Sports Betting A No-Go In Albany - Henry Wojtaszek


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We're joined on the line by Henry we'll tacit the president and CEO of Batavia downs it's the last day in the legislative session in Albany before they take a a much needed. Summer vacation Henry is then up in Albany back here. Lobbying on behalf of Batavia downs for sports. Betting something that Harry doesn't seem likely to happen today doesn't. Well it certainly and that they're kind of like support will be there on Monday there yesterday. And there's still a lot of rock. Talking about it there's the senate. They're ready to Rock the Vote on the go. I believe that they have the numbers in that was less than about a sick in the public blow up what they would go a large group we'll talk openly in the street. The senate is ready to vote they believe they have let. The numbers passes the assembly still working out some numbers assembly a couple of cute they're up at least six people that he needed to up to convince to pass it. And that was than some other. Amendments introduced as late as yesterday to try to the Broncos haven't found so that there will be some jockeying today and I was so. Very cautiously optimistic but it it did in trouble locals and trouble. You know Henry have you heard this argument a state legislator told us earlier this week that the states worried that mobile sports betting would take away business from the State's casinos. Is that an issue. I don't think that that is the exact argument I think certainly known. Mobile betting and online betting is concerned that there's some constitutional. Concern them coal but Obama's within it is the it was that. In his legislation he'd put in there that the apps or any of the technology we put the casino consult. And that iPad and yet that someone using an app. For using that line is you've got outside of the you know let that seem to be goat the one concern about the concerns about the yacht. The American bringing up issues of constitutionality. And let it be so there's there's a lot of information thrown in the last couple days I think you can keep. He should be working. What's your debt issued a mention right there are native American in casinos throughout the states and neighboring states I mean Canada for many years but now. You're adding New Jersey to the mix Delaware some of these other states that are planned to do something soon. Are you worried that by the time something gets figured out here in new York and it it'll be left in the dust. We are in now that you some good examples and Albert under. Individuals. Put New York City in the can welcome in the give his argument could look and I'm told that now there's billboards and in New York City flight to try and trickled over the urged us in New Jersey want to go over the shortly. There with them that you opens arrange a little quick effect. In New Jersey so there are actively recruiting all the people comic of New York City. Which is you know that mess up that the population. Of the moment there one particular good client customers. It Abubakar that. You know and we talked to Tim Kennedy a state senator earlier this morning he said there's a lot of bills that should be voted on today but they won't even be brought to the floor for a vote. Do you final is that disappointing to you that you know the leadership can have that much control over all those numbers. Citizens. And that and I and I seem to Markel. Last couple days within your you can report report. President up and there are a lot of the mission that brought up but I just as an open their opponent until they won't be addressed prior to the league tonight. Good support. Now okay say this doesn't come up for a vote today which show many people expects but it comes back around. Maybe in a special session after November may be at the beginning of next year. How much will this bill are really change. You know in total between now and then. That would be reason for such a delay. I think the bill that they haven't heard how they actually pretty well I think the comment page. I've also people that room where that there were you unhappy about the gulf of mutual affection which typically mean typical not. That. But it would be treating someone earlier from one of those in time so I don't do that much change at the one key issue in the U weather out there should be signed up. On the at the brick and mortar places. Prior to the big deal the bottom line that is a big issue with industry because. In the battle without you have to go. It took place physically exciting now make sure you're seeing no other verification that particular there and then epic. Here in New York with a huge point of contention and that could be one of the only to have a change the curriculum and special touch it and not incurred the general recession like. Now we've mentioned before a lot of people don't expect this to come to the floor for a vote today on if that is for sure the case. When do you expect to know buys their time today you've been given debts you know lawmakers have said if this doesn't come up for discussion by say yeah noon or 2 o'clock. It just totally gone. No I think the Obama go into the wee hours at a political Pacman but I think they have the ability and in the senate has the ability to vote. Prior commitment that you simply might now because of the way to build each. So I expect that the people who Riordan won't all go out and the next night. Can really appreciate the time this morning thanks very much that's Henry what test sick with Batavia downs will be following the state legislature. As they go through then. The rest of the hours today to finish the session.