Speaking At CPAC - WBEN's David Bellavia


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Joining us on the WB a live line is WBN talk show host David Bell of Vienna who is that. Getting ready to give a big speech I guess right David is at the way to put it at the C pac conference. But while it's big is. I think a bit of an overstatement but you know what there's there's a headliners strength like the president. And then you've got you know sort of like member Woodstock main stage yeah my. That Frankel family what your kids' table the courage. That's that's what I that's what I am in this thing but I bet I bet they're almost every tree directions 2006. It is it's a great place to go. You know conservatives often are looked that is. More green. People they don't ought to have a good time well tell you what. C packet so little crazy. How does one go about getting an offer to. Do a speech or do we talk a presentation at the C pack as it's it's not like you invited yourself. Well I just I did invite myself this year by. Past years you know it's it's funny there's a little group of folks that have. Are subject matter expertise. And it turns out that when it comes to. I'll keep that brings all these different people. Competitive point of view everything from trade education and having a breakout sessions it's actually. If people think of it is just a conference where folks talk and end they may get news and whatnot. But there actually is a collection of people would go there. And and they take these breakout sessions they learn things. They become politically active in their own hometown. And they also are go to book signing and so all of that you've won it's it's a great place to meet people and network. And now plan that the next move kind of cool. So so what's your subject matter expertise. Or death question they're really what are what are you putting in the speech David what are you talking about. There that despite all I've mentioned other people how to record. Oh OK well then you're off the hook on that one. Our legal time that I might say it's a step inside stories I've seen the beach about it. What I know we're we're gonna talk a little bit about what one terror. And most importantly. What we could be doing better with Syria and Turkey. We got you know it's got real sexy out but. There's a situation that Berlin in the Middle East that is not the headlines this North Korea and no one's talking about. Your land but the situation in Syria even though crisis is gone it's actually more complicated now than ever. And we have NATO allies that are helping out the bad guys it's pretty trouble. And and David is too modest dimensions all stick this in here now. A silver star recipient active and all sorts of veterans issues before you may be got to know him here and LE BM. And the author of a house to house about the battle for Fallujah. No doubt that that kind of background. Is going to be spotlighted may be a little bit more than the fact that yet Europe cohost on the radio station and buffalo. Well the no bid they've always been very kind and it it's a great place I think genders and you also can keep people from. Areas bill yelled the radio road to note that there are. You know talk shows in decode mod can you get to hear those guys meet him it's pretty neat to you know when you get to. It's standing in an area of like minded people often times in the news divisive times I have to tell you bull you know. It's not often comment that you're able to share common ground. And I wondered. If both from the experience of having been there before are now going there is a designer. Anybody that you enjoyed listening to or anybody you're looking forward to trying to get in to see or hear that. This time around my favorite my favorites he packed story 2008. Minute ride on the I know it's gonna say I remember that one I wasn't there but I remember. Out she was. He adds he packing and now you've giving out of the presidential race basically clearing away for job McCain cute story. And it's a great speech 3000 people on the ball or how many people I don't know exaggerated but ton of people. They all well like U2 and brag on and I followed Mitt Romney then here. And got absolutely nobody's there was maybe slower people actually deadly who missed the Romney's speech. But that's the problem with feedback you get this huge huge people they draw all the folks and it's like a vacuum everyone gets sucked out and you know sometimes you played empty room. And I got to ask you to just between us no one else is listening. Tell us a party story why else are you there. Well I under a YouTube I basically I haven't heard that I can't read Eric Fox News and I won't. I wore officially and had been dead and this year he packed prepared you're going to kill him. We know now Lisa you and I thought maybe you. You get to meet our whole Lotta people and it's a lot of fun and and you know what liberals are cheap pact to. And they actually a break bread and have fun and and we talk like try and it's it's actually quite. All right what stays at the counter what happens at the conference in our Washington so outside Washington stays at the conference center outside Washington. But I'll fare you and I have talked more about where there ice where Fox News I'm sure we can stare a share a story or two. That's David Villa Maria at the C pac conference he's one of the speakers coming up this weekend.