Southwest Pilot Still Hearing "Hero" Tossed Around - Alex Stone


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More information coming out about that it's terrifying southwest flight that resulted. In the death of one passenger were joined now by Alex Stone nom Alex first we have to talk. About this pilot again just being hailed as a hero with the way she handled this flight being able to land that plane at an airport. Brian and Susan good morning get a captain of flight Tammy Joshi old sushi has a growing fan base now passengers saying she was there captain Sully one passenger on the line Hollinger a true American hero. This was her come voice and is there they were coming in very. Had I that they aircraft that you didn't need to look at at all. You can imagine what was going on in the cockpit there alarms going off at times they had a hole in the aside they had a passenger did as she believed at that time sucked out they could turned out that she was partially sucked out maple or backe and they deep pressurization they had medical issues on board and she continuing. Injured passengers you can argue that your airplanes simply on fire barely got a fire that part of it. Now as one of the first women to fly navy fighter jets back in their ninety's she had the training and after the emergency landing at passengers say that she went to the cabin and talked to each of them personally to make sure they were OK she gave out hug instead to those who wanted to hogs. She's been asking about them checking in on the passengers. That those who were on board say they feel like the issue definitely saved their lives. And now us had seen interviews to where people said they would pay more to go on another flight with her again. Yeah exactly how much like what we soccer captain Sully and and then there are others who are saying hey she just did her job well she did you're job that she did it perfectly based on the training and we're all human and act and pilots are human too and you don't know how they're gonna react. I in a situation where they could potentially die if she did exactly what they do in the simulator. She carried it out it is flawlessly as far as that the information that's come out so far she and her first captain they were were for stop mr. they were working together. But she was in charge of that ship the net she brought it down safely. Hey NBC that image of people wearing their oxygen masks entering the flights and it looks like everybody. Has their mask on improperly a lot of travel experts are bringing attention so that this morning. Yeah you know it's not clear though is at what point that always taken that once you get down to a certain altitude dead then you don't need those masks any longer and it is so when they were operated 32000 seed 32500. Feet in the masks came down. We don't know if they and they were wearing them properly or if that picture mistaken when moderate 151000 feet and that people began taking them off. But if that's how they were wearing them where they were at altitude. I've been there yet they were Warren may improperly we've already heard that. Some airlines than yesterday where win the flight attendants were doing the safety briefings they were making the point over the nose and the mouth. I'm not just one or the other day that you need both to be able to breathe properly. And it's a really good point that's Alex down who's been covering this Southwest Airlines plane failure from Tuesday.