. About position. And that is that. Completely achieve the before commercial casinos. Or by that designation allowed to have it once it was a lot of the federal level. And so once this thing passes rules and regulations they will be allowed to have it prior to any of these. Richie knows or any of these affiliates felt it was to be the OTB parlance. Aside from those casinos how concerned are you with the potential or possibility for. These whether it's a Seneca run casino or an Oneida run casinos to kind of get a leg up. And Sid do this quicker then they pass a bill in Albany. Well they're concerned this is something that I've seen this releases in the last few hours last 24 hours from the native American tribes saying that there. But it kept running and and have the the sports betting available for people. In the that is a problem with the competitive disadvantage. Put into the competitive disadvantage relative to those. Native American run operation. If the state does a decide do to take a bona and it's approved by the end of June let's say. How soon could you be ready to go. We could be ready by by September and we've been in their discussions and negotiations with the the various commercial casinos to think about while we'll have this on certain rules and regulations that place. And so we do not feel that there will be any. Are trusting upper right in September we have been involved in discussions with the legislators and Albany we put up quite a few times dealing with these various. Let legislators and their staff providing input as to this legislation that is going to be proposed every thirty has the proposal it says about the sick and someone problems which are the reason waiting. Committee is indicated as late yesterday that. It can have a good bill put forward by the intercession and he hopes with a double deal site. You're speaking yesterday with some people in Albany it appears there hasn't been much of lobbying on this issue aside from. Some people representing places like Batavia downs were seen those who are hoping to time be sure there in on the action as soon as a law is passed. Do you hope to see that change do you expect to see that change in order due may be pushed this to the front of lawmakers' minds before the end of the session Ngo. Well worth it and ball to engage with the trade group called the New York gaming association. Which involves. Others feel he operations and other OTB operations and so we have been actively engaged. Obviously there are other parts of the initiative and actively engaged so yes we we believe that there will be a lot more than it has pushed to have this completed president of fashion. Is this something that is in great demand by the public is something that will mean. Revenue for the state which should be directed towards education is my understanding. And a lot of us of the states around this New Jersey Pennsylvania they've already. Legalize that they'll be up and running managers who have dug up and running in the next couple weeks literally will be taking sports betting the areas. She is in the Atlantic city's ballistic missile crisis has been operating at this point but certainly we're going to be and the service we cannot do something here again. It's encouraging that senator about it because provoked. Are determined to passes by the recession and we just hope that all the state officials who worked together to provide this for the residents and all the residents of of the State of New York because at this point at which of these four commercial casinos. You've got large swapped this that your state which will. Be allowed to. At this this wagering on that is that is something that's quite an event in. In that situation here in Western New York you have somebody has to drive. From buffalo to. Seneca county under miles that it was just in these. Reaction now from the legal legislative and press arena's royal oaks is a legal expert with ABC news. On the line bening in in a way that sort of transcend geography is some it sets up some offshore Europe or Asia. Theoretically. You can get involved in that without any kind of federal or state Icrc parents. So so that's one aspect of the murkiness of the other end should the big irony the other is that in spite of the US Supreme Court decision yesterday. The federal government still has the power to regulate. Gambling. Essentially what the 1992. Law talked outset. Was that was an attempt by congress to say that regulating gambling were just ordering states don't you dare up. Prove sports betting interstate that's all that federal law said. And that's all that was tossed out the Justice Alito decision yesterday set the darker the power to tell the states they may not approve sports betting. The feds have their right to regulate. Sports betting and gambling general so now the question is when states start one after the other saying yes. Will the federal government and can't afford it congress step back in the fairway on a you've gone all the work. Probably not a I think bill legislators. It at the state level and the federal level realized OK at the court has spoken but she helped things go to get out of hand and you know Al Capone is is everywhere. Then we're gonna step in and do something but otherwise I think it's going to be the State's going to be treatment decisions and they are sports and. Royal with all these states making this decision sound and it looks like there's twenty of them that are about ready to make it very soon. Where the line come from is it still Vegas. Yeah I think that there they're going to be several lines people got to respect that guesses as sort of the spiritual leader of a gambling whether it's sports gambling or otherwise. But people are going to be free to it just set up arrangements. You know it's funny there have been stories in the wake used to big decision about war that's over Europe. And only a sports betting. They have in team sports betting people sitting there was there. Smartphones and their apps during a soccer game betting on everything who's gonna score the next goal there's going to be a lot. Anger or a lot shorter right order he gets kind of ridiculous so. Yet you're gonna house vote the gold standard terms of line. But he's also got a whole lot of other people getting into the act. As you've heard the next step is state legislation and New York State senator tank gallop then talked about it. With WBN's. Tom pocket. I think it's a decision that we're not surprised with. We we anticipated this decision and because there in anticipation. We have forwarded. Legislation a little bit earlier in the year. To allow for sports betting in New York statement a little limited capacity. Trying to get a little bit ahead of the curve so to speak in thinking through. Ensuring there's appropriate safeguards in place we strike the right balance. In Malone New York citizens to participate. How likely do you think they have to sports betting will be legalized in New York State. Notre Supreme Court has made the decision. The legislation essentially has been sitting there will now work to walk through the committee process. Aunt and hopefully. Hopefully and I'm I'm fairly confident that we can accomplished this idea of the session and show. Then of course though. Sports betting where medical immediately into effect it would be but it would. The regulations would have to be put in place is increasing in. Racing being bored they would promulgate regulations. But ultimately I see no reason why this is. Why couldn't be fully in place by the end of the year. And what are your personal thoughts on sports betting do you think this is a good idea. I'm support of of letting people make him to make their own decision whether or not to participate that are. Are all sorts of things that are out there as we expect gaming and betting that people can participate in. And I do think that they should be done in a responsible manner there should be some rules. That are setup so I do supports legalization. XP on you know that the decision discretion. Will try to work through the legislative process and hopefully like insane if successful conclusion by the end. In Albany Ken Lovett covers all things New York State for the New York Daily News. And he can't remember rather than a path. Two years ago that allowed. A state casino that is definitely right now the bourbon. This happened very quickly. All that's needed to allow the sports betting. He's. Regulations. In this state game commission that it can happen it's already legalized. Under the casino law. The differences there's going to be pushed through the end of the legislative session. To try and expand on the bailout that. Casinos talk of sports betting on the line and things like that right now it would only be happy new casinos themselves. Net New York to me is may be one of the most interest in states to look at with this because you know traditionally it seems like the slow one you know hot button issues like official Beckett. MMA and ride sharing but they're gonna be pushed not only by neighboring states but. By the Indian casinos within New York. Absolutely and knew the interest income the governor yesterday. You don't want them opening bell wasn't quite sure of the law of the when he was asked about it he couldn't even see it happening this year. Because of the legislation he doesn't think he's doing by the end of next year by the end of the session next month however like I said they don't need legislative approval we can get the ball rolling. All they needed deregulation from the gaming commission to the upstate casinos. And movies sports betting and you already you know especially more injured he wouldn't wanna put it. Then you don't want me right on the border in the meadowlands. I think that would be really serious blow to hear skimming efforts. Western New York canned because you knew you mentioned that there are four casinos in the state could that could do this but the closest one is in Waterloo which is like a hundred miles away from here. So is it possible that they would allow maybe Batavia downs. To an old TV to allow sports betting on this end of the state. Well from what I have been told what you need to do these these casinos themselves are gonna have to. Be involved somehow in that may be. How they do without Ryan or blue bird truly and absolutely legislation was gonna have to decide that it will also be an Indian casino in all likelihood. As you said the united is doing it and they say yeah under the federal law well. Do whatever we are offered someone we are it's okay with those already got. I don't even if you don't get up and running pretty quickly. Will going forward with fists in Albany how does this may be squeezed in to the plate it's already in front of lawmakers before the end of session you have. You know amongst other things yet this child victims act that's been talked about for a long time you have now a search for an interim. State attorney general. Do you see this being able to be talked about and then brought to the floor before the end of session. They want to they can right now the play to the end of the session pretty empty to be honest with you there's nothing that how to get done. The only appointment of the attorney general will probably be in the next couple with these and then that'll be over and then they're never gonna look at that issue. Toward November not September primary is at least. And there's nothing else who really need to be done so this is an issue. That can be negotiated. And maybe bring some of the other issues peripherally. And then that would happen if they just decided that they can't do it in the league without doing it. When does the session and is there a hard data or is it out there and do they look at a certain week. Yes. I think the and third week of June I believe that somewhere in that area. So at the moment all bets are off fun when all debts will be fine so to speak. Back tomorrow. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo all.