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Monday, June 18th

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News radio 930 WBA. And yeah. First we going to honor the fact that we 63. Of the populace. But in a reliable never get a proclamation would marriage drama that's are no one cares that certain weekend. It's Tom Bauerle. One of the key with that and David Bellamy I don't know how it happened or what. Go into it but I will say that yes. But only bode 63. I'm heavy hitters just came out you know says they're proud to be sixty they're really. Good golfer. You know like the PGA tour golfers like cinematic finished 63 in the master who like I'll swap. Look you know this golf guy it's the hourly and Olivia. How good adulthood on news radio 930. We're back to buy hourly and elevated Tom Barley is off today. Which is still a mystery to me because I could've sworn I was the one that was going to be often. But that's neither here. And right now you're here I'm here is dollars and that open mentioned golf at the real quick and that's Joseph beamer whose every time you see Phil Mickelson on Saturday. He was really outraged with the way the course was playing which most people war. And had had a meltdown yet he puts the ball misses the cop like most is putts that over the weekend. And instead of letting the ball roll will finish. He does what most guys most kids do putt putt he runs after it hits it before it stops so it doesn't go too far down the hill. It was really immature little. Get it and on the thirteenth hole yeah I think he is human like go. Might have let go of that competition you know here's the thing is that certain age. Can he be really cute cute film tackles and really compete. And and that the big term is to think with the younger guys. I don't think so but. He's so we've sort of like where when I was growing up Jack Nicklaus was still on the tour but he really wasn't on the tour right he would have like you know one great round in the British Open Phil sent nail it and has been two years you can join senior tour and that's why it's fun yeah. Yeah I think that's what's. The young block where we got to Acapulco in studio here and we also people on hold so let's get to some phone calls it'll three. 0930 start 9310616. WB and Michael group photo. In a blockbuster. Claim will be on Sean Hannity 9 o'clock. It seemed any Henry Greenberg. A person who approach him while he was with the campaign for Donald Trump and 26 team. And turns out this guy. Is a is an FBI informant was until 2013. But. His entire career of the arteries was in America. Was to work for the FBI. Is that a weird series of coincidences well if anything coincidental with the us this whole thing isn't. But what does this mean what does this mean let's go to Dan and west Seneca then your questions for Michael Capuano going damn. I do David thank you for having we have a good show I enjoy it. That mr. cook what I find your interest and I don't always agree with you and I am a Democrat but I think I'm a reasonable guy. I'm I'm puzzled by this whole thing and in almost as tired of it as I waters during the Watergate. Fiasco many many years ago. I wish and cheer and I try to be where your your kind of describing the FBI engaging in entrapment. Which is troubles some. I'm buddy if it is true which should be able to be substantiated. And I would side with you mr. cook Google I don't think that the American justice system. Sure unfairly persecuted its own citizens. And secondly the thing that's most puzzling to me about Robert Mueller. And I'm vaguely familiar with from. I had thought at one point he had had a distinguished. Career. Like you're implying I think I am and I'm not trying to insinuate anything. I listen to you I kept my understanding it's it's right or wrong I'm not sure. But it changed the way that you're trying to package it is this is one big dog and pony show a very elaborate. Scam. Being perpetrated on the American people and the taxpayers. Of America and and I've got a little more faith in American and and I got more based in and and Republicans and Democrats and it'll ends. Did look begin I hear from Capote and now what would your first response I'm right I understand releasing. And I think the most in first and most important thing I can say. Is that during the time. That I was approached by this FBI informant. James Columbia I think was off golf. I'm sorry. A Robert Mueller was off golfing he had nothing to do with any time this is James called me. Who decided it was. A Smart move to send a violent. Done criminal from Russia in the country illegally. To talk to to get involved in the white collar investigation. Matt immediately. Smells bad I don't think really the Robert Mueller would do this and the people that I know in the FBI they would never do that. I think James call me is an aberration. At the FBI I think the people the rose in the race under call me. Are an aberration. At the FBI and tell you this people I know in the FBI agree with me. So this is a pretty mean this is pretty easy to prove. Was this guy in the country was this guy in wherever. He was when he made a phone call. If you look in the country working for the governor what was he doing in the country. That seems like something a subcommittee can now. It is but and the problem we have here is that if you remember. In the big right after my eight time in the smaller barrel on the second may. I came out and talked about hours approached by a good our US. Consultant in the national security arena who offered me Hillary Clinton related emails. Through Kirk bell my friend an intermediary someone you know David. I'm sorry no you have to disclose its optimal. And and I thought I I didn't know a fact I was. Offering things as part of the FBI sting but I thought it was unusual that an early man hours being offered Hillary Clinton's emails right. I didn't know I sit all I want is just being looked into the IG one of the committee somebody look at that was. I got zero response I was on TV almost as much as I am on this issue. But the whole time I was talking about that if you watch my TV interviews if you heard me on the station. You heard me say there's something more I wanna talk about but I can't right now because Dennis sparkle or release me. This is the issue I want to talk about now. Caller I I gotta tell you art I've I'm mr. main. Diana west hair arm. But let me tell you something I served in the united states army. My serve the United States government the reason why I was in Russia's because I was sent there by the United States government the reason why. I served in Central America during the Contra words that are sent there by these government. I am very proud of my country I'm a patriot. I served my country active duty in the united states army. I believe in the rule of law in the United States. I believe in the FBI is well I want to. And at this point in time the fundamental nature of the disappointment that I am experiencing. What makes me question. Whether or not we truly have the rule of law in the United States. I believe that the Department of Justice was weaponized. Under Barack Obama and this is just one of many things that they did at the Department of Justice. That we need to find them guilty. But the fact that I believe the department justice and the leadership under Obama at the FBI. Was was spying on the Republican nominee. Or the likely Republican nominee for president of United States. The reason why I believe that is fact based. It's absolutely factories and there's nobody more disappointed. What do you think about. I believe. And all the and the ball up and I believe. That word true the president in the united. And I can remember Jaeger who works there was no president could have done anything in the FBI on his watch or to what they were. The judicial part the horse and I believe there shall separate. I believe that there's a lot of frustration. On the political front. I believe that Donald Trump certainly is an oddity that is not a positive or negative you something that has never happened. On the American political spectrum before I mean Ross Perot was a candidate and no one actually ever rose. To the presidency. I think. Just divide today and David Becker and UC you're a veteran thank you here's the second I that I served with really good Republicans. I sure would really good Democrats. I served wit black and white men and women. I have never. Understand B and that is pushing this. Divisions sometimes I don't agree with my Republican president. Actually as an in the United States I don't agree with. You know I don't always agree with Democrat I don't think all of them are the most brilliant. And had ever want yours. I respect them respect where we're losing something in America and my despair when I listen to you Michael and you'd get my again erupt. Is that fact that when it when you say like these mr. Saturday in jail I hope nobody watching. All they do you should read the threats I get. I would play for you the voice mails I've gone to they have gotten seven of their. Sir your public personality that is good or the president doesn't get stretched because. There's an apparatus that would put you in jail but you don't have bad apparatus. And your very public I see all over the television I'm fascinated by. And I'm I'm fascinated by it but I think that. You should all wish to be that public personality. Just like movie stars who gets stark and it it comes with its pitfalls also you have an opportunity to make a great deal of money but you're also putting yourself in the bull's eye on somebody with a rifle. No doubt no doubt but I did not choose to be caught up in this bogus investigation Jack well. Don't achieve that that's what's frustrating for me to believe he'll. OK and I wanna believe somebody. I gotta think I'm a regular guy I want to believe somebody I'm tired of hearing my country a piece of garbage can be manipulated. Bite somebody and large I'm tired of hearing. I'm tired of hearing that the public official and I took my time in order or don't have any integrity. You're here they don't have any courage I don't believe in nothing but dollar. You can't take a dollar where this country was here before me. And by golly I hope we can hear well after I'm gone from my great grandchildren to enjoy I don't like this investigation not because it's. Driven by Democrats. So what what what. What you finish your thought though it to believe what to put a saying go ahead. To believe what you are saying. I just yet I've got more space in my country. The people that represent my. Because it's and I wanna get I want it to Beckett did Dan actually call so far so good in Danica. You know I Joseph beamer there are times I'm not listening audience his voice is still in my head. That is that your effective Joyce I'm innocent and Joseph is kind of to a joined us did. West Seneca asked some biting questions when we broke for traffic I think they're a good question but here's the thing and this is a Burlingame right back in here. What I respect about Wii games coming for a is the default position. When I grew up the endless ethnic for a game could be pro life or pro choice. He can be pro gun anti gun pro union anti it didn't matter the default position was always. America let's be as great as we QB who cares right right and we don't have that anymore Dan do you remember the church committee. But it sure. And that's in the 1970s. A democratic senator named frank church I believe as persons frank I remember my permanent and right key organizing committee. To investigate the national security apparatus because there was a lot of abuses. There were a lot of abuses especially. By the CIA and it was hated. By Republicans and conservatives and people that were in the time in favor of the Vietnam War and such and but in the end we found so many to spot like abuses in the CIA. The national security. The FBI. And other organizations. That more than a hundred people were fired. More than 100 people were fired. And Republicans hated it they hated it right. And there were some complaint that we decimated our capacity of the CI AETC. But one thing that happened after that that nobody really talks about. When a young person comes into the came into the CIA in the in the 1980s. The first thing they heard from from the old bowls was. Don't do that it's illegal. And the church committee will get Chia. I'm glad no one thing and that trying to re. We can have a reference for that time frame in my life time. I believe we use the CIA. And and we assassinated the leader of north Vietnam I mean I'm going way way. So we used in our security apparatus and she lay Guatemalan there's a lot of in a different way we use it and a different way and then all of a sudden some type or where morality surfers to. And out well we don't go to war went. And any. War if you engage. In war. There should be victory sure you can bring your young men and women home. They've accomplished something they'd give them a basis to live with the things that they were forced to do because in that circumstance. And then you come home and your crew following you multiply now. We go to war changed to make the company's money we don't have any clearer goal and we don't assessed the young men and women. Who come home we don't column why they want what they accomplished Shia. You know I played again I'm William and I think you bring up a lot of great points I got Iowa. Well it was zen. Accused radio's on he's I think he took yet that was the that was in the studio you wasn't. I just I appreciate Dan good call or is it enough in the weeds in this as he's actually right I agree with everything it can't look at those that give. Opera's got better but bones in. I would get in and I don't to screw them as wanna stay on this topic. And we've got a lot of people wanna touch you vote so we're gonna keep you on hold we'll keep you Prudhoe for the next segment. Because we have five people wanna angrily asked who requested about like you're asking the question is gotta be down anger. As there is no passion what's the I want ever went absurd and yet because we're gonna try to get to enter I've forgotten my standard answer will be up. That change. Cocaine. I'm widow. Component studio where I. Hamas as a witness is Bauerle is well Vietnam is Joseph beamer is in for Tom buy hourly but who put those here because this is a pretty. Blockbuster story now people have been very patient hold on give them. Because as I wanna hear what they have. And I when he what you have to say Michael group photo what do you think is going on here he's your audience your quest to go 30930. Start 93180616. The media and let's do what pat that's awful. He pat would you ask a question of Michael group photo. Aren't you Michael Michael if there aren't Democrat would leave them I mean I want to give the president the front of the public that trump towers root ball. Think I got lots and when he said that what are underperformance in his campaign right now OLE a Beige Book. I wanted to believe poem and a four when he said he didn't think seventeen million from the ukrainians or hurt pop up or acerbic gates or any of the other. But it bit on connected to at some. Sort of Brittany when it comes through. They're strong campaigns specifically. Haven't you but you've realized that there there amnesia is about a deal that they've been the government's been trying to get a piece of for the last fifteen years. And that's with their amnesia dirt that the man afford gates connection is is strictly a financial deal that that the government is always felt. They've been corrupt. The Ukrainian consult right the problem is might go with this thing there are others say there's no deal. I wanna Herbert something. Michael article or whoever. A bit when he came promote sure you surprised how much they know much new about Herbert. So I am repeated it. We have no idea what they know and order and what how we connect the court date. Or white shirts and you're correct is that the mortgage and yeah ask yourself. If you can remember. About the Clinton and at a buck salary in else. And what about just pick them up and our conversation. I just don't remember it. That pilot that congress. Oh you mean our congressional hearing. Yet I had. It. Right I mean like I said I believe my answer. When they asked me about Russians are offering me I'll information on the Hillary campaign that my answer was not that I recall. Not because I was. And scratching my head it's that I prepared very well for the hearing Dennis balk when I went through all the questions. And he told me while this is what you remember but you know what's gonna come up in the next year so answer right now not that I recall or I don't call. And don't be definitive about yes or no and let's at something as basic as your name that's what lawyers advise you to do but at the same time it right. I understand exactly what you're saying and I also get the me recalling the us. What now a year almost a year later. It's a bad look for I understand that I get that. I think you're probably the most don't fit. There's station oh and another taken in all cessation yeah yeah. Are there certainly. Aren't or. Our. An outsider. I think there are Arabs. You might bring those figures so you know and has buckled. Up or make no mistake. Besides. That the group was tiger and one person in general relying. Upper rapper and I'll ignore. So I. We await word mr. informing them. Mothers. Track record so that there are no I am going to jail. So how are right I don't let it straight out. Mean apple. I'm just as an outsider sick. You know everything you write that report in jail rather than like I. Now that's let's just go back in jeopardy Janet that's a totally legit question I'm and one that I've I've been wrestling with since or call this thing. That's a program director diehard yeah. Yeah that's a joke totally legit question I think. I think this is a terrible for me that I forgot about this I want people to understand that it was about two minutes on telephone calls and text two years ago. All right and and that's just the way it is at the same time understand. It it's not material to the investigation. I've fulfilled my requirements. For a house permanent select committee on intelligence. And in and I am officially cleared of any kind of I don't necessity. To go to them and talk about this because I already added it to my testimony. So look I get a Tibet look but at the end of today. It is what it is I'm 56 years old. I've been to hundreds of Grateful Dead shows I will go to one tomorrow night and for some reason my memory isn't as good as other people's. Well that sounds awful Michael. Let's sons. Go to the text we're real quick we have by text says mr. Cavuto Michael wooten from jail to report today that they are text messages indicate you didn't remember the meeting with Roger Stone and the Russians. You have any idea it. Michael wooten is completely wrong he's not even following the story Michael wooten needs to read. Reed army just read. I mean that's just factually incorrect and that's not unusual. For for local reporters that's not unusual for Michael wooten. The fact of matter and that attacks that he's talking about. Worth attacks that I sent to Roger. After the meeting in 2016 Wright said how crazy was the Russian and Roger wrote back. Vary he wanted to watch a money and I said well that's the Russian way sorry about that. And he said. You know any anything come of it he said no that was. And edit a text that was launched between the two of us in on May 29 when he sixteenth Michael wooten. Is alleging. That this confirm that I knew about this thing what I always supposed to say are parked in the house right. If he's getting what happened here Michael and are you need to do is read. Is I asked Roger about the meeting that I have arranged what's happened the day or two before and I asked him how I went. That's that it was that those that text were disclosed by Roger Stone. And know that those tax or a surprise to no one. Except Michael Woo and attacks like that during the campaign is an icon right now and it's like if you're run and and gun in your own 85 miles an hour you know pre to say. Hey rot or how to go if I don't follow up on things you initiate and your daddy your job of that. They're over about how does that change anything if you knew. If you remember that taxed if you didn't remember the tax. If at the end of this entire thing that the reason your having that conversation. Is because a government entities. Decided that you were going to be carrier a false information to entrap someone fell right. Right edge and it's it's it's also this. I love always your best friend or for it was so when you met at a bowling club it would it would matter if the intent of the government was to put that person your life. Right to Chad and I think look I I'd get would wooten doing it this is a very fast moving story I can't blame. Good it vocal NBC reporter for missing a very obvious that it not everybody's gonna get it right but there's a lot of good coverage about this are there. Those text works chains have time in the meeting. And when the when I brought this up. To the smaller team without being prompted on this event. We discussed those texts. Those texts were also in the Washington Post given the Washington imposed by Roger Stone I don't have those texts I have a new phone. And the smaller team accepted that X that that explanation I think that's been out there analog stories. Right 8030930. Start I. 310616. WP and Michael Caputo continues to be very popular. You can also text this and 30930. Since you're going to see The Grateful Dead tomorrow night and you have connections what are the chances are you getting them to play capacity. For my daughter. She'll be there tomorrow. I'm off of my connections. At the grateful that have waned as Italy. Well you have Franklin Williams bill no way to frank. Drag you're on to win. Which it Joseph beamer instead of hourly and ability and of course are against my group who. Forget the colony that we got more than it was a crowded field it Democrats and Republicans to try to get along. Without the beer. I was gonna Wear on self you know. Oh you know I'll tell you. I I I when I lived in Washington in the eighties and worked for Jack him right and I worked for Ronald Reagan and then worked in Republican politics through rate. The Democrats and Republicans use to get David knew though this bar the monocle on the senate side. That was were all back the senate side Republicans and Democrats would go drinking and eating together at 5 o'clock. They just. If they forgot about their work dot Ronald Reagan would hang out with Tip O'Neill. For for no reason to friendship on the house side all the house staffers would go to the tune in that place David Wright on our right there are are brought by the capital. And they would drink together and some time after let's say. 8892. It really went south. I've tried to nail this down because I'm thinking through these kinds of things. Let's be totally fair though I think if there. If you're like you're a reason why. It got bad. And and and I'll say this you represented. The first time the Republican Party fought back mixer and fight back. Understand Nixon could have waged. A war in the mix who would've put up the fight to Bill Clinton put up against the special counsel. He could have had some really. Would have changed the opposite of the president but the Supreme Court would have ended up ruling in the favor Richard Nixon Center. I'm the commander of the of the country I do whatever the hell I want and I can totally you know give myself a pardon if I want to do. Does the Supreme Court would have been on as fast Supreme Court the Supreme Court. They did not fight back Roger Stone in the Michael group photos were the nights that were brought in. To do the job the Democrats had been doing to the Republicans for close to 25 years unmolested. Yeah it also it is so exhibit did you get a feel like if you don't keep function. Oh I don't they got a sworn I am I'm a huge I totally understand the point of it I'm just saying it's a pendulum. And where where in power normally here's the crazy part what Donald Trump wins the election Michael and they're tearing down statues. That should be the side that wins the election. Right but here's the problem David that is the Republicans didn't win this election. Donald Trump in this election and there is a good number of Republicans that are working right alongside the Democrats are trying to ram him out of town. This is not a Democrat Republican thing this is of this is the Donald Trump vs the establishment thing and it defies party line. This Russia thing has zero. Democratic finger tip fingerprint image in its origin. Now where the Democrats got involved with when they you know put it to the to the media and spread out over the world this was facts but. This is absolutely. What Republicans do what they go why would. Donald Trump's. Relationship with a prostitute. Had anything to do that and a upset people. That upsets people in the Republican primary that information was gleaned for the Republican primary. They wanted it disgusting story about Donald Trump and prostitutes used in the self. So they get upset this wave of primaries are with the information about manna for Ukraine and Russia was being circulated around Barton Republican cruise was was irrelevant stuff and honestly here's the problem and that's part of the Russian. But let's be honest what started metaphor has been around since Ford and Reagan so I mean this is an equal opportunity he worked. There is no. President George H. W. Bush with a poem afford them down would that it was not an an easy sailing to that nomination moon and then you've got all the other so he's there are known for thirty for thirty years that a part of the bush that Tennessee. Dynasty now he's and it really the receiving end of what appears to be. You know. This is a they found an issue and much like the Bundy land situation this is an issue has been going after fifty years. That a new sheriff has decided. Is now actionable. That that's what's going and and but again he's gonna have an experience that nobody else they're gonna force Donald Trump the partner. My call going. You mentioned that these would be written out to gonna eat together and you know offered up the clock they're kind of friends as friends who Veronica permit. I want him with a meet with with immediate development that time because I my take is that. CNN the 24 hour news cycle cost yourself lacrosse player at the turn the whole atmosphere around because so adversarial one approach to data could ever be granted. They each other it's almost like. You know the United States Star Trek took over that you're Affleck and halfway. Issued civil war because one side to reflect on the right side of the right left right. We're we're out but but. The immediate with when it went immediate turned from a recording two opinions. Too bad gene Ron Berry was a bigot. I'm like no evidence. See the difference between their opinion and in an image and their air and their professional use recording. I think it did just put it in the water so bad enough that he took part than an hour to the point where. It's like salad even matter anymore we're gonna Kardashian you know. Hold that thought right there let's go back to back to the phones our motto to put those in studio. 8030930. Start 93180616. WV and you can text is at 30930. Let's go well over a critic of fright joint wrap that up. It did my point is that. That the media both sides fox he had BP AMOCO and BP. You know let them they're so invested one the other it is it's all about the political aspect of the cut out the actual news itself if it helped paint could now and we got sort that is when that we're talking about and you got them. Sean Hannity under a few weeks ago when your market sort of talking out. Yet new bigger than Watergate experience because these are part of the hard to follow and what we. That's a really good point Fred brings up I know it's ego but Fred Briggs of the point that this is a complicated story. It's hard that it to grab have legs when it's this nuanced but. I will say this giant is saying that there's too many blockbusters that's another problem he is dotted every day it's a different blockbuster for Sean Hannity. But don't miss tonight's at 9 o'clock and might have to put it will be. But let's go. And let's just make sure that that's the TV show at nine not the radio ratio that's also one WB EN and it just like windows. Via. Well we want them to listen the radio show but also keep an odd that he can I don't really know what to expect from him I don't know if he's. Call me in there to be blockbuster this from I really don't know if there is part of the breaking news monologue I don't know. I'll tell you totally going to be breaking you know what when you turn on you. If you're gonna go to Bhutto nun and I just thought maybe they'd drop me in a little later but it's purely going to be the talk show. I would think so. I don't know if that's all TV thing like the clothes you part of the top of the hour you know the more important aren't appear at the end of interview show you're kind of like. The cute puppy video let's level we've got to pitch out of the building before the drivable pit but anyway here's Jim juror what's going on. Why. Are you guys. But yeah. Any any country in the world. And at some bad information not any political candidate that. Date they were able covers unsealed court documents that were really bad. 830 years old so that person may be had a horrible crime but it. But many men were able to keep it moderate but start a black belt maybe Hillary but it does not art. Shares that the company was able as somebody about it and it and it's way the election. They you know. I don't understand. An imminent eruption at it from may until. What's the problem and it. Actually you know from my understanding of the legality of this. It's not illegal. And it depends on how you acquired it. It depends on how much you paid for it depends on who paid for it right it depends on how it's being deployed to remember right now. The Democrats laughed are using. Fusion GPS dossier which is still being fund it's now in its like sixty million dollar mark. And it's about ten times as long it's a very thick dossier now. And they're still briefing investigators on senate judiciary and senate intelligence with the so they're using Russian information every single day. And in the end I think what this is really all about this whether or not somebody lied about it. Because. I'll give budget would make a quick visit a little bit of a difference between. Salacious details that would embarrass someone which were fraudulent claims that were made about Donald Trump of prostitutes. And the fact that the Russians have any of Hillary's emails it was what was the email it was the fact that there was possession of a foreign. Government to have these emails in their possession right okay. We just found out in the IG report that that actually happen. So we don't need to know if it was Russia or China or Israel or friends we know one of them got it and that was the entire point of the investigation. Was to determine if someone got her emails and they knew. Right and by the way in May. It could have been a Russian could have been a German it could've been a Canadian because of it because by the way nobody was talking about Russia and may 2016 that's right so there was no reason for our radar to be up because he's Russian. I know more than it a French Canadian. Yeah right side some of your photo gonna take a break we come back it's that whole title 30930. Start 930. More this we'll talk a little bit about immigration policy Joseph beamer Michael go put Nobel of the Pia buy hourly is not back after this.