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Wednesday, January 31st

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Her kids 930. In 716. Good stage of the union. Americans. Are dreamers too. Do you. And yes I think he'd be it's some things have reached across the middle of the immediately earned a little support from swing voters. I don't think he fully understand the impact of some of the words he says. On the other side I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting. President Donald Trump using his first official State of the Union Address to highlight a strong economy and the tax overhaul he signed a late last year. Addressing it deeply divided congress and nation the president also appealed for unity challenging lawmakers to tackle immigration policies. As he redoubled his recent pledge to offer a path to citizenship. For one point eight million young immigrants. I think the president there reinforced his. Basis. Political analyst Alex Castellano spending time with Susan our news I'm WB yen. Trump supporters saw a lot alike in their. And yes I think he beat it's something shook reached across the middle of the Namibia earned a little support from swing voters. Specifically. His immigration deal. Donald Trump said look Republicans will let the dreamers stay if you give us border security and chain migration. The visa lottery. And that deal is popular with the American people. You know we sodomy if you look at some of the optics last night the women in black that would Democrats are sitting on their hands you know. Do you see some of these resisters. Getting on board. Well it's going to be tough. But yes that resisters have to come onboard a little bit Chuck Schumer has ten Democrats running in red Republican states that wanna get reelected. In 2018 and he doesn't want those Democrats to get the blame for shutting down the government or for turning down a good deal that the American people want so. Yes Donald Trump they each on the Democrat Donald Trump but I think his little pressure on them. Yeah and and infrastructure when it came up last night a democratic congressman from the buffalo area said. Yes in every Garrity said he thought that there was an olive branch. I guess is is any movement good movement. At this point the president got a little momentum with his tax deal he might get a little something done. All the infrastructure. And on the immigration show yes. Washington. Maybe falling a little bit here is we get closer bush brings. And you're right the the speech last night also wasn't just about policy the president had people hit it. Inspiring stories. Of people who and other parts of the world who love freedom and fought for the Americans here to overcome great challenges of this great country. That's the kind of thing that can unite the. Was it too long though. Longer than trains well wait too long. You know politicians. Find it hard not to keep talking about how wonderful they are so yes it could have been a little shorter. But overall would you compare the president's performance to grubby Democrats sitting on their hands even with the president talked about the pledge of allegiance. Saluting the flag of the economic growth it was a week for the pressured. Ari let me switch up and ask you about the secret memo debts in the president's hand he has now four days to decide. A lot of people expect that he will release this. What is the big deal wired Democrats are worried about this. Well that's an interesting question because if there's usually Democrats are for transparency. Are forgetting the facts out there. And Republicans I think are committed to doing this in a way that protects classified. Information. But also informed the American people that look on some of our government has been. Politicized. We shouldn't be using the FBI and Justice Department to. Target political adversaries if something like that was done the American people need to know I think that's another one. Where Republicans are on the side of public opinion. And you think this feature Eric and the memo will be released. I think the age of the clock is sticking of course it will be released him by the way the Democrats counter memo. Also has been released to other Democrats first and soon will be released publicly show the Americans are going to hear both sides. But not everyone is convinced of course. And imagine your Washington political analyst and you get that call a call from inside the White House. Asking for a one on one meeting in the Oval Office with the president on the day of the State of the Union Address. It happened they reached out the White House reached out yesterday morning Matthew Dowd is a political analyst and apparently insider for ABC news. And asked if I would be open to coming over to the White House yesterday afternoon. Around 3 o'clock I said sure he's the president. Iman is you know I at times have been critical of him in and things he's done and that's all right met with a member of the staff first and then they brought me into the oval and it was the president and I and we talked for fifteen or twenty minutes in the Oval Office was adjusted to have you in the Oval Office. It was he and I and then have senior staff person was and was there sitting to decide who didn't Cheney was just me across from the president and him at the resolute desk while I am. I had heard yesterday. That there was a lunch where they invite a number of reporters and to talk about the state of the union speech that this was separate the as this was one on one yet they had a big meeting of all of the network I think there was twenty you're 22 people at that the president gathered the around had lunch with them at. If this was a wanna basically you know one on one meeting he was very polite. Very respectful as as I was being the president meeting in the Oval Office. And then you know I offered him and some in my perspective on that divides in the country now and then necessity of him helping the unifying heal the country. Do you think the president is sincere in his call for unity and bipartisanship. Can I actually do think he's sincere I think he act and went in just in my conversation and act I think he believes. That that's what he's doing I think in practice I think it's it's become difficult for him and I think much of the things he says I don't think he fully understand the impact of some of the words he says. On the other side. And I think you could tell that in that speech last night and as I said I. I encouraged him to be viewing in unifying he'd called me in for a meeting last night after the speech that was said. Well I think that's a speech on how not to be had not some of those were birds he did use some easy it's obviously within some. But I think he's got a big job ahead and he's gonna have to really reached at the other side do you think he could have done something different last night. Yeah first of all I think the speech here have been shorter I think the shorter speeches are always better eyes as you probably year where in any game like it's a shorter speeches better. And I also think he didn't have to touch on some of the hot button issues eighteen probably your staff should have known. Would cause the Democrats to be in sensors no points poking the bear and I think those instances they were there really neat that he could've eliminate them and I think the speech would have come across. As much more unifying. The other secret memo that's all the buzz in Washington and when it will be released is that kind of like the next shoot a trap here when he talked about the toxic atmosphere between Republicans and Democrats. Yet seems like this is like Imelda marcos' closet where there's a number of Hughes thing and they keep following him in where we don't know exactly where it's going some but I think the next conversation and we probably won't even beat. By this evening or tomorrow will probably be talking about something out since it's probably likely to be the memo. That he's going it sounds like to me it's going to re released either this weaker early next week that will CNN there's a question of the democratic memo which is against pursuing these battling memos. Despair in the battle that we are in in Washington DC it's really unfortunate or in this trench warfare and finally with the state of the union on the books a look back. At the years some perspective from of voters' perspective. Gloria Rivera taking you to a steel town in Western Pennsylvania. A long time democratic stronghold. That voted trump in 2016. So one year later how they feel about the choice they made. Thirty miles south of Pittsburgh Vanessa in Pennsylvania with some bustling steel town once home of the Wheeling Pittsburgh mill. Meetings 88 employed over 2000 workers and. Jon Garland was one of them I mean I'm better stored there for three and a half decades there was quite dangerous making iron. There's quite a process. He's here for the mill once once for the first time in years since now a factory called only source for recycling yeah we really had high hopes that little boy this is going to be a lifelong job for us. Of course that was not to be in 1986 the mills shut its doors or steel industry collapsed. Thousands including John lost their jobs it's overwhelming. Yeah I and so. Your hosts this would be the beginning. Yeah everyone. Everything. Is not busy shopping. No it was by way of life. Supporting Mike your children. Probably very pro I was very proud to be Pittsburgh still work. I still area could see what rivers currently. At 230 years of talk about it. Or musical. Sort of musical. These are the struggles and shuttered steel town a place we've been following since 2016. Ever since then candidate Donald Trump came to town to disappearing factory. We're gonna put American steel and aluminum back end it. The numbers of. John a lifelong Democrat heard that speech and he felt something he hadn't in a very long time. Hope. I voted Republican because Donald Trump took his time to come to let us. And what he said is what I wanna be here. This county is one of Pennsylvania's democratic strongholds. But in November 2016. You went red I believe he does care about America's middle class. And before. Drugs promise to menacing if there's so many others may on the campaign trail American hang. Ends will rebuild this nation believe me folks we're building the wall but that we're gonna put our miners. Back. To work but in the years since that hope life would get better at least here is. Meeting in 1973. The United States produced 151. Million tons of Ross deal. By 2015. That have fallen to 87 million American workers replaced by automation. Now the US is being number one importer of steel worldwide. We drive through menacing it's hard to imagine what it once once. At least heavily on me aluminum racquets at 24 point fight house to work jobs lost. Just from this that right. What is share. Blue as a steelworker union rep before mayor says trumps of the hour to bring steal back is nothing more than a politician's empty promise. It's impossible for him to bring back the steel industry to that degree ever again no it won't happen you can produce the same amount are still not what 400 employees. Sounds like Vanessa and now legendary light these people live and that's terrible country. Building after building a bandit and decrepit which trump in the White House is Vanessa supporters took heart when he announced an investigation into steel imports costing American jobs. For now what we're going to stand out. We're American jobs. Workers their security act for American. Steel companies but nothing has changed here known news steel jobs or eight months later we find John's had a change of heart. John class I mean I spent to us why is it I guess this is one longtime windows release and in that time house president from again. I'm disappointed. He's done nothing to try to save the American steel industry and nothing nothing has come to fruition now I don't have any optimism. There will hold positives all stressed that there was a coal mine that he helped to get reopened. In Pennsylvania. And I thought that was a little glimmer of Abu possible rebound. But it I've not heard anything since what really hurts me is what he comes up on the podium. And don't make a statement I'm the president and they're not as if it was nothing for the game to him I'm just disgusted with his demeanor. Communities like the mass. That built this country. You won your election because they're too rushed so. Now showed these people did you mean what you say. In the time that's passed Lou is no longer mayor but he's still fighting Foreman Essen. From the president that wants federal funding to rebuild. Make me a poster child get somebody in Ohio Indiana. Michigan take the picture deported to after maybe a poster child doing extremely can do engagement that built this country. Because here the steel may be disappearing. That all American dream to work harder and earning a good life in two hours back tomorrow everyone. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.